Allegations Around IFJ Presidency Elections

فوز رئيس نقابة الصحفيين الفلسطينيين بمنصب مستشار للفدرالية الدولية للصحافيين
تهنئة بفوز رئيس نقابة الصحفيين الفلسطينيين في عضوية اللجنة التنفيذية لنقابة الصحفيين الدولية

The Palestinian journalist syndicate and several Palestinian newspapers have published altered results of the election of 28th Congress of the International Federation of Journalists IFJ, World Congress which was held from 4 – 7 June 2013 in Dublin Castle in Ireland. The PJS and the newspapers claimed that the president of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate PJS Mr. Abedl Nasser Al Najjar won the position of vice President of IFJ

Wafa, the official Palestinian News and Information Agency, reported that the President Mahmoud Abbas congratulated Al-Najjar for being elected as a vice-president of the IFJ. He also praised the important national role that Palestinian journalists play defending the Palestinian national rights cause, freedom and human dignity. Wafa published this report ONLY in Arabic language.

Upon my request Mr. Jim Boumelha, President of the “IFJ”, he confirmed that the data published on the IFJ website is correct. He said: “Indeed Abdel Nasser has topped the poll with 283 votes as an “adviser”, that is a member of the Executive Committee. The three vice-presidents are Younes M’jahed (Senior Vice-President), Yasmina Popovic (Vice-President) and Celso Schroder (Vice-President).”


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According to IFJ Website, Mr. Najjar was elected as one among 16 advisors to the IFJ. Mr. Najjar received 283 votes, the highest number of votes received by any advisor. Below follow the IFJ reports.

In a close vote, Mr Boumelha was elected with 191 votes, against 178 votes for Mr Leruth (AGJPB, Belgium). There were 2 abstentions.  

Due to a discrepancy in the number of votes cast, the Presidium asked delegates to vote on whether another ballot should be held.186 voted against a re-vote, 139 voted for a re-vote, and there were 2 abstentions.  

As a result, the Presidium confirmed that no re-vote would take place, and Mr Boumelha had been officially reelected.  

Following the decision, the delegates from the German union (DJV) and Canadian union (CWA-SCA) today decided to leave the World Congress in protest at the procedures used to elect the President. The German union (Ver.di) issued a declaration claiming that the procedures were “not compliant with democratic standards.”   This declaration was later supported by 14 other countries.


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The IFJ (WC) has also elected the members of the Administrative Committee and advisers. They are as follows:

President, Jim Boumelha, President (NUJ, Great Britain and Ireland)
Senior Vice President, Youness Mjahed (SNPM, Morocco)
Vice President, Celso Schroder (FENAJ, Brazil)
Vice President, Jasmina Popovich (TUCJ, Croatia)
Honorary Treasurer, Wolfgang Mayer (Ver.di, Germany)

The following have been elected as IFJ Advisers:

Abdal Nasser Najjar (PJS, Palestine)  283
Zuliana Lainez Otero (ANP-FNTCS, Peru)  244
Pervez Shaukat (PFUJ,Pakistan)  243
Moaid Allami (IJS, Iraq)  234
Mohammed Garba (NUJ, Nigeria)  209
Olivier Da Lage (SNJ, France)  205
Christopher Warren (MEAA, Australia)  196
Luis Menendez (FAPE, Spain)  192
Sabina Inderjit (IJU, India)  187
Franco Siddi (FNSI, Italy)  186
Jose Leopoldo Insaurralde (FATPREN, Argentina)  183
Fedile Moholi (LJU, Lesotho)  181
Bernard Lunzer (TNG, USA)  180
Eko Maryadi (AJI, Indonesia) 180
Michael Yu (ATJ, Taiwan)  176
Chong-Ryul Park (JAK, Korea) 170



Palestinian journalist syndicate published altered results of the IFJ elections





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