Terrorist Jews Wrote: Christians Are Monkeys

settlersOn 31 May 2013, the Catholic Church of the Dormition in Jerusalem was vandalized and tires of two vehicles parked outside it were punctured overnight Thursday in a suspected “price tag” attack.

The words “Jesus is a monkey” Christian slaves”, “Christians are monkeys” and “Havat Maon” were written in Hebrew along with other slogans that talked about “payback”. The tires of two cars were also damaged in the area, and racist slogans were sprayed on the windows and body of the cars.

Maon is the name of an illegal outpost built by colonists in the occupied West Bank south of Hebron. The vandalism crime was discovered Friday morning.

In Fecember 2012 – “Happy Hanukkah – price tag”, “Jesus is a son of a bitch” and “Victory for the Maccabees”, vandals sprayed anti-Christian graffiti insulting Jesus Christ was sprayed on the gates of the entrance of the Armenian cemetery overnight. See: “Jesus Son of a Bitch: Israeli Anti-Christian Graffiti“.

Outside the Monastery of the Cross near the Israeli parliament, vandals also slashed the tires of three cars belonging to staff and wrote “price tag” and “Happy Hanukkah”, the jewish holiday now being observed by Israelis.

On 10.02.2012, graffiti insulting Jesus was found on the wall of the Mount Franciscan monastery. On 09.04.2012, vandals set fire to the entrance door of the Latrun Monastery and spray-painted slogans against the Christian religion on its walls, including names of West Bank outposts and “Jesus is a monkey”.

Last Tuesday night, vandals set car on fire in town near Ramallah. Last September, the phrase “Price tag Migron” was found spray painted on the wall of mosque in a village southwest of Hebron in the West Bank, in reference to an outpost slated for demolition. Last week, the terrorists also set fire to a car belonging to Ahmad Abu Sonduos, a Palestinian from Abu Al-Asja town in the district of Al-Dahariya south of Hebron. The terrorists sprayed “price tag” at the place of the crime.


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  • ed

    well most of them are as they preach peace for “israel.” christians need to stop watching so much tv and read their bibles. maybe the could fin revelation 2.9 and find out whose seed they are.

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