Coptic Pope: Two to Three Years Until the Situation Settles in Egypt

شكرا للقسيس المصري الذي صور نيابة عني في الهيكل المقدس
فرحتين بزواج – إيمانويل ونردين – في حضرة قداسة البابا تواضروس الثاني في كنيسة عذراء الزيتون
البابا تواضروس: مصر ما بعد الثورة بحاجة لعام, إثنين أو ثلاثة من أجل  إستقرار الأوضاع فيها

Pope_edited-2His Holiness Bishop Tawadros II, Pope of the Coptic-Orthodox Church, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Saint Mark Episcopate in Cairo, who heads the largest Christian Church in the Middle East, said during an exclusive interview we conducted with him during his visit to Austria and his second tour outside Egypt since his enthronement last November 2012, that Egypt suffers from a general state of instability since the revolution, describing the situation as “normal”.

He added: “the instability in Egypt is what is to be expected after a revolution as in this one, and has happened before in history, as can be seen in the revolutions which have happened in other countries”. He stated that the situation in Egypt will improve and things will go back to the situation before the revolution and will settle in perhaps one, two or three years after the revolution”.

He said that his visit to Austria has “achieved its objectives and everything has been arranged according to program we have set before our visit”. He added: “During my visit I have met my beloved brothers Bishops, priests in all countries of Europe, and I have held a number of meetings and celebrated Mass with the Coptic communities in Vienna and Graz. We consecrated 3 new churches, namely the Church of St. Mar Mina in the tenth district of Vienna, St. Marmriqs Church besides the United Nations in the 22th district of Vienna, and the Church of the Three Boys in the 18th district of Vienna.

About his meeting with President Heinz Fischer, said Pope Tawadros: “The Austrian President Fischer has visited Egypt more than once. He knows Egypt well and in Egypt we consider him as the President of the parliament”. He added that he had spoked with President Fischer about the Egyptian history, present and future and that he had invited him to visit Egypt: “I told him that we would be more than happy if we see him again in Egypt”.

He answered to our inquiry about on obstacles faced by the Coptic communities in the diaspora in Europe, saying: “There are no obstacles in matters of residency, settlement and work in EU, but there are obstacles in educating and raising our children, sons and daughters, who are growing up in a new generation, a new environment and in a new culture in different countries, which have a culture which contradicts our community culture and environment to some degree. Our children need to adapt and live with these different things in the EU, and here there are difficulties which parents face when educating and raising their children. It is a double responsibility”.

The current tour of Pope Tawadros II to Europe is the second one after his first tour some month ago, which brought him to the Vatican and Italy.

His Excellency Ambassador Khaled Shamaa, the ambassador of Egypt to Austria and Bishop Anba Gabriel, the Coptic Bishop of Austria, also accompanied Pope Tawadros II during his visit and official meetings in Austria.

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