President Abbas Under Siege in Austria


عباس نريد العيش بسلام إلى جانب إسرائيل رابط تقرير صحيفة كروني
من أوراق الرئيس عباس المطروحة على طاولة الرئيس فيشر
هل ستجري مفاوضات سرية فلسطينية – إسرائيلية في النمسا؟؟

Despite the great hospitality and welcome which the President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, received from his Austrian counterpart Dr. Heinz Fischer and despite the political success of the president, the diplomatic staff at the local embassy of Palestine and some “beneficiaries” and influential elements of the Fatah (the party of Abbas) who live in Vienna, succeeded in imposing a virtual blockade around President Abbas and prevented him from meeting with the academic and political circles, as well as with the majority of the Palestinian community which lives in Vienna.

The Palestinian Ambassador to Austria, Dr. Zuheir Al-Wazir, surrounded by some “beneficiaries” of the Fatah movement who reside in Austria and who have established lucrative fassade organizations, are of the impression that President Abbas is the head of “their own” Fatah movement as opposed to being the president of the Palestinian nation and its various political factions.

DSC_9633They are of the view that all organizations outside of the sphere influence of the Fatah movement, as well as all “other” Palestinians who live in Austria, have no right to know anything about a visit of President Abbas to Austria, and even less to attend his reception for the local Palestinian community.

These influential elements of Fatah, who represent only themselves and their families in Austria before anything else, and the Palestinian ambassador and his staff, apparently fear that President Abbas could see other Palestinian faces from the academic, political, business, doctors, engineering and student circles in Vienna, people who know something about those misleading him and hiding the truth of what is happening in the Palestinian community in Austria.

What these people fear most is that the President could get information about the facts of daily life of Palestinian organizations which these Fatah elements falsify and occlude, next to the financial irregularities and administrative corruption within the regulatory framework of the movement which he heads, but about which he does not know anything.

In Austria, this small clique of Fatah people, together with the Embassy staff, fear the presence of Palestinians involved in a number of institutions of civilian life, among others academics, doctors, engineers, politicians and others, people who work actively as quietly to be respected as persons as well as to cause respect for us Palestinians and who have left their personal stamp through their work in Austria and with Austrians, anywhere near President Abbas. Fatah, not only the clique in Austria, considers such Palestinians, who are actively engaged in their host countries in as positive a manner as possible, as their enemies, and even to be more dangerous than their mortal enemy, the Hamas movement.

According to my knowledge, several persons who worked in the past at the Palestinian Embassy (or representation of the PLO before) were deliberately isolated and kept away from their official work at the Embassy by the current Ambassador, Dr. Al-Wazir, because, in accordance to their duty, these people refused to sign certain private bills of the Ambassador and his wife as expenditures of the embassy, or because of personal animosity.

The result is that currently there are several qualified people who nominally occupy positions at the embassy, receive full salary but do not actually do any kind of work, and take care of their personal and familiar issues. Instead, the work of these people has been assigned to and is being done by people who do not have qualifications beyond being loyal to the ambassador.

Today I received two calls, one from a respected Ambassador of an Arab country, the second one from a journalist working for the “Krone” newspaper in Austria. They both asked me if I knew the reasons for the absence of a number of well-known Palestinians living in Vienna during the reception of President Mahmoud Abbas, which was held on 29 April at the Imperial Hotel in Austria.

I found no answer to the inquiries of these respected people more than to say: “I will explain the reasons for this to the readers and the public opinion and let everybody, including president Abbas, know why the Palestinians and the representatives of Palestinian organizations in Vienna did not attend the reception of their “supposed” president Abbas in Austria”.
DSC_9896_edited-1It is not right to keep silence on the deep gap between the Palestinians and their president Mahmoud Abbas because of the rampant corruption in the Fatah movement and because a group of PLO elders, the so-called Central Committee, has been turned into an agent of foreign interests and foreign intelligence services, people who suck on the EU and other western countries for funds in the name of the Palestinian people but which actually only feed their pockets, finance their obscenely luxurious trips and their swollen personal bank accounts around the world.

This is a honest description about the Fatah movement headed by the President Mahmoud Abbas, who has been turned into a president of the Fatah movement ONLY instead of being a President for ALL Palestinians and segments of society.

The Palestinian society, fateful decisions, the final status of Palestine, have all become hostage at the hands of this Fatah movement and this corrupt, influential group of the PLO which has established corporate empires and profitable projects inside and outside of occupied Palestine, this group of thieves who feed their back accounts in several countries on the back of the Palestinians and their cause, which has become lost in a great measure due to their crimes and corruption.

These are, as I understand them, the reasons behind the siege which the Palestinian Embassy and Fatah elements in Vienna imposed on President Abbas during his visit to Austria and this is why they did not invite the active and respected Palestinians to his welcoming reception.

It should be noted that there are some Palestinians (about three persons) who call themselves a “charity” and the “Palestinian Community in Austria”. The members of this “charity” (or “Verein”, Club in German) were only about 45 Palestinians from various factions, mostly simple people.

In the past years, the majority of members of this “charity” resigned, only three members stayed, two of them currently carry the title of “president” according to my knowledge, one of them is a “honorary president” and the other one is the “official president”. After the resignation of the majority of members of the club over the last 4 years and no elections have taken place, it appears that what remains if this “charity” is in violation of the law and of the bylaws of the organization itself.


Ambassador Zuheir Al-Wazir studying his shoes during President Abbas press conference.

1 comment to President Abbas Under Siege in Austria

  • Scott Shepard

    Dear Kawther,

    Mahmoud Abbas was ‘elected’ as president of the PA in a very hastily prepared election of 2005, to a term that should have expired in 2009. To my knowledge, Palestinians living outside of the territories were unable to vote for the candidates for the presidency at that time. It remains unclear to me how Palestinians outside of Palestine can either participate or keep informed about the politicians or the officials.

    In 2006, Abbas’ party Fatah was narrowly defeated or at least marginalized in the parliamentary elections that were ‘won’ by Hamas candidates; again, I don’t think those outside the territories were able to participate.

    When the US refused to recognize the results in 2006, Abbas, to his everlasting discredit, decided to go along with the western judgment, and since that time, he and Fatah have governed as if the 2006 elections never happened.

    Now Abbas is in the fourth year of presidency by personal decree, since his term expired in 2009, a choice also accepted by that tower of strength and vision, Barack Obama.

    It is not clear to me, or to perhaps any of us, what prevents Palestinians in the territories from having another vote, for presidency, for legislature, for anything.

    Dr. Scott Shepard

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