Peace Delegation to Syria

الدكتور عريقات: سياسي وأكاديمي جرىء لا يعرف الخصام

I will leave in a few hours to join the delegation. We will gather at the Greek Catholic Patriarchate in Lebanon just north of Beirut. During the first day and a half, we will meet with dignitaries and representatives in Lebanon, and with Syrian refugees. We will then go to Damascus for four days of meetings with members of a variety of communities in Syria, and to view as much as we are able. We then return to Lebanon for additional meetings and a final press conference, which I will unfortunately have to miss because I must return a day early.

syrian demoBelow is a list of participants, whose bios will soon be posted at the FPM website. Not listed there is Dennis Kucinich, who has said that he will come, but apparently has not confirmed. If any of you are in touch with him, please encourage him join us. I have also been trying to reach Ashley Judd, who has excellent humanitarian credentials, but I have been unsuccessful. If any of you has a means of contacting her, please do. I don’t know her position on any of this, but if she advocates against U.S. support for either side, she needs to be a part of this team, and it may boost her credentials if she plans to run for office.

Peace Delegation to Syria

Francesco CANDELARI (Italy)

Marinella COREGGIA (Italy)

Susan Anne Day DIRGHAM (Australia)


Tiffany EASTHOM (Canada)

Denning ISLES (Australia)


Franklin LAMB (USA)


Alan LONERGAN (Ireland)

Amir M. MAASOUMI (Canada)

Mairead MAGUIRE (Northern Ireland)

Michael MALOOF (USA)

Alyssar MIDANI (France)

Ann PATTERSON (Ireland)

Gianmarco PISA (Italy)

Antonio Carlos da Silva ROSA (Brasil)

David B. SMITH (Australia)

Luke WATERS (Australia)

In solidarity, Paul Larudee for the FPM Team

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