German Scandal: 18 Million DM for Treatment of Colonists Waste Water

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An interesting as scandalous report was published in Arabic today by the Watan News and TV agency and Marsad, where information about a central waste-water treatment plant for an israeli colony in Ramallah was unveiled. The project was financed by the German government in co-operation with the so-called Palestinian Authority.

The German contribution to the project was 18 million DM (about 7 Million Euro) in tax money, which passed through the KfW or “Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) und Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH”, a German government-owned bank based in Frankfurt and was implemented by Dahlem GmbH between 1995-2000.

On its website, the KfW quotes a certain Friederike Zeitler from their Marketing Department, thus: “Committed to Responsible Banking, KfW promotes ideas and projects that are beneficial to society.”

One may ask, what refining the shit of zionist colonies in the occupied West Bank, on Palestinian territory, has to do with “responsible banking” or how financing a project which entrenches a genocidal occupation which has been ongoing for over 65 years and is against all tenets of international humanitarian law, is “beneficial to society”??

Ms. Zeitler and the marketing department of the KfW are more than welcome to use the commenting function below this article to explain this apparent contradiction between their actions and their lofty words.

klranlage__albireh_web_1The report of Watan reveals the immorality and the financial scandal of this project involving the EU, the Germany government and the Palestinian Authority, all done for the benefit of the zionist settlements.

The report indicates that in 2007 the Palestinian Authority imposed additional taxes on the Palestinian citizens, moneys which were spent the money on this waste-water treatment plant which is used ONLY by the zionist colonies of the area.

The KfW bank refused to comment on this scandal which Watan agency exposed. The plant in question is the “Al-Bireh waste-water treatment plant”

Last week, several thousands of Germans demonstrated in Berlin asking for social justice and an equitable redistribution of wealth among German citizens. We hope that our report on this questionable diversion of German tax money will reach the organizers of the German protest.

The following are excerpts translated from Mr. Nizar Habash’s report through the Watan Agency.

The waste-water treatment project in the municipality of Al-Bireh was built with 18 million DM provided by the German government through the German Development Bank “KfW”. The yearly cost of the waste-water treatment project, which is in function since 2000, is about 9 million shekels.

The waste-water treatment plant is built on 22 Acres (dunum) is at the location “Wadi El-Ein” which is about 1,5 kilometers south-east of Al-Beer, in “C” Area under control of the PA administration and israeli occupation control according to the Oslo agreements. The israeli occupation army built military checkpoints near the station and prevents Palestinians from approaching the area.

The station treats about 5 thousand cubic meters of waste water daily and serves about 50 thousand colonists in the areas around Ramallah. Mr. Mahmoud Suleiman Abed, director of the waste-water treatment plant which formally belongs to the municipality of Al-Bireh confirmed that the station receives the waste water from the “Bsegut” colony established on the Palestinian lands of the al-Tawil-Mount and “Jacob Bear”.


The reporter’s investigation, which lasted more than a month, found the following facts:

  • – The station treats about 75 “Cuba” (?) of colony waste-water, according to the administrative and technical staff working at the station.
  • – The cost of treating one “Cuba” meter of waste-water is 4 shekels and 30 Agora (cent) according to an official letter issued by the municipality of Al-Bireh.
  • – The municipal of Al-Bireh spends 322 shekels daily or nearly 10 thousand shekels per month in order to treat the waste water of the jewish colonies.
  • – The total amount which the Palestinian municipal of Al-Bireh under the PA spends yearly, since 2000, for treating the waste water of the colonies, is 118 thousand shekel.
    -The first time that the refinery treated the waste water of the jewish colonies was after the establishment of the station in 2000.
  • – The Municipal of Al-Bireh has spent nearly a million and a half shekels to treat the waste water for colonies during the past 13 years and is still spending money until today for the interest of the jewish colonies. The Al-Bireh municipality imposes taxes on the Palestinian citizens of NIS 1,80 (about EUR 0,40) for each cup of drinking water, money which is used to subvention the waste water treatment of the jewish colonies.

Mr. Ziad Al-Tawil, the municipal manager, stated that the water tax imposed on the citizens was raised by 60 Agora in 2007, also confirming that part of the tax money paid by Palestinians is spent on refining the waste-water of the jewish colonies.

The head of the engineering department at the municipality of Al-Bireh, Mr. Musa Jwayyed, explained that the reception for refining of the waste-water from the jewish colonies at the PA project came in 2000, after a political agreement was signed between the PA and Israel.

Engineer Jwayyed clarified that there was no agreement or connection in any way between the Al-Bireh municipality and the jewish settlements, revealing that the waste-water treatment plant agreement was made on a political level, and that treating the water of the settlements was in exchange for the permission from israel to allow the construction and operating plant license for the plant.

Mr. Abed revealed that the colonists visit the purification station from time to time, saying that the station management informs the municipality about the desire of the jewish colonists visit and that the municipality allows them to do so, but the station management is never informed beforehands.

A member of the General Administration of the joint councils at the Ministry of Local Government, Mr. Suleiman Abu Mefreh, said that they never asked the israeli government to pay even one cent for the colonies waste water which flow into the Palestinian station. Read Full report in Arabic.


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