EU Gifts Dictatorship With Tax-money While Europeans Face Bankruptcy

EU flagThe European Union continues bestow tax money to the corrupt dictatorship that steals funds which are intended for the poor people. The EU completely ignores the increasing internal problems being faced by a number of EU countries. Among these problems are the never-ending banking and financial crisis next to the increases in unemployment and poverty in the all EU countries, which are becoming more visible and obvious despite the attempts to not publish the true facts about these problems.

The poverty and unemployment in the EU may lead sooner or later to confrontations and chaos similar to the so-called “Spring-uprisings” in the Arab countries. In Cyprus, Spain and Italy, the chaos has already started and is known across the EU despite media censorship and an obvious ban in the news on reporting too much about these issues.

On Wednesday March 27 2013, the EU transferred €148 Million to the “Palestinian Authority”, the corrupt dictatorial regime in Palestine, as the second part of its 2013 assistance package for Palestine (See EU PDF). Last January 15 2013, the EU transferred as the first part of its assistance package to the PA an amount of €100 Million. A further of €2 Million was allocated from 2012 funds to rebuild shelters for around 100 of the poorest Palestinian refugee families in Jordan’s Jerash refugee camp (See EU PDF).

The EU Commission noted in its official statement that the amount allocated for the benefit of the Palestinian Authority is to be used for paying the salaries of its employees and retirees during the first three months of the current year 2013 as well as to ensure “continuation of the work of management and provision of basic services for citizens”. If we disregard the lofty statements in Brussels and look at the reality on the ground, what can be seen is that the EU is sending millions of EU tax Euros to the PA to protect the so called “Israeli security” and to prolongue the zionist israeli occupation of Palestine, which to date has lasted more than 65 years.

The EU is not paying salaries of any “PA employees and retirees”, but almost exclusively the salaries of thousands of soldiers who do nothing in occupied Palestine apart from protecting the israeli occupation and so sucking millions of Euros for the continuation of “security” coordination with Israel. Instead of protecting the Palestinians from the uncounted jewish criminal elements which have settled there under auspices of israel, the EU is financing crimes against humanity in Palestine.

The money which the EU sends and is officially allocated to the poor people was almost stolen by PA elements and ministers according to a letter published last March 22 2013 by Panet, the Israeli-Arab News paper. The translation of the letter is below:

Huge Sums of Money are Squandered by the Ministry of Social Affairs

majeda masriA letter landed in the Email Inbox of the site of Panet and the Panorama newspaper. The author of the message states: “In light of the difficult financial and economic conditions which the impoverished Palestinian people experience, especially and the poorest and marginalized classes, there are huge sums of money which are squandered, being wasted in an improper and unacceptable way. The worst money squandering occurs in projects under the oversight of the Ministry of Social Affairs, which supposedly are there to take care of the poor, the needy and other social cases.

The letter continues: “The clearest evidence of corruption is the delayed payment of social security money allocations to the poor and the beneficiaries of retirement pensions, which now already last over 3 months.

The EU and other friendly states provided money aids to the PA in order enable them to pay the benefits of the recipients of social security and retirement pensions. The EU helps to cover the allocation of 750 shekels monthly for each recipient of social security money, but because of the corruption and the thefts from these money pools, the social cases now receive their 750 shekels of social security money not monthly but once each three months.

The question is: are 750 shekels enough for three months for poor families which live under in an environment of prohibitively high prices”.

The letter was ended with the sentence: “Finally, we say to the Minister Magda Al-Masri that you are not fit to occupy the position of a minister, as you could not care less about the concerns and problems of the poor and marginalized social classes”. The Arabic text of this letter, which reached the Panet newspaper on 22.03.2013, can be read below.


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