Palestine Joins the European Society of Radiology

إجتماع تعقده الهيئة الإدارية لإتحاد الأطباء العرب في النمسا مزيدا من أحبار النمسا

DSC_8297_edited-1Palestinian doctor from Gaza and Irish national Dr. Ghassan Elagha has attended the The European Congress of Radiology (ECR), the annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) which take place at the Austria Center, Vienna from March 7 – 11 2013. Dr. Elagha is M.B.B.C.H, FRCR, President of Arab medical union in Ireland, Consultant radiologist with special interest in MRI and muscle-skeletal imaging.

On Saturday 9 2013 Dr. Elagha will join the meeting of the ArabMED administrataive members, which will held under the auspices of Dr. Tammam Kelani, vice president of Arabmed and its representatives in Austria and President of Arab Doctors and pharmacists in Vienna. The meeting will discuss the 29th Arabmed conference which will be held in October 2013 in Berlin.

Arabmed or Union Arabischer Mediziner in German is an association of Arab doctors who live and practice in various European countries. Arabmed was established and registered in Germany in 1983, is a non-profit organization that serves public purposes and focuses on medical, cultural and social activities and exchange. As an independent organization it is not subject to the influence of governments or religious authorities. It has an elected administrative body composed by a President and Vice President. The last election took place in October 2011. It has a membership as an observing NGO at the United Nations with medical and social consultative status at the Economic and Social Council since 1996.

The congress of the European Society of Radiology boasts a thorough educational programme, complemented by a fascinating technical exhibition, a scientific exhibition, the publication of scientific papers and unrivalled levels of interactivity. More than 20,000 delegates from around 100 countries and the accompanying technical exhibition host more than 300 international exhibitors across 26,000 sqm.

DSC_8368The five – day conference, presided this year by ESR President Prof. Gabriel P. Krestin from Rotterdam and Congress President Prof. José Ignacio Bilbao from Pamplona, will address major issues in radiology and present the latest advances in imaging in order to help delegates face current professional and economic requirements in their field.

1,400 live presentations from the ECR will be streamed in 13 separate video streams. Each stream comes with its own chat feature, so you can discuss sessions with other viewers and even ask presenters questions. It’s easy to register, simple to use, and completely free of charge.

I made a tour at the ECR this afternoon. It gave me the impression of being more a commercial show of the manufacturers of equipment than a scientific conference. Many different X-Ray (ionising radiation) machines produced by big companies were on display, companies who of course want to sell their products. I saw the airport backscatter X-ray scanners, the ones which we are forced to pass when accessing an airport after waiting in long lines waiting for so-called security control. The ones on display were the newest models, perhaps more expensive that the previous models, and which would cause less suffering during our travels according to the presentations.




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