Egyptian Security Attempting to Eradicate Muslim Brotherhood

الأمن المصري يعمل بصمت من أجل قطع دابر الأخوان المسلمين وإزاحتهم عن الحكم

sinai-1According to an Egyptian source from Cairo who requested anonymity, the Egyptian security services are working in silence attempting to “cut the neck” of the Muslim Brotherhood in time and to get rid of them and ultimately to prevent them from continuing ruling the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

My source said that the factual Egyptian ruling system is a presidential one and not parliamentary, what means that the various segments of the Egyptian people and the political factions who participated in the last election voted for the President of the Republic of Egypt. My source added that it is not the right of any political faction to occupy all of the country’s governing bodies and to control all of its resources and its institutions.

According to my source the Egyptian security is watching closely what is happening on the ground. The securities elements are present everywhere, at every moment, activity and place. They know what everyone is doing, how illegal weapons come into Egypt and which are the purposes of arming the nation.

The security, that closed their eyes at the arming of individuals, has strongly rejected the arming of political groups with the intent of harming the Egyptian national security, and the national security of Egypt is a red line and will remain so for these security forces.

According to my source, large amounts of Libyan weapons were smuggled into Egypt through the El-Salloum crossing during and after the revolution of January 25 2011 and that the Egyptian security knows about the movement of the weapon among the people. They supposedly know where each piece of weaponry went and how the current owner will use it.

My source related that the Egyptian security forces have recently had successes in several operations carried out through the governorates of Egypt. They gathered large quantities of the smuggled weapons and ammunition out of the hands of Egyptian groups, political parties and factions, from both religious groups and political opposition.

Egypt Threatens Wahhabi Terrorists With Death If They Do Not Leave The Sinai

According to my source, the state security has threatened terrorists who hide themselves in the desert of Sinai to leave. The source stated that the terrorists are a group of outsiders, “Wahhabis” of Saudi origin, radical Salafis and Muslim Brotherhood elements who infiltrated illegally into sovereign territory of Egypt, in Sinai Peninsula. They all will be killed if they do not return to where they came from.

The sources said that most of the terrorists in Sinai had been eliminated during the Egyptian army Operation “Al-Nisser” “The Eagle” which was stopped following the instructions of the current Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi.

The US had told President Morsi to end the operation after the israelis protested against the presence of the Egyptian army in Sinai. The israelis saw the operation as a violation of the Camp David agreement signed between Egypt and israel which does not allow the presence of the Egyptian army in Sinai.

According to my source, the security demanded that all the terrorists in Sinai steer free of Egyptian territory and return to where they came from, in the same way as they entered Sinai, whether they entered from the Gaza Strip or from other crossing and locations, their only alternative being to face death. They are ALL wanted, surrounded and under the eyes of the Egyptian security.

The Palestinian Hamas figures in Gaza distanced themselves from the terrorist’s attacks in Sinai. The Palestinians accused the Israeli intelligence “Mossad” of helping the terrorists to carry out the attack against the Egyptian army.

Operation Eagle was an Egyptian military campaign in the Sinai Peninsula that was launched in August 2011 to confront the Sinai terrorists. The campaign was aimed against the Islamist terrorists, who had been attacking the Egyptian security forces in the Sinai. Another operation named “Operation Sinai” against the terrorists was continued in 2012.

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