Egypt Will Face a Hunger Revolution

مصر مقبلة على ثورة جياع والشعب المصري كفر في القوى السياسية

Egyptians Eat From Garbage Containers – Vienna – Kawther Salam

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Egyptians Eat From Garbage Containers

An Egyptian sources from Cairo stated that the Egyptian politicians without exception, whether current governmental rulers or oppositions, have become pariahs of the Egyptian society. They are responsible for the horrible outcome of the “revolution”. They are stakeholders and beneficiaries of the revolution and the disasters which afflict the Egyptians.

According to the sources, Egyptian Presidents Morsi does not serve the interests of the Egyptian people but rather those of the Islamic Brotherhood. The oppositions ONLY thinks about how to find an opportunity to end the rule of his government which is seen as a “fifth column” paid by unknown people and working hard to implement foreign agendas made outside of the country for unknown interests and goals.

The sources describe the Egyptian youth working with this “fifth column” as those who run to the street shouting, burning and destroying the infrastructure and the public institutions, breaking everything, making chaos and serving these foraneous interests in other ways even without knowing it.

The sources said that Egypt could face a real disaster of hunger and that a revolution will eventually start, not nowadays but soon enough due to the horrors affecting the people. They stressed that the Egyptian people had waited too long for an improvement of the daily life but they are facing conditions which are much worse than those which they had experienced in the past thirty years, explaining that the Egyptians middle class has been affected directly by the new situation since President Morsi received his post last year.

The Egyptian middle class has effectively been destroyed in every way possible. The sources added that since the revolution a big part of poor Egyptians have as their only source of food the garbage and waste containers in the streets.

poor in egyptThe sources related to me a kind of incident which has not been seen before in Egypt. They said: “A few days ago, while I was sitting with a friend at their home, we heard somebody strongly knocking at the door.

When we opened, the person surprised us with his question: Do you have any kind of food in your house? For the first moment we thought that he was hungry and we invited him to enter in order to prepare a meal, but he refused and again he asked us: Do you have any kind of fast food at home?

We brought him some bread and cheese but the person did not eat what we gave him. Instead, he went down to the street near the garbage containers to offer the bread and cheese to another man who was eating from the waste because of hunger.

We had never seen an Egyptian eating from the garbage before”. The person who knocked on the door had been so moved by what he saw that he went to the nearest door to ask for food.

5 comments to Egypt Will Face a Hunger Revolution

  • Shelia

    Peace Be Unto You,

    It breaks my heart to see anyone who is hungry and having to eat from garbage cans. I know personally what it is like to be homeless, jobless and having a family to feed. I have been through that personally. War has left many people throughout the world homeless, jobless and even hopeless. It is my prayer and hope that somehow or some way that things can change for the better. I will never give up hope or ever stop praying or helping those who would otherwise have none. I believe that in the name of humanity a lot of these wars need to stop. So much is about controlling over world leaders and
    their resources as well as about bringing about their political agendas. There are good and bad leaders all over the world. We can and must go back to our humanity. Humanity that cares moreso about people and not just about politics. I agree that some politics must be changed but it can truly only come about when the people being effected are rightfully involved and not by some apartheid, fascist, nazy, leftist regime even if such is being initiated by a supposedly democratic government or society. Wrong is wrong. Why should innocent lives have to pay a price for others wrongs?Why so much bloodshead and heartache in our world? Why because of greed, power, lust, racism, sexism, extremism? We are all here to love each other, care for each other and to protect each other, our world and the environment. We are not here to harm one another, but we need to learn how to heal.



  • its heartrending to read your article sister, but we from paksitan have been there since the partition of 1948. whatever life i have left is now being dedicated to growing food in atmosphere controlled warehouses from sea water which cannot be controlled by those killers in the modern world known as corporations. inshallah, this project will be taken in time to all necessary countrys and education given to those who can help themselves in the coming trials of mankind caused by dajjals agents.
    if even one life is saved by my hands , for me that is the supreme vindication in this life. if anyone wishes to join this struggle to help mankind and alleviate hunger then do so by sending me an email for contact purposes, i am sure sister kawther will oblige to be an intermediary.

  • Gerd Reinhard

    The real reason for this disaster of hunger is the uncontrolled population growth aided by american corn shipments.

  • mr gerd reinhard, most if not all food shipments by american and western donors are either full of harmful radiation or too full of pesticides and are a health hazard. todays world now sees another monstrosity invented by teh devilish western world namely G.M food which causes cancers and other diseases to all those who eat it!
    these are population reducing weapons and who would use them except those who follow the satan!

    as muslims we are told to grow our own food without resort to any chemicals, radiation or G.M addition which can done and will be done as much as possible now using sea water and other natural process,s and we will teach mankind that hunger can be eradicated, no one needs to die due to lack of food.

    there is enough land ,even semi arid areas of the world can be brought into useful cultivation with this technology for humanitys sake.

  • antiflak

    Yeah recently went dumpster diving in Saskatchewan, geez I rescused piles of pomegranites, that their fate would have been a dump somewhere. I was even willing to purchase them, but the store manager said that they had already been hauled to the back and were going into the garbage they were no good according to her. I cased the dumpsters out in the parking lot, and finally found the right one, hauled all the pomegranites out that I could eat, but unfortunately many more were still left in the dumpster, didn’t have room in the fridge for so many. Unfortunately they froze first and then they were no good. Ate 2-4 pomegrantes everyday for 3 weeks. The sheer waste in N. American society is appalling.

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