How Israeli Jews Celebrated the Israeli Elections??

إحياء الذكرى الثانية لثورة يناير في النمسا في ظل دعم المحتفلين لثورة مضادة
مهرجان مصري إحياء للذكرى الثانية لثورة يناير
الفريق أحمد شفيق: يقود الثورة المضادة من مقر إقامته خارج الوطن

Hanash BloodThe zisraeli zionists  jews Celebrated the results of the Israeli Elections by murdering a political science student at the University of Jerusalem – Abu Dis, Lubna Munir Hanash, 22, on the final year before her graduation. Hanash was shot while visiting her sister in the Arroub Refugee Camp north of Hebron and south of Bethlehem.

According to Palestinian sources, a military officer driving in a civilian car together with colonists opened fire towards Palestinians at the entrance of the Al-Aroub refugee camp, murdering Hanash and wounding another one Suad Khalil Jaara, 39 years old.

The student was killed by two bullets to the head and face and died shortly after entering the hospital shortly. Witnesses said that colonists traveling in a civilian car fired abruptly towards the Palestinians.

They said that there was no confrontation in the area when the jewish occupants of the car opened fire. They said “we think that they were celebrating the results of the Israeli elections in their traditionally way, by murdering Palestinians”.

Suad-1Suad Jaara told Maan news agency in Bethlehem: “I saw an Israeli soldier on the main road firing gunshots haphazardly, so I put my left hand on Lubna’s back, and grabbed her to try and run backward. A gunshot hit my hand, and I shouted as I ran.”I thought Lubna was running behind me until I reached the security guards of Al-Arrub College who took me to a clinic in the camp before an ambulance arrived and took me to hospital.”Jaara added: “me and Lubna were the only ones in the area, walking around and enjoying the scenery.”Lubna arrived two days ago to visit her sister, who is married to my brother. She had heard about Al-Arrub College and she wanted to visit it. I accompanied her to campus and she admired the area because it’s in a charming natural landscape. When we decided to leave campus, a criminal fired at us and Lubna died a martyr.”

It should be noted that a 16-year-old resident of Bethlehem Saleh Amareen died Wednesday of critical wounds sustained over the weekend when hit by a bullet in the head by an Israeli soldier near Aida refugee camp on the northern outskirts of the city of Bethlehem.

Witnesses said that after the “Hanash” and Jaara were shot, the Israeli soldiers prevented an ambulance from arriving at the scene for over 10 minutes.

On Saturday Jan. 19 2013, Uday Kamel Mohammed El- Darawish, 21, from the town of Dora near Hebron, was murdered by the IDF while accessing a fence barrier near Al-Daheryya village.

It is worth mentioning that the area where El- Darawish was murdred is the ONLY way where the Palestinian workers who do not have permits to work inside the occupied territories of 1948, “israel” enter to reach their work.

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