Reading The Israeli Election Results

فاطمة برناوي تهزأ رشيدة مهران في المجلس الوطني الفلسطيني
فضيحة القرن: رشيدة مهران ما زالت تتلقى راتب من السلطة الفلسطينية؟
الحلقة الخامسة: لماذا تدفع السلطة الفلسطينية لرشيدة مهران راتبا من أموال التسول المقدمة للشعب الفلسطيني؟


In a preliminary reading of the results of the Israeli elections of 2013, the 19th Knesset elections of the zionists after the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe), the extremist right-wing parties nearly equalled the so-called the left-wing parties as the results were announced in the early hours of Tuesday Jan. 23 2012. The election results converged between the Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu with Benjamin Netanyahu, which won 31% of the total votes, and Yesh Atid, the new party headed by a former journalist Yair Lapid which received 19% of the votes. The left-wing “Meretz” party doubled its seats from 3 to 6.

War against Iran and Expansion of the Colonies are the first winners the Elections

The program of Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu which means “Likud is Our Home” and which received 31% of votes, based its campaign on War against Iran and “strengthening the colonists in the occupied West Bank”.

prime“Likud is Our Home” is the right-wing alliance between the ruling party of the “Likud” led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and “Israel is Our Home” which represent the most extremist colonists, the criminals, the mafia and other trouble-maker immigrants from the former Soviet Union led by Avigdor Lieberman, a well known mafia thug and Israel’s former foreign minister, who was formally indicted on charges of breach of trust and alleged fraud. The purpose of this coalition is to form a large right-wing block that will be able to commission its leader to form the next israeli government.

The coalition puts the “Iranian file, the military attack on Iranian nuclear facilities” at the top of its priorities. The party supports colony expansion in the occupied Palestinian territories, and understands “two-state solution” only as the Palestinian recognition of Israel as a jewish state and that the Palestinian state is to be a demilitarized state, that all Palestinians are to be deported from the occupied territory of Jerusalem and all “big” colonists blocs built in the occupied West Bank. These extremist parties also have two Druze candidates on their list, MPs Hamad Amar, place 28 and Ayoub Al Qarra, place 39.

Economic and Civil issues and Calls to force the “Haredim” and Arabs into the military or “national service” are the second Winners of the Israeli Elections.

“Yesh Atid”, a new centrist party headed by former journalist Yair Lapid, the party puts the necessity of changing priorities of the state, social and economic issues, improving the status of the middle classes, investment, education and forcing the “Haredim” and Arab into the military or “national service” at the top of its priorities. The party supports the conditional continuing of negotiations with the Palestinians, but “without negotiating on the occupied Jerusalem and the large colonists blocs in the occupied West Bank” which according to them “must remain under israeli sovereignty”.

The Party of the Gods Chosen People and ultra-radical colonists among the top winners of the elections
The “Jewish Home” party represents the most extremist radical, criminal religious zionist American and Western settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories, including a number of candidates from the ultra-radicals in the settlements. The party opposes the creation of a Palestinian state and believes that israel’s right to the settlement is because they are “in parts of the land of israel”. The occupied territories are seen as a “holy religious right” for the jews, “god’s chosen people” as they also refer to themselves. The party calls for the annexation of the region “C” in the occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank to Israeli sovereignty. The party leader is Naftali Bennet, a radikalinski who only two months ago became one of the most prominent stars of the election. The party won 11 Knesset seats and expects to be the new partner of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The “Likudis is Our Home” lost 10 seats to both “Yesh Atid” and “Jewish Home” who were the ONLY real winners of the 2013 election. Meretz, the left-wing party has doubled its seats from 3 to 6 and was the third winner of yesterday elections. This result confirms clearly that the leftist party elements who voted for “Kadima” and “Labor” in the past returned once again to vote for the so-called left-wing Meretz.

The Israeli party which was completely shattered during the 2013 elections and won only two seats was so-called Kadima, headed by war criminal and mossad employee Tzipi Livni, who confessed to have had “great fun” selling her sexual favor to our famous Saeb Erekat, the self-styled “big negotiator”, the corrupt Yaser Abed Rabbo, and other PLO figures in the course of her mission of spying for the zionist cause. Her “great fun” led to the assassination of Palestinian politicians in some western countries. Livni’s party leaders still do not want to declare their names for supposed “security reasons”. Other famous war criminal partners of Livni at the Kadima party are Shaul Mofaz and Yisrael Hasson, who may well be in the next government despite their losses.

No hope for the Palestinians in the elections of 2013
On the Palestinian side, there are no expectations for changes. Nothing shows that the last elections will lead to a status which ends the occupation in the West Bank. The coming government is supposed to place the israeli internal affairs at the top of its priorities. The government coalition will continue in the hands of Netanyahu and other extremist war criminals. Obviously it would focus on addressing the topics of interior, “equal burden security” any finding alternative laws which would force “haredim” and Arabs to participate in the military service, the so-called “national civil service”.

Perhaps Yair Lapid will be the new foreign minister, but even if this happens it will not change the nature of the government which will still be lead by Netanyahu. This presages that the Palestinians will continue facing hard situations and bad relations with the jews.

As a Palestinian I think that all the jews should go back to their respective homelands, in the USA, in Europa, in the countries of the former Soviet Union, end elsewhere, and continue discussing their wacky designs there. Already the programs of the winning parties of this election show the criminal propensity of these people: war of aggression against a country which has done nothing against them, theft of land on top of what they have already stolen and ethnic cleansing.

In sum, nothing will change but the names of the actors. The so-called “internal” agendas proposed by some of the parties did not really attract the attention of the electorate so they could well be seen as window-dressing to cover the more crime-oriented parts of the political agendas which really moved the voters before foreign audiences, it also hints at the real purpose of these elections: public-relations. That can be concluded by the laudatory news pushed by the media.

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