EU Budget For Palestine Used To Protect Israel

European FlagThe European Commission released today its plan for aid to the Palestinian Authority for the current year 2013, and the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) also released a press release issued today.  

The EU Commission noted in its statement that the amount allocated for the benefit of the Palestinian Authority reaches 60 million Euros to help the PA to pay the salaries of its employees and retirees for the first three months of the current year 2013 as well as to ensure continuation of the work of management and provision of basic services for citizens, according to the statement.

What this means was not immediately clear, as 40% of the EU donation (the 60 million Euros) mentioned on its statement goes directly to the so-called Palestinian military system. These are thousands of soldiers who do nothing in occupied Palestine apart from ONLY protecting the israeli occupation and sucking millions of Euros for the continuing “security” coordination with Israel, instead of protecting the Palestinians from the uncounted criminal elements which have settled there under auspices of israel..

The security coordination means that the PA arrests Palestinian politicians and resistance, re-arrests the prisoners which Israel releases them from its jails, jails them without trial. This is the ONLY duty of the PA military system, and ONLY because of that the EU donates millions for an otherwise useless Palestinian military.

The PA “security” spends the world’s highest part of the state budget when compared to the other countries: of the PA budget, including donations and aid, 40% goes to the military. In Jordan, the already excessive military budget of that country only reaches 20% or so of their national budget. In France, another country with a high military expenditure, only 5.5% of the national budget goes to the military. Most of the Middle East countries spend 7% to 12% of their national budgets on the military. But ONLY in occupied Palestine, which relies for its budget on begging donations from Western countries and hand gifts from some Arab countries, spends 35% – 40% of its budget on its useless military.

This is a clear case of corruption supported and financed by the EU-US in service of the innocent “blue” eyes of the zionist occupation of terror for the purpose of lengthening its age. The Palestinian security budget and expenditures is equivalent to 250% (5 times) of the budgets of health and education in Palestine combined. Next to the corrupt PA military system, the President reportedly sucks about 200 thousand Euro from the general budget of the PA every day. Everybody keeps silence about this.

Is this all right? Is such behavior all right for an inmiserated and occupied country? This is a question addressed to the European Union, that since recently has rising poverty and high unemployment in most of its countries, and sooner or later will be forced to announce the bankruptcy after the Greece, and later Spain and Italy will follow Greece, and then the EU will perhaps face a new “spring” like the one in the Middle East?

The EU statement is below:

New European Union assistance for the Palestinian people

The European Union has decided to bring forward the first part of its 2013 assistance package for the Palestinian people to the beginning of the year in order to ensure that the support to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA), who provide vital services to the Palestinian people, is not interrupted.

The Decision has two components. For the first, €60 million will be allocated to the PEGASE mechanism, which supports the Palestinian National Development Plan by helping the PA to finance its budget deficit and implement its reform agenda, meet its obligations towards civil employees, pensioners and most vulnerable citizens, and maintain the functioning of the administration and the provision of essential public services to the population. This amount will contribute to the Palestinian Authority’s payments of salaries and pensions for the first three months of 2013.

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