Israel: Occupation Entity run by Maniacs and War Criminals

الدكتور عفيفي يرشح نفسه لإنتخابات النادي المصري وينهي أزمة كادت تعصف بالجالية المصرية

Salem courtDoes anyone believe that there is a respectable country which operates as a mafia and kidnaps elected members of the Parliament of another country and then charges them for the human message and their role in supporting peace and reconciliation?

No one would believe that a Court of Justice charges anybody for promoting peace and national reconciliation between the two conflicted parts of his own nation and homeland. In israel, the zionist occupation entity, all crimes against humanity are perpetrated against Palestinians, and the so-called israeli courts of “justice” are since decades one more system to dispense injustice and iniquity.

Israel was established illegally by the power of zionists gangs, on the ruins of Palestinian cities, with a fraudulent promise given to Arthur James Balfour, a British jew who supported the establishment of a jewish homeland in Palestine, outside the United Nations vote and its approval.

On Sunday, January 6 2013, the Salem military court north of Jenin accused Palestinian prisoner, MP Imad Mahmoud Nofal, aged 42 and from Qalqilya, of who was kidnapped last November 23 2012, of “supporting the reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, the two conflicted Palestinian parties, and providing them with some kind of help to ensure the reconciliation success”.

This was the grave crime that MP Nofal perpetrated, according to the sick mind of israeli zionist “judge” (an IDF soldier) and the group of maniacs and psychopathic politicians who govern the occupation. The court decision was postponed according to the decision of the crazy military “judge”.

The Salem military court is located on the territory of the village of Salem, on Palestinian Arab land which was occupied in 1948. Salem village is 11 kilometres south of the Palestinian city of Jenin. The court is located inside the camp of the so-called “border-police”, “Magaf”, where the “Salem” detainee camp is located. Inside the camp, the Salem military court was established in 1998. It started functioning effectively at the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada.

The wife of MP Nofal said: “We went to the iniquitous proceedings held by the military administration to justify their crime of kidnapping my husband, other parliamentarians and the Palestinian people, but the “judge” (an IDF soldier) postponed the trial after his arrival to the hall. The IDF soldiers had forbidden me to speak with my husband despite the approval of the court”. MP Nofal was transferred to administrative detention after his kidnapping on November 23 2012 and later the IDF changed their mind and transferred his issue to the military “court” at Salem.

MP Nofal is married and a father of four children. The oldest is Mahmoud, aged 12, followed by Abed Al-Rahman, Baraa and Mobeen, aged two years. MP Nofal is currently incarcerated in the Megiddo prison after he was questioned for 12 days at the Huwara prison. His family is not allowed to visit him.

In November 2012, the israeli occupation forces detained five members of the Palestinian parliament in the West Bank together with 28 other Palestinians who were all accused of the crime of supporting peace and reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas.

1 comment to Israel: Occupation Entity run by Maniacs and War Criminals

  • when justice,truth and tyranny,oppression are the norm of a society who feel that god almighty somehow loves them for it in they delusion,then retribution and payback is not far behind in the universal justice of god!

    This is what prophet mohammed pbuh predicted when he said that a day will come when the rocks and stones,trees, will cry out, oh muslim ,servant of Allah,there is a jew hiding behind me, come and finish him off!

    this oppression,these denizens and followers of satan practice, did Hitler ever do that to them?

    you will reap what you sow zionists, time is not on your side, where will you run to in the world when the shoe is on the other foot??

    you will certainly find the world is a small space then, as the koran predicts that you will be punished with the severest punishment till the day of judgement, is this what you want for your tribe and religion?

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