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Appeal to the UN to Help the Syrian Refugees to Enter Palestine

الرئيس عباس يطالب مجلس الأمن بتمكين اللاجئين الفلسطينيين في سوريا من العودة إلى ديارهم [1]

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas appeal to the international community on Wednesday 19 2012, to help Palestinian refugees fleeing fighting in camps in Syria to enter the West Bank and Gaza. His appeal came after tens of thousands of Palestinians fled the Yarmuk refugee camp, one of 12 camps in Syria which host Palestinian refugees and their descendants since the Nakba.

Abbas said help is needed “because of the exposure of Palestinian camps to the bloody conflict in Syria”.

Yarmuk camp was bombed several times in the last few days. Dozens of Palestinians were killed, hundreds were injured and thousands fled death to Lebanon.

The Palestinian News Agency WAFA reported that President Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday called on United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to help the Palestinian refugees in Syria, who are suffering from the bloody conflict there, to return to live in the Palestinian Territory.

Abbas stressed the Palestinian position of non-interference in internal Arab affairs.

More than 450,000 Palestinian refugees, who include those who fled their homes in Palestine in 1948 and their descendants, live in 10 refugee camps throughout Syria.
The largest of these camps, Yarmouk, south of Damascus, has come under attack in the last few days causing the death of a number of Palestinians and displacement of thousands others.

The Palestinian refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine are under the jurisdiction of the UN and are administered by UNRWA – the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees – since the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem following the establishment of Israel in 1948.