US Sticks its Nose Into Egyptian Constitution Process

أنوف أمريكية تحشر نفسها في الشأن الداخلي المصري

Has the USA ever allowed the Egyptian ambassador to Washington to inspect the halls where referendum on the US Constitution take place, or to inspect the halls where the historical elections in USA have taken place, or even allowed the Egyptian Ambassador to inspect the US elections for the Drivers Syndicate of some city take place, where sometimes, possibly, Americans of Egyptian origin run for an elected position?

The US ambassador to Cairo, Anne Patterson, throughout last Saturday, inspected several polling stations for the coming referendum on the constitution of Egypt. She inspected the polling stations in Bolaq and Shubra: the College of Home Economics, the Shubra Experimental School, the Ali bin Talin school and the Bolaq College for Girls.

Have, ever, Americans from the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, or representatives of homosexuals organizations, held meetings with the Egyptian ambassador in Washington or elsewhere, in order justify before him the situation and problems of their own homeland, their organization, or on coming elections regarding their constitution?

Al-Misry Al-Yawm reported that the US ambassador to Egypt met with representatives of the opposition Wafd Party after her visit of referendum localities to talk about the scheduled referendum in Egypt. Al-Sayed al-Badawy, head of the Wafd Party, told Ambassador Anne Patterson that the referendum “is a catastrophe because there is no consensus on the constitution among all political forces”.

The vice-president of the party, Mr. Ahmed Ezz al-Arab, said that the ambassador listened to them carefully but did not comment. Ezz al-Arab warned the US ambassador of a “revolution of the hungry”.

Has an Egyptian ambassador in Washington ever interfered in the interior affairs of the USA in this way, in its elections and referendums, or visited the Office of US Senators or political Parties in order to impose himself and stick his nose into political issues of USA which do not concern Egypt?

On Sunday afternoon, US Ambassador Anne Patterson met with representatives of the Wafd Party at their headquarters in Dokki, Giza. Ahmed Mahmoud Attallah, a party member, spoke from the party headquarters, saying that Patterson sat down with the party’s high committee. Afterwards, the high committee directed their members not to speak about the contents of the meeting. Ambassador Patterson also held several meetings with other members of the National Rescue Front.
Have you ever heared that a respectable politician has spoken about his people and country using shameful characterizations?

Mohamed El-Baradei, head of Egypt’s Constitution Party, said that Egypt “has 85 million mental patients” in reference to the masses of the Egyptian people, adding that Egypt is a country contaminated mentally and environmentally. Listen to Mr.  Nobel Peace Prize ElBaradei, who spent his whole life out of Egypt and who failed as a candidate during the recent Egyptian Presidential elections. He now leads an opposition party, the so-called “National Rescue Front”.

In Arabic, “El-Baradei” is a descriptive name referring to the profession of “Al-baradeh”. “Al-baradeh” are those who make a special kind of cloth garment with pockets on the side which is used on donkeys and mules of cargo. This cloth is called “al bardah”. In Egypt families would often adopt the name of their profession as the family name so that jobs in this profession remained reserved for members of those families.

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