A State of Beggars Lengthens the Occupation

The Palestinian “prime minister” Salam Fayyad called on his people to boycott the Israeli products. Fayyad told reporters on Sunday weekly meeting that the boycott is in protest of the Israel’s withholding of funds to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority. Fayyad stated that the boycott should apply to all Israeli products, not just those made in the Israeli settlements.

The Israel occupation government holds 100 million dollars from collecting the taxes imposed on the Palestinian products which pass through the Israeli ports. According the deadly Oslo agreement, the tax money must be transferred monthly to the Palestinian authority in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli government cut off the funds after the Palestinians won upgraded recognition at the United Nations last month.

Fayyad called on the Arab States to provide the PA with a quick financial assistance, stressing that the Palestinians support, it is not only through the vote at the United Nations or issued supporting statements.

Fayyad said, addressing Arab States: “you decided “financial safety net” to support the Palestinian Authority before we apply for membership to the United Nations and we hope that you will be hasty to implement your decision before the collapse of our power.

It should be noted that the Arab states agreed to provide the PA with a monthly “financial safety net” to help President Mahmoud Abbas’s government cope with an economic crisis after the United Nations granted de facto statehood to Palestine.

3 comments to A State of Beggars Lengthens the Occupation

  • i was introduced to some south african policemen once who came to england for some training by by friends of mine in the forces. they actually believed that black people (non christians only) had a part of they brain missing due to the antics they do against they own black people in africa.

    my job was to convince them that they thoughts and views were wrong about this,unfortunately i could not convince them to change they views on the matter.

    looking at the antics of the leaders of the asians,africans,south americans etc,etc, i have reason to suspect sometimes perhaps they were right, even though i do not hold this view!

    these cartoon characters of the palestinian authority and other arab states remind of the koranic verses when Allah describes those who become the “lowest of the low”

    deaf,dumb and blind they will not come back to the path!
    or practice that which is lawful and right under the current circumstances for the benefit of the palestinian people!

  • Asram al-Mushefi

    Al of the misguided Leaders want to be part of the power structure that will rule the world under Zionist Globalism. The old European Houses will be abolished and eradicated, but the old aristocracy will not be killed, just neutralized politically. What you see in UK, DE, FR, IT (to some extent) is the early implementation of the Zionist Policies that they hope will one day rule the entire World. If you are unfit (or seen as unfit) you will die. If your country does not produce what the Zionist masters want, your country will fail financially. If your country desires peace for any reason, your country will be invaded, sanctioned and occupied. If you fail to play ball on any issue, your country will face conflict, social upheaval and civil war. It is a tried and true tactic; evidenced by the 1917 and 1933 revolutions (yes, Hitler was a Jew, the world’s greatest; just as Rothschild is the Financial God of the Banking World). The world at this time is at the mercy of Zionist Banks !! AGAIN…Zionist Bankers are very, very, close to control of the world for financial gain (.) Your life, the life of your Nation, the life of any and all Men, Women and Children are meaningful ONLY if that life brings p.r.o.f.i.t. to the Zionist Master Race. They know that WE know these things, it is part of their plan for eventual control because we cannot equal their control of resources….but WE CAN RESIST. We can refuse to do Banking with them. We can refuse to invest in their Stock Markets…unless those markets are TAXED in support of the people. We can refuse contact with any and all of them who approach us socially. We can pray for the understanding that will allow us to communicate and form trusting and trustworthy relationships with others who feel as we do.

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