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Jewish Psychopath Murders Teenager in Hebron

A few hours before the celebration of his 16th birthday, lightening of 16 candles and cutting his birthday cake together with his family, a female israeli soldier of the so-called “border Police” murdered in cold blood Mohammad Ziad Awad Al-Salaymeh, a sixteen year old boy, with six bullets aimed at his head and chest. Her colleagues dropped a plastic pistol besides his body to help cover up the crime.

The zionist war criminal, one of those psychopaths who call themselves “Gods chosen people” who was stationed in the middle of the Palestinian residential area of Haret Al-Masharkah al-Foqa at the so-called “al-Rajabi check point”, downtown in occupied Hebron, could not find any justification for her cold-blooded murder of Palestinian teenager Al-Salaymeh with six bullets, more than to let her colleagues place a plastic toy pistol besides his body.

In the “state” of the immoral zionist occupation, israel, soldiers are always ready to justify the murder of Palestinian children. The causes of the murder perpetrated by these psychos are always at the ready for the IDF press releases. It is easy and simple for the cowardly israeli war criminals to invent silly reasons to justify the murders of innocent civilians in their own homeland, their cities, towns and homes since more than 45 years of morally reprehensible occupation of Palestine, and more than 67 years since the Nakba.

The murder of boy Al- Salaymeh, putting a plastic pistol next to his body to cover up the murder, denying a medical team to reach his body, impeding the journalists from filming the tragedy reminds me of several crimes of murder against innocent boys perpetrated by israeli soldiers in my homeland Hebron. The crime scene is always turned into a theatric play by the IDF soldiers. Knives, pistols, guns, pepper spray … which of course are a threat to the life of armed IDF soldiers, are always readily appear at the right time on the stage of the bloody theater where the israeli war criminals and psychopaths perpetrated their crime.

Last week, the israeli media reported that the radical extremist, the self-appointed “interior minister” Elie Yishai, and Shaul Mofaz, the engineer of mass murder in the occupied West Bank for decades, now the head of the so-called Kadima opposition party, demanded from the ministerial council to “free the hands of the Israeli occupation soldiers in the West Bank”. According to these blood-guzzlers, the soldiers should be allowed to murder Palestinians with live ammunition whenever they felt they need to do that.

Just a few days after these criminal demands, that female IDF soldier shot Palestinian boy Al- Salaymeh in Hebron, where 400 colonists, armed squatters, are protected by 5000 IDF soldiers, live in the heart of a city between 200000 Palestinians. The life of the Hebronites has turned into hell to the presence of those squatters, most of them mentally incompetent criminals from the US and EU.

The israeli military commander justified the murder of the boy saying that the soldiers operating in the field have the rights to make the “appropriate decisions” (he means to put an end of the life of any Palestinian) whenever “danger” threats his colleagues life.

Without doubt, it is a tough equation that the Palestinians alone have to pay for it. In occupied Palestine, passing by a soldier, looking at him normally, or even breathing fresh air, is always considered a threat of to the Israeli occupiers life.

Al- Salaymeh was an adept gymnasiast, he had won a number of sports medals of honor due to his victory in sports activities at school and at the club of sports in Hebron. Few hours before his murder, he had celebrated with his colleagues at school his 16 birthday, lightened 16 candles, cut the cake and received small presents.

Al- Salaymeh was shot with 6 live bullets when he was on his way to buy a cake to celebrate his birthday with his family. But the IDF bullets aimed at his head and shot by that psychopath for fun ended his life before receiving his mother’s kisses, enjoying his birthday together with his family.

The family of Al- Salaymeh boy stated that he suffered of hearing problems. They denied the IDF allegations that he was carrying a toy pistol with him. He had gone to buy a cake, his family said.

The IDF soldiers attacked the father of the boy, who was transferred to the hospital for medical treatment. The house of the family was invaded; the family was terrorized by the IDF psychopaths ONLY for fun.

The scene of the crime was declared as military zone before journalists arrived. Always when the IDF perpetrates a crime, they declare the area as a military zone so that the fanciful IDF press release for the occasion cannot be contradicted by the facts. This is how the Israeli war criminals work in my homeland.