Palestine Slaughtered, Palestinian Embassy Sings and Dances

رسالة تطالب سفير فلسطين في برلين إلغاء إحتفالية 20 نوفمبر 2012 – في ظل مذابح اطفال فلسطين في غزة واحتراما لدماء الشهداء

I received the copy of a strongly-worded letter, sent to me by the Arab Assembly in Berlin, calling on the Palestinian Embassy in Germany to cancel a ceremony organized by that embassy and which is suppose to be held on November 20 2012 in one of the largest hotels in Berlin.

The Arab Assembly demands that the Palestinian Ambassador Salah Abdel-Shafi at the Embassy in Berlin cancel the celebration of the so-called “Declaration of Independence” in light of the escalating bloodshed of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and to respect the Palestinian blood split in the Gaza Strip. The letter stated that “we as Palestinians and Arabs living in Germany should feel that we are required to stand by our people in Palestine, in this plight of our people in the Gaza Strip and who face with their undefended bodies the zionism machinery of war and destruction, and we should respect the bodies of babies and children which the Zionist war machinery has ravaged without mercy”.

The letter referred to the difficult financial circumstances facing the Palestinian people as one of the reasons that mandating the cancellation of the celebration of the embassy. It speaks of the claims on side of the PA of lack and the shortage of money as a reason for their inability to pay the salaries of their own employees. “We do not want the celebration … of the difficult financial conditions experienced by our people … We suggest sending the costs of the festivity to help our people in Gaza”!!

The letter adds: the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence passes while our people still suffer under the zionist occupation and weapons, live in light of systematic Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in order to eliminate any hope of establishing an independent state with full sovereignty, and under the conditions of devastation and a split home Palestine, in light of the daily suffering of our people due to the escalation of conspiracy against the Palestinian cause and its national project!!

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