Hamas Hits Tel Aviv, Abbas Busy of Jailing Palestinians

Left: Hamas shooting rocket at Tel Aviv. Right: Palestinian Authority security forces arresting Palestinians???

الجالية الفلسطينية في ألمانيا تدين الأعتداء الغاشم على قطاع غزة
حماس دكت تل أبيب بالصواريخ وأسقطت طائرة إستطلاع والسلطة الفلسطينية تواصل تعذيب المعتقلين السياسيين المضربين عن الطعام في سجونها
دعوة للتظاهر في النمسا ضد العدوان الإسرائيلي الغاشم على شعبنا في قطاع غزة

For the first time in over 20 years, sirens were heard in Tel Aviv and israeli Channel 10 said that the people of Tel Aviv has been asked to stay in closed in shelters and in fortified areas, and that Bibi the prime minister had been forced to hide in a shelter located under his office in Tel Aviv, that several rockets landed in biggest city and that others landed in the Rishon Lezion area. Resistance rocket also affected a factory in the so – called Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council area and caused heavy material losses. Several rockets fell in the Beer Al-Saba’a (Beersheba), Netivot and Eshkol colonies where home sustained direct hits. Three israelis died at the Kiryat Malachi colony.

Loud explosion were heard in Tel Aviv and the news spoke about the fall of a “Fajr-5” missile in the Gush Dan area. Three Israeli soldiers were wounded after the fall of a rocket near to them while shooting rockets at random into the Gaza Strip, 76 israelis were wounded.

In Gaza 16 Palestinians were murdered, among them 6 children, baby girl Hanin Tafish of age 10 months was killed. Also, a daughter of the journalist Sami al-Ajrami, of age 10 years was injured seriously, and dozens more were injured.

Yesterday, several children were murdered: Ahmed Al-Mishharawi aged 11 months, Rowan Arafat, aged three years. Hiba Al-Mishharawi, aged 5 years. A elderly man, Mahmoud Abu Alsoawin, aged 83, three civilians, Issam Mahmoud Abu Al-Maza, aged 29, Hani Mohammed, aged 20 as well as the head of the Hamas Resistance Ahmed Al-Jabari died, and that attack left dozens of passers-by injured.

Heavy Israeli shell at Gaza from all directions and attacks by the israeli air force continue from the sky, while the “president of Palestine” Mahmoud Abbas and his military gang are busy collecting supposed Hamas politicians in the West Bank, jailing and torturing them, as well as anybody opposed to their decrepit regime.

Palestinian sources reported last Monday November 12 2012 that the so-called “Palestinian Authority security forces”, which are supported, financed and trained by USA, EU, other western countries and Israel, transferred today two political prisoners who are arbitrarily detained at PA prisons in the city of Hebron, to hospitals after the deterioration of their health due to hunger strike.

According to the Palestinian sources, political prisoners Raed Al-Sharbati from Hebron was transferred to the hospital after the deterioration of his health at the “preventive security” jail due to being since three days on hunger strike. Al-Sharbati is a political prisoner who spent several years in zionist detention and had been released some days before the PA arrested him again.

Mr. Ayoub al-Awawdeh, another victim and political detainee at the detention center of the PA intelligence service, was also transferred to a hospital after his health deteriorated because of being on hunger strike at the jail for the third day. Mr. al-Awawdeh was also captured by the PA forces three days after the zionists released him from the detention on unknown grounds. His mother had died while he was jailed by the israelis.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority are working together on “rotating arrest” of Palestinians in accord to secret collusion agreements signed between them which have as purpose spying on the Palestinian resistance and repressing any political opponents to the occupation, what is contrary to international provisions and regulations on the freedom of belief and political opinion.

3 comments to Hamas Hits Tel Aviv, Abbas Busy of Jailing Palestinians

  • Arthur Patriart

    I have grown to detest all religions, especially those of jews, muslims and mormons. I would like to see the jews and muslims eradicate each other so the rest of us can move on and advance civilization. Actually I think humans are not capable of living in harmony. I hope God is proud of his creation. Both jews and muslims think he is on their side.

    • Dahmane

      If you haven’t realised that Muslims have been the main target for at least the past 200 years you must be living in another planet. Nevertheless, if you think Jews & Muslims want to eradicate each other let me tell you that they are using weapons manufactured in the so called civilised world. Let me also remind you in case you just landed on planet earth that 1.5 million Iraqis have just been killed with civilised weapons and that almost 1 million children suffer from depleted uranium from the civilised world.
      Let me also remind Mr clever that Jews lived with Muslims in North Africa for thousands of years in harmony while civilised species like you killed millions of them in Europe.
      When the civilised like you came to colonise the uncivilsed like us, they anihilated millions from our people but of course using civilised weapons. They stole our wealth and slaved us to death but in a civilised manner naturally. The civilised went to the Americas and killed uncivilsed indians in millions in the name of Christianity and civilisation.
      You don’t seem to hate the civilised and Christianity despite the all the wars in Europe that forced millions to flee to America in search of peace but they did the same to the Indians in the name of civilisation and Christianity. This doesn’t seem to bother you Mr brainy. Of course not because you brainwashed civilised you can’t think for yourselves, your brains are pre-manufactured and sealed and only open for production and enjoyment.
      If this is your civilisation, you should be ashamed of yourself and try to use at least 1% of your brain, I garantee you it won’t kill you.

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