Zionists Bomb Gaza From Four Sides

من يخطأ عليه أن يتعلم الأعتذار
فلسطيني لا يحمل شهادة ولا يتحدث اللغات الأجنبية يريد الدراسة في جامعة هنجارية

Four Israeli war criminals were seriously wounded today by their own artillery stationed to the east of the Gaza concentration camp besieging the million and a half Gazans. The missiles which were shot today by the Israeli artillery hit a jeep of the Israeli military instead of Palestinian houses. Four zionist soldiers were hit instead of innocent Palestinians.

The last night from Thursday to Friday at around midnight the zionists fired 3 artillery shells at a Palestinian house east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip and killed a Palestinian child, Hamid Younis Abu Daqa, of age 11 years.

Today, the IDF terrorists failed to kill another Palestinian child and instead shot and seriously wounded four Israeli soldiers killed four Palestinian civilians and injured dozens more. Not content, they then proceeded to accuse the besieged Gazans of shooting the soldiers, what would be used as a justification for declaring a new war against one million and a half Palestinians living in Gaza who are essentially defenseless.

Palestinian sources reported that Matar Abu Al-Ata, Ahmad Harara, Osama Harara and Mohammad Al-Dirdsawi were killed and over 36 were wounded as a result of IDF shelling in “response” to their own attack, which was launched from Al- Shujaiyya area in Gaza. The IDF also bombed four other Gaza sites, including one in the neighbourhood of Zeitoun. Ten Gaza residents were reportedly stay in serious conditions. Two of those killed, a 17 and 18-year-old boy, died immediately. The other two succumbed to their wounds shortly after being transferred to a hospital.

Witnesses said that the shelling and artillery fire was ongoing and Palestinian media reported that Israel Air Force were circling the skies over Gaza.

4 comments to Zionists Bomb Gaza From Four Sides

  • Abbass

    I see the demons from Israhell are still busy collecting karma. Soon my friends soon your time will come. The abyss awaits its favorite sons and daughters, with cold and loving arms the abyss longs to embrace the Zionists and hold them to her breast forever more. Soon my little pretties soon your time is come.

  • for moshe yatom & yigal peleg

    Israel’s Netanyahu and Ehud Barak blatantly and flagrantly wantonly violate International Humanitarian Law. Additional Protocol To The Geneva Conventions Related To The Protection Of Victims Of International Armed Conflicts Of 1977 enforces those accorded civilian status enjoy civilian immunity. Civilians shall have general protection against dangers arising from military operations and shall not be the object of attacks. Justice shall be sought for those who violate Article 51 Of The 1977 Additional Protocol I To The Geneva Conventions.

    The civilian population such as of Palestine as well as individual Palestinian civilians shall not be the object of attacks. Acts or threats of violence, the primary purpose of which is to spread terror among the civilian population are prohibited. Such acts as proven are Crimes Of War and punishable as such.

    Demonstrating Siege: Violence against Palestinian civilians surrounding their cities or the geographic area by Israel as a party to an armed conflict using tactics such as bombing civilian homes, artillery shell firing of civilian homes, destruction of civilian objects (water systems) and blocking of humanitarian relief from entering area, the deliberate targeting of civilians and blocking of essential humanitarian aid are Crimes Of War, forbidden under both treaty law and customary international law prohibited in all armed conflicts (1977 Additional Protocols).

    In such instance requiring Humanitarian Aid and demonstrating in 2010 attacking and murdering International Humanitarian Aid Workers – Humanitarian aid enjoys free passage and in particular intended for children under the age of 15 and mothers (Fourth Geneva Convention, Article 23).

    In such instance are actions which may be expected to leave the civilian population with such inadequate food or water as to cause starvation or force its movement is absolutely prohibited (Additional Protocol I To The Geneva Conventions, Article 54).

    Additionally Israel’s Netanyahu and Barak are in wanton violation of -35- United Nations Resolutions threatening the peace and security of the such Holy Lands in the Middle East.

    More notably Resolution 42 which states the Mideast is a nuclear free zone. Israel has refused to disarm despite violating -2- United Nations Resolutions with respect to disarmament.

    (1993) UNGA Res 48171 Nuclear -Weapon- Free Zone In Mideast (1993) UNGA Res 48178 Israeli Nuclear Armament.

    In particular in this situation Israel’s Netanyahu and Barak wantonly disregard and violate United Nations Security Council Resolutions:

    1073 (1996) Israel. Calls on the safety and security of Palestinian civilians to be ensured.

    1042 (2002) Israel. Calls for Israel to withdraw from Palestinian cities.

    1403 (2002) Israel. Demands that Israeli government implement Resolution 54 without delay.

    On behalf of internationally renowned psychiatrists specializing in treating hyper-egomaniacal disassociative identity disorder, paranoid schizophrenics, Dr. Moshe Yatom and Dr. Yigal Peleg were both found dead allegedly committing suicide within one-week of each other June 8, 2010 and June 16, 2010 coinciding with after treating their long-time patients Netanyahu and Barak both have psychiatrict sessions involving the attack and murder of on behalf of Palestine, International Aid Workers from Turkey including a-child, a United States American citizen.

    Both Mr. Netanyahu “Prime Minister” and Mr. Barak “Defense Minister” have been diagnosed with Massive Attack Disorder and Security Addition Disorder by their former internationally renowned psychiatrists, both found suicided within one-week of each other.

    As such to explain Netanyahu and Barak are incapable of comprehending principles of how a war is fought Jus Ad Bellum or the principle why a war is fought Jus In Bello.

  • Vanessa mick

    I am in the US state of Maryland, my friends and I support the Palestinian people, more and more people here are opening their eyes and seeing the filth and hatred of Israeli government. I`m 27 yr old female I’m still exploring Islam( I have no faith to belong to yet) but in my hart I pray the day come very soon that GOD will end the cruelty,and oppression of the Zionist and the west.America is as worst if not,more level than Israel, They both kill innocent people and call it collateral damage but if someone kills an american or Israeli these evil men want a world war. I’m ashamed to even live here among these savages,they think America is GOD given ( especially the Mormons who live here think this is GOD chosen land) I hope GOD will judge Israel and the Zionist evil people here in the US very soon.I want my 2yr daughter to grow up in a peaceful united world. we need to remove this war loving cancer of the world- the Zionist west. I stand with Palestine!!

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