Zionist Peres Praises Abbas' Treason

Abbas renounces Safad while True Palestinian Hasna al-Jardat displays the deeds to her land in the Safad area

زيارة سياحية مقابل حق العودة
ردا على زيارة أمير قطر لغزة عباس يتنازل عن حق العودة ويدعو إسرائيل للتفاوض معه على متر ونصف من فلسطين

Shimon Peres, a haganah gang criminal involved in war crimes, ethnic cleansing, genocide against the Palestinians in 1948, praised self-appointed “president” Mahmoud Abbas, a psychopath and corrupt dictator whose legal presidential mandate expired 0n Jan. 9 2009, for renouncing the Palestinians rights of return to their own homeland from which they have been expelled since 1948 and which has now become “Israel”, during a late interview with Udi Segal which was broad-casted by the Israeli TV on Friday Nov. 3ed 2012.  Peres described Abbas as a “courageous partner for peace”.

Abbas answered to the Israel’s Channel 2 question whether he wants to live in Safed, in the Galilee region and now a town in northern “israel”, where he has born and lived his childhood, saying that he does not intend to return to the city as a resident “if anything, I would like to visit it as a tourist”. He added: “I visited Safed once before, I still want to see it. It is my right to see Safad, but not to live there”.

Abbas stated that Palestine for him is the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital: “this is Palestine, I am a refugee, I live in Ramallah, the West Bank and Gaza is Palestine, everything else is Israel”.

Abbas assured Israelis during the same interview that he will not allow a new uprising against the Israeli occupation, describing the rights of Palestinians to resist against the occupation as “terrorism”. He said: “We will not go back to terrorism and violence, we will only operate through diplomacy and through peaceful means.”

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh criticized the little “president” for his comments given to the Israeli TV. He said that Mahmoud Abbas remarks were extremely dangerous.

In Gaza, Palestinians burned Abbas photos during mass demonstrations which took place in several cities to condemn the remarks of Abbas on the right of return, in which he said that he had no right to return to his home town Safed.

President Abbas, whose family owns land and property in Jordan valued with more than $ 13 million and also owns property valued at more than $ 10 million in Palestine, who controls the bank accounts of both the Palestinian National Fund and the Fatah movement in Jordan, and who has put great pressure through his ambassador on the Moscow government to allocate $ 54 million of the Russian assistance for the Palestinian people to buy a presidential aircraft of type TU-204 for himself (while he already has two aircraft at his disposal – a Global Express and a Challenger 604), continues renouncing the Palestinian national rights as if Palestine is a private farm owned by himself and his extended family while forcing the Palestinian people into a live of slaves working for the occupiers and in his farms.

On October 20 2012, Abbas and his representatives of Fatah failed at the latest municipal elections throughout West Bank cities. The elections, that Fatah fought with itself after having excluded the participation of Hamas representatives (the biggest Palestinian political movement) from the election, left Abbas and his PA buddies in the Fatah with ONLY 20% of the votes while the opponents of Fatah won 80% percent of the votes. Obviously, Abbas and his PA buddies have become hated outcasts who have no legitimacy even within the Fatah movement. This should be no surprise because this is how people who align themselves with jewish interests fare every, sooner or later.

3 comments to Zionist Peres Praises Abbas’ Treason

  • praise be to Allah (lord of the worlds) and His messeneger who predicted the rise of the “SCUM” in the end times among the arabs which would lead to mass killing and oppression currently in vogue in the muslim world!

    Inshallah, there is a tomorrow. when justice,peace and freedom will come, all tyrants and oppressors will vanish and retribution will take place to those who earned it.

  • Bonjour madame Salam,

    St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies Book V.

    Chapter XXIV.-Of the Constant Falsehood of the Devil, and of the Powers and Governments of the World,

    “Earthly rule, therefore, has been appointed by God for the benefit of nations, and not by the devil, who is never at rest at all, nay, who does not love to see even nations conducting themselves after a quiet manner, so that under the fear of human rule, men may not eat each other up like fishes; but that, by means of the establishment of laws, they may keep down an excess of wickedness among the nations. ”

    It is clear that Abbas and the Zionists who own him do not obey the law that God appointed for nations, but are like the savage beasts or sharks – fishes, that St. Irenaeus tells us about.

    Que Dieu vous bénisse dans Notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ,


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