Jerusalem Dome of the Rock shown at International Conference

خالي جمال عبد الناصر / شيخة حليوى
قبة الصخرة المشرفة في فندق هيلتون في مؤتمر دولي في النمسا
إتحاد الأطباء والصيادلة الفلسطينيين في النمسا ينهي أعمال مؤتمره بنجاح
إستغلال طبيب من أجل التسويق لمقربين منه في فيلم مدفوع الأجر

The picture of Dome of the Rock, a Muslim religious and cultural symbol from the occupied city of Jerusalem was shown in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel together with the logo of the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) during the Arab-Austrian Economic Forum – International Conference in Vienna titled “Sudan and Europe: Prospects of Cooperation for Regional Peace and Development” which was held last Wednesday, 10th October 2012 at the Hilton in Vienna under the patronage of Dr. Michael Spindelegger, Vice-Chancellor and Minister for European and International Affairs of Austria and Mr. Ali Ahmed Karti, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sudan, the Arab-Austrian Economic Forum and was attended by over thousand diplomats from the EU and from other Western and Arab countries, among them even representatives of the USA.

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem is the most famous Islamic site in Jerusalem is the Dome of the Rock (Qubbat as-Sakhrah). An impressive and beautiful edifice, the Dome of the Rock can be seen from all over Jerusalem. It is the crowning glory of the Haram es-Sharif (“Noble Sanctuary”), or Temple Mount.

The Dome of the Rock is not a mosque, but a Muslim shrine. Like the Ka’ba in Mecca, it is built over a sacred stone. This stone is believed to be the place from which the Prophet Muhammad ascended into heaven during his Night Journey to heaven.

The Dome of the Rock is the oldest Islamic monument that stands today and certainly one of the most beautiful. It also boasts the oldest surviving mihrab (niche indicating the direction of Mecca) in the world.

The picture of the Dome of the Rock called my attention as it was shown next to pictures of the Austrian Belvedere Palace and the UAE Al-Jumeirah Island, used as representative logos for AACC, an organization under the Austrian Chamber of commerce. I found the use of these three representative symbols a sign of refreshing challenge to the hegemony of Israel partisans in an Austrian organization.

Certainly there could be connotations and interpretations which challenge the AACC choice of the Dome of Rock in their logo while many organizations of the international community purposefully ignore Jerusalem, which is strangled by the zionist occupation, the wholesale looting by the zionists of cultural symbols and everything not bolted down, the zionist colonies and the apartheid wall which surrounds it to prevent Palestinians, the true and legitimate owners of Jerusalem from entering their homeland for study, medial treatment, attending social events or participate in religious ceremonies.

The Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC), as its name indicates, is a link between both, Austria and the Arab countries. The AACC is specialised in providing a network of services and valuable information to businesspeople, companies and institutions. Its main objective is to support, promote, and enhance economic and trade activities in both regions. Its expertise, activities and connections to key figures in economy and trade, renders the AACC the ideal partner to engage for business between Austria and the Arab Countries.

The AACC is a member of the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Arab Countries (a strategic partner of the League of Arab States). Among its cooperation partners are all Arab Embassies in Austria, the Office of the League of Arab States at Vienna, the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce (WKO), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), OPEC, OFID, UNIDO and many others.

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  • No matter what games the New World Order plays, the Noble Sanctuary is Palestinian and the Churches of Palestine are Palestinian. Palestine belongs to Christian and Muslim Palestinians. That will not change.

    God bless you and Palestine.



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