Syria Tries to Drag Turkey Into War

سوريا تحاول جر تركيا إلى مستنقع الحرب من أجل إطالة عمر النظام السوري

Syria Tries to drag Turkey into war to Lengthen the Rule of the Syrian Regime

About the recent launch of the Syrian shells toward Turkish territory, Mr. Jamal Murad, the representative of the Syrian Coordination in Austria for support of the Syrian revolution said: “The Syrian regime is trying by all means and ways to drag Turkey into the war in order to prolong the rule of the Assad regime and to create a new regional Syrian international order favorable to Syria”.

According to Murad, the Assad regime calculates that by converting the current civil-war-like circumstances into a war with an external power, he will unite the population behind the regime and deny the opposition popular support. He added: “I think that Turkey is conscious of the Syrian scheme and it will not be dragged into such a quagmire”.

He stated that that the attempts of the deteriorated Syrian regime will not last long and “it will collapse very soon like a house of cards”.

11 comments to Syria Tries to Drag Turkey Into War

  • Giancarlo

    It takes an effort to remain polite when reading such kind of crap, excceeding in nonsense even the worst of mainstream media, when it’s there for all to see a remake of the script played in Libya.

  • It’s time for Mr. Putin to put the gloves to work. Left, right. Right, left. It’s time Mr. Putin.

  • CogitoMan

    With such views your rightful place is in Benghazi, Libya, not Vienna Madam Kawther. I am sure you will make many friends there, Al Quaida included. I can see Zionists glee as well at support they are getting from you. Let me leave at that and not boil over to go beyond decency to truly express what I think about such crass stupidity as on the display above.

  • OzzieThinker

    I hope this website has not been hacked, because this type of post is very out of character. Whereas Assad is much as part of this charade as all the others, at least he has tried to do the decent thing (well….for an indecent person). His friends….er enemies….er same thing are capitulating in a struggle to bring on a faux World War III. Be careful not to rely on Putin for he is certainly a black knight with a heart as back as coal. He’s also another Netty fan – the mad old sage. And what of China…rumours have it they are going to be mopping up the land of milk and honey while it is unguarded.

  • Antonio Lico

    Seems to me that this kind os statment is a stupidity. All we can see that Turkey is acting as a NATO proxy to achieve regime change in Syria with the help of the same thugs who did the same thing in Lybia.
    Personally I expect much better from this site.

  • You wrote: “Syria Tries to Drag Turkey Into War”.
    Au contraire, the reverse is true!
    I am horrified you got it wrong, wrong, wrong! I am not surprised that there are suggestions you are working incahoots with the the Zionists.

    If indeed you are working for the Zionists, take a good look at the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (translated by on Marsden). To be sure, it will make you work much
    harder yet for the realization if Eretz Israel. HURRY !!! Because according to Kissinger, Israel will be no more in ~10 years’ time.

  • Abbass (Steve)

    Oh for God’s sake lady wake up to yourself! The usual suspects, ie: Zionists controlling the US and most Western countries’ governments’ and foreign policies are behind the terrorism ongoing in Syria. Assad may not be much, but he’s a hell of a lot better than the mercenaries and extremist Salafist thugs being backed by none other than your enemies if things should be traced to their sources.

    If you keep up the support for these fake “revolutions” being run by the CIA and its various offshoots you’ll be losing one long term fan and reader I can assure you. Sad to see you serving the beast. Do some research and don’t believe the lies in the MSM which you already know lies endlessly.

  • Bonnie

    Au contraire, it is the Turks that want war!

    Shame, and you an Arab! I thought you Arabs knew your own history, as your parents and grandparents told you…rather than the West, that depends on the lies of books. Books published by jew companies.

    The Turks owned ALL of the Middle East and North Africa, Arabia, Transjordan, and Mesopotasmia, as well as, Greece and E.Eur.

    Now, Erdogan, and his cronies, wants to return Turkey to the old state of the Ottoman Empire. He blatantly said, Turkey, intends to take back these former territories, claiming, these belong to them. Syria is part of this territory.

    The Ottomans were islamic, but the Turks, treated other islamic countries, with the jackboot, including your People. The Turks were hated everywhere, and Thomas Edward Lawrence, wouldn’t have prevailed, if it hadn’t been for this fact.

    The bloggers and other “on-the-ground” reporters have brought forward, that the ordinance, the spent shells from the bombings, the supposed, ” Syrian bombs” have NATO markings on them. No Syrians have access to NATO weapons. But Turkey is a member of NATO, does.

    Another thing, is that the Syrian “Rebels”- are being supplied with weapons by NATO. We do know that the “rebels” are actually Al-quada, working with NATO, IS NATO personnel. What a surprise!

    So, Turkey has been shelling Syria, and intends to establish a 10-mile buffer zone, between Syria and Turkey, except that Turkey is actually carving it out, in Syrian territory. Isn’t that brilliant?


  • peter

    How silly conclusion can one gets.

    Even a child knows better than reporting this kind of logic and crap.

    Give up writing for heavne’s sake if you do not already know Turkey is trying all kinds of ways to get Syria to attack so that Nato can attack without UN’s approval.

    Look at the recent visits by Hillary and others before the latest incidents…

    All planned already and in fact Assad is trying his best not to drag his country to war with Turkey. Look how quiet he has been in spite of all kinds of Turkish childish provocations.

    Who believe those shells that landed in Turkey were from the Syrian army or rather the FSA?
    or even from Turkish soldiers in Syria.

  • Ghazi

    Really now Kauthar, You should confine your website to Palestinian issues only – You risk exposing yourself as a total idiot – A weakened Syria is a happy Israel – You and every supporter of the anti-Assad movement have fallen for the next big Zio-Yankee screw-up in the Mid East and a huge Libya style catastrophe. The last and only real political and military hope for Palestine are not the Yankee ass-lickin Gulf and Saudi leadership that helped murder 150 000 Libyans and are preparing an even worse fate for Syria, but the Iranian-Syrian-Hizbullah axis – Why can’t you see it?

  • Chelli

    What is this? Kawther said one thing you (ten) didn’t like and you all decide to insult her, accuse her of various things, and jeer? What kind of thing is this?
    I think what she has been consistently saying is that the Syrian Regime is horrible to its own people and therefore most Palestinians don’t place their “last and only” hope for “salvation” in the Syrian Regime. Perhaps you don’t like to hear that various people criticize various governments. Perhaps the Syrian government should somehow be exempt from this criticism?
    Here in this article is a man being quoted who openly opposes the Syrian government, his own. Does he not have the right to speak from his experience and his hopes and life? It was not too long ago that Kawther was reporting how the Syrian community in Austria was afraid to walk down the street in front of the Syrian embassy in protest because the stench of death squads was so thick.
    Viva Kawther Salam, much and always respect.

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