Israel As a State Does not Exceed the Borders of June 1967

صورة الوفد الإسرائيلي المستعار التي أثارت الضحك والأحتجاج في مؤتمر الطاقة الذرية
سفير الأردن مكرم القيسي: إسرائيل كدولة لا تتعدى حدود الرابع من حزيران لعام 1967

His Excellency Mr. Makram Mustafa A. Queisi, Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to Austria and the International organizations said while reading the statement of the delegation of Jordan under item 21 of the IAEA General Conference agenda, “The Israeli nuclear capabilities”, that the Jordanian approval of the credentials of the Israeli delegation does not include in any way the status of the territories occupied since 1967, and especially Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

He added that “for us, Israel as a state does not exceed the borders of the fourth of June of 1967, and the borders laid down in the peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan”.

He said at the beginning of his speech that his delegation is firmly convinced of the threat posed by nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction to global peace and security, particularly on the stability in the Middle East, which still suffers from a deficiency in the implementation of the decisions relating to Nuclear Safeguards from nuclear weapons In The Middle East.

He explained that Jordan stresses the need for Israel to join the Treaty on the Non- Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and to place all its nuclear facilities under the IAEA safeguards in order to achieve the Global Treaty in the region and as a prelude to the establishment of a zone free of nuclear weapons which will contribute peace, security and an incentive for the countries of the region to focus on economic and social development of the peoples instead of an arms race, which hampers development efforts and exacerbate tensions.

It should be noted that on June 13 2012, the Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on behalf of the Arab State, submitted to the IAEA an item entitled “Israel nuclear capabilities” in the agenda of the 56th, 2012 regular session of the general conference.  The documented which was submitted is below.


3 comments to Israel As a State Does not Exceed the Borders of June 1967

  • Bonjour madame Salam,

    Excellent coverage of the conference. Thank you.

    The borders of Occupied Palestine have changed as many times as the occupiers have waged unlawful war on the Palestinians and all of Occupied Palestine’s neighbors. It is utterly obvious to the world that the Zionists have built a criminal state and continue to build it on the backs of everyone that they can pillage and murder. Nuclear blackmail from the very beginning of nuclear weapons on earth has been part of the Zionists crimes. All of their crimes must be stopped and the wronged people throughout the world healed.



  • kawther, you can talk all you want about rights and laws to the zionist state, it will get you nowhere!

    they only understand force which they use on you and respect it which the palestinians have found to they cost over the last 64 years.

    the answer is simple, surround israel with nuclear weapons which they and their two faced helpers from the western world have introduced into the middle east knowingly and helped accordingly over the years for israel to have this capability, only pakistan can help you now, no one else!

    this kind of mentality of israel will never accept you and they will do they utmost to look civilized and yet do the most abhorrent crimes against humanity on earth knowingly!

    whether you like it or you do not,its only force that will free the palestinian people which the prophet of islam predicted will happen in time to come, if any one doubts this, then know this, anything he has ever stated has always come true which even the pagans of his day accepted and admitted!

  • mothman777

    And now the Zionist government of the UK has just launched an extremely lethal new type of nuclear submarine, captained by a man with a funny name called Peter Green. That is the first of 7 of this type, at a cost of £1,000,000,000 each to be built for the ‘British’ (Israeli) RN, and of course the ‘British’ PM, David Cameron, who infamously stated during the elections; “I will empower UK Jews” in his extremely racist statement, has now thrown even female Jewesses out of his cabinet to replace them in a very sexist move, with male Jewish cabinet members, and no doubt the rest of the commanders captaining the rest of the UK nuclear submarine fleet will also have funny names too, to ensure their unswerving loyalty to Israel before all others, just like the 4,000 Jews who never turned up for work at the world trade centre towers in New York on 911 after being tipped off by Odigo messaging service.

    These new ‘British’ (Israeli) submarines of the British ‘RN’ will complement the stealth diesel submarines in use by the Israeli navy and will of course add to the lethality of the force of the threatened Samson Option currently used by the Zionist terrorist criminals to force in their NWO one world government for Eretz Israel.

    The new British submarines possess twice the lethal capability of the previous Trident submarines, now being able to kill at least 80 million people per submarine by using their multiple warhead intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles.

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