Video, Flames of Israeli-Iranian Conflict Heated IAEA Session

تلاسن حاد بين سوريا وإسرائيل لليوم الثاني على التوالي
فلسطين تمر مرور الكرام على مخاطر مفاعل ديمونا في مؤتمر الوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية

Five seats, among them four empty, separated between the hostile adversary israeli and Iranian delegations last Sep. 20 2012. During the heated debated during the 56th Annual Session of IAEA General Conference, the delegations of 155 nations found themselves in the middle of sharply worded debates reflecting the tensions between israel and Iran that could spiral into armed conflict.

To the right of the hall sat the delegation of Iran and to left the delegation of Israel. Both delegations were separated by a few empty seats and the delegatins of Ireland and Iraq. The attendant delegations of the member countries were seated according to their initial letter in alphabet.

Not far away from the Israeli delegation sat the PA delegation, which should be considered as a third party to the conflicts of Israel, but the Palestinian Authority and Israeli delegations were calm during the meeting of the IAEA and did not conflict.

The Palestinian ambassador delivered very quite speech that did neither reflect the opinions and sentiments of the vast majority of the Palestinians, nor the issues at hand. Instead, the speech of the puppets reflected the opinion of most pecuniary advantage to the PA, now all but a puppet of israel, the USA and western countries. The speech could as well have been written at the military censorship office in Beit Agoron or at the US representation here in Vienna.

Mr. Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani, the Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and head of Iran’s nuclear energy agency, as well as Iranian Ambassador Ali Asgar Soltanieh were seen at the opening session of the 56th Annual Session of IAEA General Conference with other Iran representatives, but the delegation of Israel headed by Ambassador and permanent representative to the IAEA Dr. Ehud Asoulay remained absent. Another delegation (perhaps Japanese or Chinese, or Korean) replaced the israeli delegation, but still the name of Israel was in front of the non-Israeli delegation. Simply, it was scandalous image which I shot at the opening session of the IAEA Assembly Session.

On 20 Sep. 2012, Israel accused Iran of being the “biggest nuclear threat to the Middle East as it seeks to deflect pressure over its own undeclared possession of atomic arms”, but Iran’s Ambassador Soltanieh, who denied that his country has any interest in such weaponry, said that Israels undeclared atomic arsenal is the most serious threat.

The United States and its allies accuse Tehran of trying to develop the capacity to make nuclear weapons and say that such strivings are the greatest menace to the region. The sharp debate of the conflicted parties can be seen in the video below.

3 comments to Video, Flames of Israeli-Iranian Conflict Heated IAEA Session

  • stonehillady

    It is very clear Israel plays by NO RULES, it has NEVER declared their Atomic Weapons & therefore it is Israel that needs to be inspected. We know that Israel & Zionist within the USA are responsible for 9/11, with all the Zionist that are in the American State Dept…Which these dual citizens are in reality a violation of the American Constitution, they are serving the interest of Israel above the interest of United States. This has been sold to citizens of the US through it’s Christian religious leaders that Israel & the Jews is Place & People that belongs to God….Though saving Israel is no where to be found in the Christian Bible & actually states that those that call themselves Jews but are not, are a Synogogue of Satan.

  • Abbass (Steve)

    Israel is a pustulent boil on the World which is due to be lanced and healed in the very near future.

  • paschn

    As if it’s not enough that the Jewish Central Bank has enslaved AmeriKa, ordered us to sluaghter and die in several bogus wars for D.C.’s maters……Now, while Goy retirement funds are being gutted, the taxpayers get to pay Jew retirement in addition to the $20,000,000,000,000 they stole from our next 4 generations, (unless we kick ’em out of the country).

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