President Shoes for $23.500. What Price Has His Luxury Hat?

إذا كان حذاء الرئيس بعشرين ألف يورو, فكم يبلغ ثمن القبعات الفاخرة التي يرتديتها؟؟؟
وفد السلطة الفلسطينية الى مؤتمر الشيخوخة الوزاري هل سيقيم في فندق خمس نجوم؟؟؟

How much did Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pay for his luxurious black hat, which he wore during his visit to Austria on last October 28, 2011???

This question came into my mind while looking at the President photos which I took during his visit last year, in the wake of the allegations published yesterday Sep. 10 2012 by the Hebrew edition of Yediot Aharonot.

The Israeli Edition reported criticism against President Abbas, quoting allegation from the al-Resalah news site which is affiliated with Hamas, which on their part had quoted that an article from Italy’s Il-Messaggero newspaper where it was claimed that “Abbas shoes cost 20.000 Euro”!

The Hebrew article alleges that President Abbas “prefers to buy moccasins by world renowned Italian shoemaker ‘Fabi’”. According to reports, the price of one pair of shoes can could cost as much as 20.000 Euros (about $25,500)

I must add that I looked at the website of Fabi ( and was not able to find anything for such excessive prices among their Internet offering. Still, the shoes offered by Fabi, with prices up to EUR 375 the pair are unaffordable to most Europeans, not to speak of Palestinians.

Today, yesterday and since last week thousands of Palestinians across the West Bank have been protesting against “Paris Protocol”, the rising price of petrol and the deteriorating poverty situation in all the West Bank. In Hebron the protesters stoned the Municipality and smashed the windows of the firefighting trucks. The protesters burnt a police station in Al-Haras. In Nablus, over 50 Palestinians, among them several police, were injured during the clashes after the protesters burnt the police station in the city. Dozens of Palestinians threw shoes at a poster of Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, chanting “The government has betrayed us”.

Today the protests continued unabated and tires were burned in the streets even after the PA decided to temporarily reduce by 15 percent the prices of diesel, gas and kerosene, effectively will reverting them back to August prices.

Over 37% of the Palestinian budget of $ 2.4 billion (donations from US-EU-Western-Arab countries) goes for strengthen the so-called “Palestinian security services” which ONLY helps to protect the zionist colonists and the Israeli security as part of so-called “security coordination”. That means that 37% of the Palestinian budget is dedicated to stifling Palestinian political activity, jailing Palestinian resistance and handing them the Israeli intelligence, the shabak.

Another 10% of the budget goes to expenses to cover the luxurious life of President Abbas and his travels, and about U$ 240 million of the PNA budget goes to feed his secret bank accounts and those of his family members. Another $ 11 million dollars is distributed between the real estate holdings of President Abbas and his sons.

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