Governor Of Vorarlberg Suspends Circumcisions

The People’s Party (ÖVP) State Governor of Vorarlberg province in Austria Mag. Markus Wallner, instructed hospitals run by Austria to suspend circumcisions motivated by religious custom. The decision came after a German regional court ruled ritual circumcision amounted to criminal bodily harm. He told provincial hospitals Tuesday not to perform the procedure except for health reasons until the legal situation is clarified in Austria.

Markus Wallner says he sees the German decision last month, arising from the case of a child whose circumcision led to medical complications, as “precedence-setting judgment.”

He told provincial hospitals Tuesday not to perform the procedure except for health reasons until the legal situation is clarified in Austria.

The decision does not affect religiously motivated circumcisions performed outside hospitals run by the Vorarlberg government.

Two hospitals in Switzerland last week also cited the German ruling when then announced that they would temporarily stop performing circumcisions. On Thursday, the Zurich children’s hospital announced that it was temporarily halting circumcision operations. “We are in the process of evaluating the legal and ethical stance in Switzerland,” said Marco Stuecheli, a spokesman for the hospital.

5 comments to Governor Of Vorarlberg Suspends Circumcisions

  • Jeff Fitzhug

    Circumcision should be illegal. Is it ok if I decide to cut my child’s ears off? What if I want to cut his nose off to make it easier to clean it? What if you could reroute someone’s rectum on the side of their legs so they could clean it easier? What if I wanted to cut off their small finger and just say it hurts now, but they won’t remember it. No doctor would say cutting the foreskin off a baby does not cause them pain. The pain must be devastating and it must be outlawed and it doesn’t matter if it’s for religion purposes or not.

  • Doug Eberspacher

    If the Israelis and Muslims want to do this in their country, then let them pass laws and do it there. But in western countries we have a right to protect children. We have a right to outlaw this practice and anyone who does it should be punished severly.
    If you don’t believe it hurts, because a baby can’t tell you, then take some adult man and circumcise him without anesthesia and see if it hurts. I can’t imagine they take a baby and they cut and rip the foreskin off. In some cases they have ripped off the foreskin and then tried to say they were female. This is barbaric and must be outlawed. If different religious groups want to do this, then let them move to Israel and do it.

  • Circumcision is child abuse according to OUR values. I understand `they´ do not share our values; this has been stated by `their´ thinkers repeatedly. Fine. But as long as they live in a Western country, they are obliged to follow our laws. If they wish to abuse their children at home, beat their wives, murder their sisters etc., it is their business and I for one don´t care; but NOT in a Western country. Let them do what they want at home. Let the Taliban stone women, let the Jews follow their diatary & religious laws – it matters not one iota, but NOT in a Western country where they are NO MORE than tolerated (are they?)guests. Gerry Frederics

  • SophiaH

    Comment, see link below:

    I am an American white female age 56, and I worked in many family practice doctor’s offices over the years. Part of my job was to assist with circumcisions. I quit my job over that very duty. It was barbaric. I watched babies pass out, turn blue, scream in a guttural scream that turned my blood cold. Parents should be forced to watch a doctor cut off the tip of their son’s penis, hear him scream, see his skin mottle white and blue, watch his head roll back and forth in agony while strapped down, unable to move. Babies have no voice in the decision other than vomiting all over themselves during the “procedure”. If parents want that for their son, they should be forced to participate in the torture.

    Zuzu on, May 19, 2011


    Animals protected

    Anesthesia is required by U.S. federal law for any painful procedure on a veterinary or lab animal. See: 7 USC 54 Sec. 2143, which dates to the 1960’s. (A researcher was dismissed from the University of Washington a few years ago for operating on mice without it.)

    No such law exists to protect children.


    circumstitions. com/Pain. html


  • molecule

    Absolutely proper decision … It is violent and traumatic sexual mutilation of an infant defenseless child, for religious mind control purposes. The trauma to the child is limbic, and permanently alters the child’s concept of trust in its mother. When the guilt sets in, after her baby is returned in a state of shock, I believe the psychological trauma to the mother is even deeper. The mutilation shuts down the left trunk of the child’s vagus nerve system, connected to the small intestine, heart and pituitary. In the amygdala this practice of religious voodoo raises cortisol levels to over 1.5x baseline … blowing his hands and feet off would be less painful.

    If mother’s will not stop doing this to their baby boys, then the men have to step in and stop them. I know it’s beyond the scope of this article, but our psychopathic culture of war cannot be stopped if we continue this barbaric practice of terrifying infant children. Their entire neurochemical predicate of the infant’s emotional brain is changed from one of trust and love and respect, to one of distrust, violence and sheer abject fear. After peering lovingly into the eyes of their parents, after the trauma of the operation, some children never again will look their parents in the eye, without feeling deep sense (meaning limbic, PRE-verbal, and formative, …) of betrayal and distrust. Sexual mutilation of a child is the ultimate abandonment.

    As Moses Maimonades said, There is a reason that we use genital violence when we circumcise our soldiers and our slaves. Omitting the gross parts of his explanation, basically, he proposed that they will suffer a higher divorce rate (“be unable to keep a wife”), and without a wife they cannot accumulate wealth, whereupon they become dependent on the misogyny and war machine culture.

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