Girl Murdered At Ramadan Breakfast

أب سفاح يقتل إبنته على مائدة الأفطار في ثالث أيام شهر رمضان المبارك

A Palestinian father from Tulkarem in the northern West Bank, ِAmal Yusef Al-Akhras of age 18, killed his defenseless daughter, Amal on last Sunday July 22 2012, the third day of the holy month of Ramadan and just four days after the results of her successful general school certificate examinations were announced last Thursday, July 19 2012. The deliberate murder heightens the inhuman way of dealing with women in Palestine, who are treated no better than herd animals and in the best circumstances women are often enough treated like minors and crooked rib even after they become adults and marry.

According to Palestinian sources, the criminal father stabbed a knife several times into the body of his daughter until she died. He did this after the family had the ritual Iftar meal of Ramadan. He left her bleeding and went to the street proud of his crime, holding the knife in his hand and his cloths were dripping wet with the blood of his daughter. The father then rode his car and went to the police headquarters to surrender.

The illiterate and ignorant father described as not having finished the primary study at school, but in the Palestinian patriarchal society, abetted by rotten Jordanian laws issued before 1967 which “president” Mahmoud Abbas rejects changing for unknown reasons, encourages the killing of women on the ground of “honor”, and give the parents, brothers and relatives the right to legally murder their female relatives. The Jordanian laws strongly discriminate between men and women, they are inhuman and a crime against all women and humanity.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had promised several times that he would change the shameless law protecting perpetrators of honor killings by the International Women’s Day of 2010.

“Honor killing” means, murder for suspicion, falling in love, refusing marriage, drinking café with colleagues, taking the head cover off outside home and behind the family, asking family for inheritance, being independent, being a victim of rape, sexual abuse or incest and etc.

In Palestine it is legal to kill women in order to protect the “honor” of the family. This and other Jordanian laws strongly discriminate between men and women, they are inhuman and a crime against all women.

In the West Bank and Gaza there are no laws that forbid women from being murdered or prosecute their murderers. The Egyptian laws that are implemented in Gaza and the Jordanian Laws implemented in the West Bank discriminate between men and women, and protect the murderers of women. “Honor” has become a justification for murdering women and protecting the murderers, as well keeping the power in the hands of the men who lead the society and impeding women from reaching power. This is a clear threat for all women who seek equality with men in their rights.

On Monday after the Al-Akhras murder, on July 23, 2012, the teenager Massoud Jamil Jaber of age 18, was found hanged in his room in the town of Tulkarem, in an obvious suicide. Another young man, Mahmoud Na’im Meshaal of age 26, was also found hanged in his room in Tulkarem on Saturday July 21 2012, also an obvious suicide. It is thought that the three deaths may be related as the two young men knew Amal, the victim of murder.

Sadly, the Palestinian media still covers up the crimes against women committed under the “honor” label”. They write in brief about them, without releasing further details. In this way, the media protect the criminals in the Palestinian authoritarian patriarchal society and abet the continuing of the shameful practice of “honor” murders in our society. All these crimes are banned from public discussion and publication. In all cases, these crimes are treated in a way that will cover up the perpetrators, protecting and helping them to continue perpetrating more crimes, and by punishing the victims (women, minors, girls) or killing them in so-called “honor” killings

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Wafa, the Palestinian News Agency wrote four lines about the three crimes.

Alquds daily wrote: A Palestinian father from Tulkarem killed his daughter. He went to the street holding the knife in his hand. The girls arrived the hospital dead. The Police start investigating the issue.

11 comments to Girl Murdered At Ramadan Breakfast

  • Terry

    It appalls me that things like this happens in Palestine. We have the same problems in the West with rape and the abuse of women.

    The feminist struggle amongst the Palestinian people should be a constant and internal matter. You Palestinian people are confronted by an enemy that suppresses you in the worst ways then turns around and slanders your culture, your religion, your society and then you come along and display your dirty laundry.

    Gaza is still blockaded by the Zionists and the world does nothing; how will exposing the criminal behaviour by a few Palestinian going to help anyone other the Zionist who will use this sort to condemn your existence?

  • warbaby

    forty five years ago I was on a operating table waiting anesthesia and the doctors around me were discussing where they were going on vacation. My surgeon a Jew said I am staying away from the middle east this year, too much fighting and there is a lot to be fearful of. I am now sixty three now. The same old bizz is still going on over there. All in the name of a religion a god figure. I have always been a alpha female, If I lived over there I would surely be dead. The angles weep.

  • Byzantine Eastern Rite Greek-Catholic faithful

    This “Honour Killing” is a sickness inside Islam, not only an infection of the minds of the Arabs.

    Most of the Muslims do this across the Islamic world from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iraq, all former Soviet Islamic Republics, Arabia, and North Africa.

    When they immigrated to Europe and North America, they still murder their own daughters.

    Next time this happens, the Father and all the male relatives involved should be turned over to the nearest Gay Community, and each one of them anally raped repeatedly.

  • mr byzantine eastern rite, this sickness you describe is far worse in other religions like hinduism ,sikhism , it is not acceptable that women or men should suffer unduly. islam is the only religion on the face of this earth to advocate rights for the women. you only have to read the talmud,bible,gita religious books to understand how defamed women are in them!

    where i live recently a christian english girl of 14 married a turk muslim, the whole country was up in arms against this as being intolerable! and yet we have young christian girls of 10 having babies without husbands and this is acceptable?????

    a murder is a murder and should be treated as a criminal act, the zionist jews and they allies in the P.A impose economic and cultural terrorism on the innocent palestinians so that acts of this kind are done so that they can justify that muslims are uncivilized and the devilish zionist jew is along with the western world.

    perhaps kawther can do an article here of the abuse suffered by jewish women and children by the so called holy rabbi,s( children of the devil as jesus described them?)

    • mothman777

      All religions can become very degraded, and in this age of Kali Yuga, Godly qualities in human beings are increasingly very much diminished, and people are swept uncontrollably like leaves in a strong wind when they turn away from God and allow themselves to become fixed on material values and materialist methods of judgement.

      It sickens us all to see women and others hurt and killed for nothing like this, and it is inconceivable to people in the west just how different cultures in other lands are. When travelling around the world, it seems as if one is on a different planet because the cultural atmospheres are so very strange and different, and anachronistic attitudes from centuries, even thousands of years ago unfortunately persist despite the best intents of all religions.

      Yet someone in Asia might be appalled if he or she saw inside the minds of the politicians and the people who vote them into power, and how they can justify the deaths of millions with the stroke of a pen because of a lack of spiritual knowledge that every soul is made of the same substance as God is, and that all the countless number of individuals throughout the vast cosmic expanse are in fact one gigantic spiritual body. We all live for all eternity, and we are all connected together forever too, and the consciousness of all affects the whole body. People are not so without value like some old cultural beliefs maintain as regards these so-called honour killings, which do unfortunately occur in Islamic, Hindu and Sikh communities, yet the edicts to actually perform these terrible actions are not contained in their scriptures; they occur due to faulty human judgement, disturbed by ignorance and wrongful passions. When people contemplate this and become more compassionate, they will not kill so lightly, as they will realize that we are all going to be together for all eternity, even if at a great distance spread across many different planets and universes, so we all need to go a lot easier on each other.

      A father who does that to his own daughter is no true father, and he should never have had a child if he did not know the meaning of what having a child is about; a child is not for his own sense gratification, and the true purpose of having a child is purely to care for one of God’s children, a soul who has taken birth in a body in a family to ensure that soul will have a proper spiritual education and can leave this material world altogether after one life after perfecting their spiritual knowledge.

      In the Vaishnava faith for instance, all girls are married first to Krishna in a ceremony, as God is their true partner ultimately, as He is for every soul in the entire cosmos when they eventually remember their eternal devotional relationship with God and resume it, and the human husband they eventually marry years later must have sufficient spiritual knowledge himself to know to encourage his wife and children to centre their lives on Krishna (God has no name actually, Krishna is a simple description of the qualities of God, meaning ‘the all-attractive’, similar to the Islamic names for Allah ‘the all-merciful’, ‘the all compassionate’ etc.), before he can even marry, otherwise there is no purpose whatsoever in marrying and having children, otherwise one is simply living life like an animal, doing everything for material sense gratification without any spiritual consideration, which is not what this advanced human type of body is for. Pigeons can have sex all day long, and a pigeon’s body is all that one requires if that is all one intends to do with one’s life; this human type of body however is deigned purely to perfect spiritual consciousness so the soul can leave this world and go back to live with God.

      In the Sikh and Vaishnava religions, which are extremely similar and share exactly the same essential beliefs, all souls are actually expansions of God, with one eternal ‘Lord God’, and though all souls are embodied in male and female bodies and in many different species (8,400,000 species, 400,000 of which are different human species on different planets), it is held that they are a constitutional part of the greater body of God in a communal sense. All souls are equal in quality, no matter what their sex or species of their body, but their bodies are greatly different, nonetheless, it behooves everyone to show as much compassion as possible towards others, and I can only suggest that the man who killed his daughter was literally made insane through inappropriate social customs and lack of ability to understand the nature of the soul, and the ultimate purpose of life.

      God is like a spiritual tuning fork for all souls, and no other soul can awaken souls like the Lord God can, due to His immense spatial dimension and spiritual potencies. Just as the eyes do not see without the sun, so the soul does not maintain lucid consciousness without God when it turns towards materialism in the absence of more spiritual considerations.

      There is much abuse of people by members of all religions; these times are a hard spiritual test for everyone, and insanity has dominated this world since the commencement of Kali Yuga 5,000 years ago. The remedy is to ask for God to teach us how to love as He would love, and there would be a lot less killing. Hare Krishna

  • Terry

    @Byzantine Eastern Rite Greek-Catholic faithful

    Thank you for you bigoted vitriol and your condemnation of 1.8 billion Muslims. Now kindly turn your racist face back onto matters Greek, pay your taxes and work to keep your from being the poorest and most corrupt country in the world.

    Oh! I know why you suggest male rape; it’s a “Greek” thing, right?

  • Salam al Maseeh,

    Ms. Salam,

    “Byzantine Eastern Rite Greek-Catholic faithful” is obviously a troll pretending to be a Christian. He/she is not.

    Still, honor killing is utterly abhorrent and must be stopped immediately, both the New Testament and the Noble Qur’an condemn this absolutely.



  • Hamid


    Which 1.8 billion muslims? It is a fact that this problem occurs more in groups of people who are muslim than any other. Why try to hide away from that fact and not acknowledge it?

    • Terry

      @Hamid if this is your real name.

      “Which 1.8 billion muslims? It is a fact that this problem occurs more in groups of people who are muslim than any other. Why try to hide away from that fact and not acknowledge it?”

      Yup! 1.8 billion Muslims and counting because it is the fasted growing religion on the planet. How do you like them eggs zionist?

      As for acknowledging the murder of one’s offspring, let us first talk about the rate of abortion in the American-Israelo Axis? Then we can talk about the rate of female rape in both countries where it is safe to assume you are the leading lights of misogyny.

      Once we have resolved these issues, then we can discuss the cultural and religious foibles of the objects of your zionofascist racist bigotry.

  • i agree hamid of mothmans synopsis, in india every year more then a million females are murdered in infanticide, facts do suggest that it is more then that!

    can someone please gives us the facts of how many children are aborted in the western world whose bodies are then groundup, dried and made into a flavour enhancer for addition to drinks like coca cola,pepsi, 7up etc? by a company called senomyx?

    we can all give facts and figures and should be careful as to calling religions falsely. what we should concentrate on is to provide awareness as kawther is doing to the wrongs being committed by any race in the name of religion to ensure it stops so that people can reach they full potential with access to education and opportunity for all in a relative sense.

    we muslims are and should be angry due to the deaths by false wars imposed on our lands resulting in the deaths of millions and yet no one feels a wrong is being done in the western world as a whole?

    over 70 million muslims have been killed in the last 50 years alone! robbed,raped,murdered,dispossessed,atrocity after atrocity and yet the U.N sees only non muslim victims!

    this can not last ,inshallah will not last!

    the prophet mohammed pbuh predicted that after the SCUM come into power in the arabs lands ,which kawther highlights, the great war (malhama) will occur resulting in the destruction of the arab race as a whole, this will cause the rise of a people who will inflict such severe punishment upon to the day of judgement on the zionist jewish race which will also be destroyed, its just a matter of time.

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