Arrest Warrant Against Shaul Mofaz

مذكرة أعتقال مقدمة لمحكمة العدل النمساوية ضد أيهود باراك
Genocide Charges against Ehud Barak
فلسطينيون يقدمون مذكرة لاعتقال موفاز إذا دخل رام الله

Palestinian youth presented a memorandum for “arrest warrant” on Thursday June 28 2013 to the Palestinian Attorney General, demanding the arrest of israeli Deputy Prime Minister and war criminal Shaul Mofaz, (שאול מופז) at the moment when he enters Ramallah in the occupied west Bank to meet the Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas on the next Sunday.

The request is an initiative of a Palestinian youth group calling them selves “Abna’a El Balad”, in English “Youth of the Country”. The representatives of the group delivered the arrest warrant to the Deputy Attorney General demanding that he arrest Mofaz.

The coordinator of the youth group, Ali Ibiadat said: “We came to the headquarters of the Attorney General to demand that war criminal Mofaz is arrested instead of being met by “President” Abbas.

He added, “Mofaz is responsible for crimes against our people in Gaza and the West Bank. He is responsible for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. He led the siege imposed on President Yasser Arafat and caused his death and therefore he should be tried instead of being welcomed in our homeland”.

Outside of the court, a group of youth were stood in front of the Attorney General office which is only a few meters from the headquarters of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO headquarters. They were raising signs condemning Mofaz’ visit to Ramallah.

In the signs they wrote: “Welcoming killers is a shame on our Leadership”, “The Leadership must wake up”, “Yes to a trial of Mofaz instead of meeting him” “Shame on our leadership receiving killers”, “Trial him instead of receiving and welcoming him”.

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  • Bonjour madame Salam,

    Abbas, also known by his kunya, Abu Mazen, should be arrested for his crimes against the Palestinians. He is simply an employee of the Israeli crime mob. He is the Mossad Sayan that set up Munich in 1972 and caused thereby the American vetos in the United Nations against every resolution that the United Nations has ever passed against the Israeli criminals. This was the plan of the Israelis. The Israelis rewarded him by making him Israeli crime boss of Palestine. All the white phosphorus attacks on Gaza were with the complicity of Abbas.

    Israel is the home of the 19 crime families that run all drug cartel dealing throughout the world. It is a crime syndicate that calls itself a religion, but it is only a mob. Mossad runs all the major drug dealing throughout the world. Along with their drug dealing they are also massively involved in all sorts of other crime, including bribing government officials in every country imaginable, especially the United States. The Israelis along with Abbas and all his fellow criminal Sayanim are just thugs and hoodlum criminals who should all be confined in a prison colony in Antarctica. Just make sure they don’t bother the innocent penguins.

    Palestine Cry: Palestine Cry: U.S. Vetoes of U.N. Resolutions on Behalf of Israel



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