American Fundamentalist and Drugs Trafficker is Deputy Health Minister

Yaakov Litzman (יעקב ליצמן) is a radical ultra-orthodox extremist and racist zionist from the USA, immigrated with his family from Poland and grow up in Brooklyn. In 1966, at age 17, he immigrated to occupied Palestine and is now the so-called “deputy health minister of israel”. Litzman has expressed his strong opposition to Israeli insurance companies giving health insurance to Palestinians in Israel. These so-called “Arab-Israelis” live in their own homeland, stolen and occupied by criminal foreigners like Litzman and renamed “Israel”.

According to dpa, the German news agency, israeli radio quoted Litzman on Thursday morning saying that “the Palestinians who receive treatment in Israeli hospitals will come and replace Israeli citizens”.

According to my knowledge Litzman is involved in trafficking drugs. He hides behind the long beard typical of jewish religious extremists , intended to confer him respectability in israeli society, and a ministerial post. On Tuesday, June 05, 2012, the Israeli police found marijuana in his car (a government car) after his driver hit a stone wall in Jerusalem while driving the vehicle.

3 comments to American Fundamentalist and Drugs Trafficker is Deputy Health Minister

  • Claudius Stahlkopf

    Lots of Jews live in the USA , and they live among themself the majority of the time , they are clans who navigate around their sinagogue and their school, they mixed poorly with the goyen , exept at the work place , or around people of money and influences like politicians .
    In US they are not rejected by the population , they like to be among themself ,they feel superior !! , well why not, they have colonize the USA by controling the system thrue the banks, the political branch, and the media , nothing can be said without their approval , exemple in Palm Beach Florida the most luxurious expensive place of real estate in the US are own 80% by the Jews , they have done sucessfuly the take over of the USA without firing a single shot, creeping into the system changing the rules of the constitution , and bribing all the politicians with the power of their purse .
    thanks to those sevile corrupt lackeys , the politicians of the congress and the senat , therefore the military industrial complex benefit from this state of affair because they promote war , and justify the enormous spending of the armed forces , and collateral bribery’s .!! The US is roten to the core , and only a revolution can change this situation .
    In all the Jew i have meet in the US the worth discusting , where the jews from central Europe .
    Mr Yaakov Litzman is one of them , their behavior is all way’s predictable , they have not change in two towsend years recorded , and expecting descents deeds from those people , is like the story of the frog and the scorpion crossing the river . The time is bent on change world wide , will be war and chaos , the people are awake now , it will not long before they present the bill to their oppresors
    The level of hatred the US and Israel has created world wide , will fall on them like an eagle diving to get a rat

  • Karl LeMay

    If the only crime the guy is guilty of is having cannabis, so what? Lots of us old people find that it’s very good for our pain or other conditions. Doesn’t matter if they’re Jewish or not.

    Find something else to be upset about, but not this.

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