15 Years Jail For Exporting Gas to Israel At Low Prices

On Thursday, June 26 2012 an Egyptian Criminal Court sentenced in Cairo to 15 years imprisonment each, former Minister of Petroleum Sameh Fahmi and fugitive businessman Hussein Salem. According to  judicial sources, the sentences were handed down in the case of the exports of Egyptian natural gas to Israel at prices far below market.

Both former minister Fahmy and the fugitive Salem were figures of the former Mubarak regime. Both were very close to the former dictator and their sentences were due to corruption and harming the countries interests in the case of gas exports to israel at prices far below world market price levels. Mubarak himself was sentenced to life in prison for failing to prevent the killings of protesters during the uprising last year.

Hussein Salem is a fugitive from justice and currently lives in Spain as he has a Spanish passport. He was tried in absentia.

5 comments to 15 Years Jail For Exporting Gas to Israel At Low Prices

  • RobW

    I hope they capture and put away both traitors for the full 15 years. The people of Palestine are the primary victims of jewish supremacy doctrine, but the plague has spread far… Here in usa, those of us who are morally devastated by usa support for the zionists are left with our shame, which tears apart one’s spirit. Be well, Kawther Salam. Rob

  • Italics Mine

    It is the responsibility of Israel to do something to help them.

  • mothman777

    Few people will be aware that while their NATO countries fought in Iraq, they would still have to pay for oil in their home countries on returning from the ‘fighting’ (genocide and robbery with murderous violence).

    One very special country would not have to fight at all in Iraq, yet would reap all the benefits. In effect, all the NATO soldiers were merely ‘stupid dumb animals’ fighting quite literally as slaves for that very special country, which is inhabited by a specially ‘chosen’ people.

    The Iraqi oil pipeline from Mosul to Kirkuk was refurbished and extended all the way to Israel, many years ago, in order that Israel would have unlimited amounts of oil stolen from Iraq, as war booty, totally free of any financial charge, or Israeli military effort.

    The fighting and dying by the NATO troops is all part of the free service willingly provided by the NATO zombie slave armies, they really don’t mind at all; they are not even conscious of what is going on around them, and UK PM David Cameron, who promised us all; ‘I will empower UK Jews’ certainly knows how to tell his toy soldiers what to do in the service of their Jewish masters, who are obviously now in power over them.

    The ‘agreement’ (or was it a ‘command’ given to NATO?) is that Israel now has rights to all the oil it wants in perpetuity, yep, till time itself ends.

    Ah, the pleasure of serving the master! And then the Jewish scriptures state that when the Jewish Messiah comes, all the gentiles in the entire world will be exterminated, such is the warm gratitude of the Jews for all the selfless service to them by the gentiles.

    Beats me why Israel wants to pay for gas at all, I would have thought they could have subsisted very well on gas that would normally be ‘burned off’ from Iraqi oil wells.

    Maybe the story should have read that these Egyptian men were sentenced to 15 years each for daring to charge Israel any money at all; now that would be more like it. Don’t they know that everything in the world belongs only to Jews?

    Me? I think that the state of Israel should be declared no longer legally recognized, disarmed, broken up, and the entire Jewish population in Israel sent to Birobidzan, minus their thermonuclear missiles, so that they can no longer threaten to destroy the entire world with their ‘Samson Option’ like SPECTRE in some James Bond plot.

    After all, that is what the Jews are, just a massive and heavily armed, heavily organized international crime cult, bent on world domination; it is the real truth, and our politicians are mainly Jewish agents, which is a truly sad story, and we have brain dead zombies for an electorate who will continue to vote them in for an eternity, until the Messiah comes, and then the gentiles are all exterminated by the Jews.

    But, just like they did not wait for any God other than themselves before taking Israel, I don’t think they are waiting for any other Messiah but themselves before embarking on killing all the gentiles in the world; just look around you. Yep, it is all in the Torah as well as in the Talmud. See my articles at ‘Mothman777’s Blog’ for more verification.

  • mothman777

    Now this is more like it; this is what I am talking about. See? Everything belongs to Israel, they don’t have to pay anything. It’s obvious isn’t it?


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