Which CNN Reporter Spoke About The Armenian Massacre?

من هي السيدة التي تحدثت في تقرير – سي إن إن – حول مذابح الأرمن؟؟؟
شمس الوزير الرومانية تتألم لمذابح الأرمن ولا تذكر شيئا حول مذابح الفلسطينيين
 مصر في بيت الطاعة الأمريكي / انقلاب عسكري على الثورة المصرية / اللواء عمر سليمان اللاعب في غرفة العمليات السوداء
Israel has committed genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity against Palestinians for decades. The zionist “state” of Israel was established on the ruins of Palestinian cities and towns after perpetrating war crimes against the Palestinian people and forcing the rest to flee their homeland.

However, a Palestinian – Romanian CNN reporter and correspondent in Dubai, Mrs. Shams Al Wazir, originary from Gaza and a niece of Mr. Khalil Al-Wazir.

Mr. Khalil Al-Wazir was generally known as “Abu Jihad” or “the prince of martyrs” as he is called by Palestinians. He was murdered by Israeli commandos on April 16 1988 in Tunisia.Click on the picture to make it big.

Mrs. Al-Wazir is also the daughter of the current Palestinian representative to Austria and the UN in Vienna, Dr. Zuheir Al-Wazir, and a cousin of Mr. Jihad Al-Wazir, himself a son of Abu Jihad and current head of the “Palestinian Money Authority”, a sort of Palestinian central bank.

Mrs. Al-Wazir, who hails from such an illustrious family, has never found it appropriate to report about the israeli zionist rampage  of genocidal crimes against Palestinians. Instead, she has chosen to report about the past of the Armenians in Turkey in the service of American and French propaganda, which has been using the Armenian issue, which is very sensitive to the Turkish government, as a stick to beat the Turkish government in punishment for its positions towards the jewish “state” and because of its rejection of the atrocious blockade imposed by israel on the million and a half Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp for several years now.

A Turkish court agreed on Monday, 28 May 2012 to charge four “former” israeli war criminals from the IDF and who were involved in the murder of the nine Turks on Mavi Marmara, the humanitarian aid ship which was on its way to the Gaza Strip in an attempt to break the unjust blockade imposed on million and a half Palestinians since years. The stance of the court and the Turkish government and people deserves all respect and commendation.

The Turkish court agreed to the indictment prepared and submitted to the Court by the Attorney General in Istanbul, Mohammed Akef Ekingi. The indictment includes accusations against the former commander of the israeli General Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, the former air force and navy officers Eliezer Alfred Maron, Avishai Levy, and the former commander of the military intelligence, Amos Yadlin. All the named are war criminals implicated directly and indirectly in many other war crimes against thousands of Palestinians. The indictment of prosecutor Mohammed Akef Ekingi calls for issuing of between eight thousand and 18 thousand life sentences against each of the accused.

The Turkish Republic does not deserve that a Palestinian whose family is originally from the Gaza Strip, Mrs. Al-Wazir, to slap them in the face in this way. It is certainly tacky from CNN (and France and the USA) to use the Armenian issue, which is equally sensitive to Turks and Armenians, for cheap political change money, and, given her personal background, it is saddening that Mrs. Shams Al Wazir would let herself be used in this way by CNN to spread tasteless propaganda. Turkey is until this day steadfast in their position of condemning Israel’s crimes and supporting Palestinians in ways which are more daring and courageous the the positions of all the Arab countries, and certainly the “position” of the Palestinian Authority.

The relations of the Republic of Turkey with Israel have worsened only because of the blockade of the Gaza Strip, and they have deteriorated even more in the wake of the bloody attacks by criminal zionist commandos against the humanitarian aid ship Marmara in 2009. The Mavi Marmara was carrying on board civilians solidarizing with Palestinians. Most of the people on board were Turks, and there were also some foreigners on their way to the Gaza Strip. Nine of these people were murdered. All of the murdered were Turks, among them one boy who also had the American nationality.

From the CNN website, the introduction of Mrs. Shams Al Wazir’s report about the Armenian Film director Nigol Bezjian, which was aired on CNN and re-broadcast on Radio Armenia:
“Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon (CNN) — Film director Nigol Bezjian was born in Syria, raised in Lebanon and studied in the United States, but nowhere does he feel more at home than in Little Armenia. The CNN full report.

Little Armenia is the vibrant Bourj Hammoudneighborhood of Beirut. Bourj Hammoud was developed mainly in the 1930s by Armenian refugees who arrived in Beirut after massacres of Armenians in 1915 and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Armenians and many historians refer to the massacres as genocide, but Turkey has always denied there was a genocide of the Armenian population.

Bezjian, 57, director of the 1992 film “Chickpeas,” took CNN on a tour of his favorite parts of Bourj Hammoud, taking in a family restaurant, bookshop, church and art gallery, where he catches up with colleagues.

“When they do a new one what remains from the oil is mixed in the new one so in a way the Muron that is made today is directly connected to what was made in year 301. This sense of continuity is very important.”

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