The Burial of Justice At The Supreme Court

شمس الوزير الرومانية تتألم لمذابح الأرمن ولا تذكر شيئا حول مذابح الفلسطينيين
خمس سنوات والعدالة الفلسطينية تتخبط في متاهات الظلم السياسي
الرجوب في النمسا للمرة الثانية بعد لقاء العار في الأول في شهر أيار الماضي
شهادات يشتبه بانها مزورة إعتمدت في الوزارت الفلسطينية والسعودية ودول الخليج
في سؤال موجه إلى وزارة الشؤون الخارجية ولجنة مكافحة الفساد: سفارتنا الديبلوماسية إلى أين؟؟؟

On May 14, 2012, the Al-Quds daily, the widely read Palestinian newspaper in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank, published a small image without describing of the contents of this image. The editors and journalists feared of arbitrary detentions of journalists by the PA which are now common. What this image shows is how dozens of teachers protest in front of the Palestinian Supreme Court of “Justice”, or actually of injustice, demanding that the persecutor bring their case to a conclusion after the arbitrary dismissal from their work by the government of Palestinian “Prime Minister” Salam Fayyad. The arbitrary dismissal of these and many other teachers was a punishment against hundreds of them because of their political views, and in many cases even because the views of a member of their (extended) family.

The intimidation of journalists through arbitrary arrests, torture and interrogation by the Palestinian “security” services has become extremely worrying for all journalists after a number of them were detained, interrogate, beaten, humiliated and charged with trumped-up accusations simply because they exercised their freedom of speech in the service of their jobs while reporting about important subjects in a way which was not favorable to the PA. The impact of jailing journalists by the PA and suing them for trumped-up and imagined crimes is reflecting negatively on the journalistic freedom in the Palestinian media and is causing self-censorship among journalists as has never before existed in Palestine, what is more dangerous and far worse than of the military censorship imposed on Palestinian media by the zionist occupation.
The news that scared the Al-Quds daily was about the decision of the Court of “Justice” to postpone the final judgment in the case of arbitrary dismissals brought before the tribunals four years ago by the Independent Palestinian Commission for Citizen’s Rights (the only human rights organization “licensed” to work in Palestine and which reports directly to the President) before the tribunals on behalf of dozens of Palestinian teachers who were fired from work because of the supposed crime of “lack of conditions of security and safety”, what means that the Palestinian gangs and militias trained by US and EU do not approve of these teachers on “political grounds”. The court claimed that the postponing the verdict without date was due to the “lack of quorum” of the court, more “political” bullshit of made up by the court of injustice populated with “judges” who are but lackeys of the occupation.

A small image published by Al-Quds daily without describing of the contents of the image

As a consequence of the supreme court weaseling out, dozens of unjustly dismissed teachers expressed their anger in front of the Supreme Court in Ramallah and said that the delay in issuing a verdict which undoes the injustice visited upon them by the PA, the only possible verdict given the circumstances and brings them back to their jobs, is political and not legal. Also, this judiciary decision is connected in part of the dialog between Hamas and the Palestinian National Liberation Movement of Fatah.

According to the legal adviser to the Palestinians, Al-Haq Shawan Jabarin: “The repeated postponement of the decision in the case of the dismissed teachers leaves the judiciary facing criticism and it affects the mandate of justice and equity of the organs of justice”.

Jabarin described the dismissal of the public workers as a crime and a violation of the Basic Law because of the complete lack of legal or professional reasons for their dismissal, which was due to “political” reasons only. He said that the duty of the justice is to give equity to the dismissed teachers, to return them to their jobs and to compensate them for their loss of income during the previous periods.

The lawyer of the dismissed teachers, Gandhi Al-Rabai, said that he can not accept a political and judicial system that keeps thousands of Palestinians outside of access to justice due to the lack of a competent court which deals in their case according to the laws.

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