The Bitter Reconciliation Between Abbas and Hamas

رسالة عتاب تتساءل: أين الفلسطينيون, ونحن نتساءل أين السوريون؟؟

ليس دفاعا عن مرعي ولكن أصابع الإتهام موجهة نحو السفارة الفلسطينية

هل تحول السفير الفلسطيني إلى مصلح العزة في مؤتمر الجاليات في بودابست؟؟

كرت المصالحة مع حماس والعلاقات الأمريكية السرية التي فجرت خلاف عباس مع سلام فياض

ملايين عباس تقض مضاجع دافعي الضرائب في امريكا وبلاد الغرب

According to Palestinian sources, sharp arguments occurred between PA President Mahmoud Abbas and his prime minister Salam Fayyad, who are both supported and imposed on Palestinians by US, EU and the West. The disputes have cropped up between these pole “elements” of the Palestinian Authority on how to manage the secret channels between Fayyad and the Israeli occupation and the US government.

The US-imposed Dr. Salam Fayyad, who has had confidential relations and connections with the US government since his time as finance minister in the government of the late Palestinian President Arafat has maintained his contacts with the US even after receiving his position as a Palestinian prime minister in the current regime of President Abbas. Fayyad also opened confidential channels with the zionist jewish state , circumventing Abbas’ own channels with Israel. Note that Fayyad has an American green card, what gives him the same rights like American citizens.

President Abbas is using the power to arrest and repress his opponents and impose his waning authority on the Palestinians in the West Bank. He is doing everything to discredit or otherwise get rid of his political opponents, and using a massive campaign of propaganda and outright lies to make the Palestinians “understand” that he “is keen about their national interests”.

He has already done such campaigns in the past, bamboozling and getting rid of political opponents such as the late President Arafat who was poisoned, Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, who has been interned in the Israeli Gulag since years, Mohammed Dahlan, who has all but disappeared, his ambassador Nabil Amr, and finally his rival Khaled Salam, perhaps the biggest PA fat cat, who stole from the Palestinians what Abbas was not able to steal and who is also on the run.

Salam was the economic advisor of the late President Yesser Arafat, and according to sources, Abbas has become scared and worried about his political future because he suspects that Prime Minister Fayyad will be nominated by the USA to replace him in power. This fear has motivated Abbas to use the use card up his sleeve to try and get rid of Fayyad by attempting a reconciliation with the bitterest of his enemies, the leadership of Hamas.

Abbas, who hates Hamas, is continuing to arrest and torture anybody suspected of being a Hamas member even while he is attempting a reconciliation with the Hamas leadership in order to get ride of his Prime Minister Fayyad. Abbas has sought to make a campaign for reconciliation with Hamas during his tour in a number of Western countries, where his plan met the approval of the Western community, especially countries of the European Union.

According to Palestinian sources, arguments erupted between Abbas and Fayyad after Fayyad refused to hand over the letters of Abbas to the Israeli Prime Minister and after Abbas demanded that Fayyad unite his communications with Israeli and the US under his supervision and control as a President of Palestinians, but this demand was rejected by Fayyad.

Dr. Salam Fayyad does not belong to the Fatah movement and he does not enjoy the confidence of its elements and members in power, who have repeatedly sought his dismissal. Until now Fayyad’s strong relations and contact with US government have been able to protect him against the efforts of Fatah and President Abbas to get rid of him.

Nobody knows when the Palestinians will get rid of Fayyad, Abbas, Erekat and all those racketeers imposed upon Palestinians by the US and their CIA, the EU and other Western elements, and nobody knows when the Palestinian will be able to achieve a true national reconciliation. The political situation indicates that the PNA is delaying the time of reconciliation until the announcement of presidential elections in Egypt.

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