A Corrupt Palestinian Foreign Minister Receives US Support

وزير الخارجية الفلسطيني المتهم في الفساد يرفض التحقيق معه

The PA “minister for foreign affairs” Dr. Riyad al-Malki, one of big fat cats at the PNA continues refusing to sit in front of the Accountability and Oversight Committee in the Legislative Council Committee, which accuses him of administrative and financial and diplomatic corruption and failure in performance of his duties outside. Minister Al-Maliki works for years as minister in the government of Dr. Salam Fayyad that receives full support from USA, CIA and EU.

Minister Al-Maliki is a well known prostitute of the Palestinian political scene. He was a famous element of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and well known for his opposition to the so-called “Oslo peace agreement” before he reasoned that it was more lucrative to become a traitor and turned against his political party, sold himself and his party to the PA ring of prostitutes, all for an illusory position as the “Foreign Affairs Minister” to the PA under the Israeli occupation while firmly imposing the US and Western zionist agenda against Palestinian interests.

There are several court cases registered against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and many complaints registered against the performance of the Palestinian embassies abroad. Minister Al-Maliki employs a number of consuls with the task of spying on the resident Palestinians in western countries in the area of responsibility of their respective embassies. Some of these employs have neither a school certificate nor university degrees. These persons are appointed to their positions because of being close friends or relatives of Palestinian Authority minister, or also because of their background in various israel-supported militias and death squads.

The coordinator of the Oversight Committee on Government Performance in the Legislative Council, MP Majed Abu Shemala, stated that the file of the Minister of Foreign Affairs is in circulation and follow-up almost since two years, but that Al-Maliki has not responded to the Commission. He said that the minister’s file is subject to inspection because of the issuance of diplomatic passports (and their misuse) to people who do not deserve them according to the law and the administrative regulations approved by the Council of Ministers.

Abu Shemala pointed out that two reports issued by the superintendence of government performance in 2010 and 2011 refer to the financial and administrative irregularities at the Foreign Ministry head by Al-Maliki, and that there are also complaints about the poor performance in the Palestinian diplomatic missions and embassies abroad. Meanwhile, Palestinians are talking about the complete dereliction of duty and lack of attention from their Embassies to everything that has to do with Palestinian issues.

Abu Shemala explained that the Oversight Committee has examined this file and held more than just one meeting on the subject. Also, the committee conducted a large number of correspondence exchanges with different sides, among them the Interior Ministry, in order to make sure the facts about a large part of the issues contained in the file of the minister.

Under the policy of ignorance and indifference by the Palestinian Authority that maintains the exponents of corruption at the centre of the decision-making process is Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who receives support from the United States and who was imposed as a prime minister on the Palestinian people by the CIA. Fayyad insisted in keeping Minister Al-Maliki and other corrupt people in their positions, Only the corrupt Minister of National Economy, Dr. Hassan Abu Lebda, has resigned under pressure of the Palestinian National movement against corruption, but there still remains a bunch of criminals and sexual abusers in high positions, all of them covered by Prime Minister Fayyad.

4 comments to A Corrupt Palestinian Foreign Minister Receives US Support

  • abu amjad

    Why don’t you stay polite if you want people to stay polite when they comment on all the rubbish you write?!!!!! I think the Palestinians hate you…You are fighting against Palestine….are you a traitor?!!! do you work for Israel?

    • Salaamu,

      I have never seen anything where Ms. Salam was not polite. She is also very honest. Maybe you don’t like that?

      Solidarity at the expense of truth is no solidarity at all.



    • An answer to Mr. Abu Amjad. It is very clear who works with israel and who is the ONLY traitor, prostitute and puppet to the zionists and USA. ONLY the Palestinian Authority, and you seems to me another element of the traitors who lives and sucks the Palestinian fund while sitting in a respected State of Law Austria where is no place for thieves and traitors. Go and tell your Boss to give some millions of what he stole on my back since 1948.

      Mr. Abu Amjad posted his comment using the IP Nu. of Telekom Austria.

  • UK

    It seems to me that the last time Palestine knew peace was when the Turks ruled it from Constantinople. Is the best long-term hope for Palestine now the overthrow of Assad and a populist Syria? Abbas is really no more than a creature of the Jews and yet another petty dictator in the Arab world.

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