HR Organisation As A Front To Spy On Western Countries

حيتان تتصارع ويا فرحتنا المخابرات الفلسطينية بدها تغزو المؤسسات الحقوقية في الشرق والغرب

The Arabic daily al-Quds from London published today a press release issued on May 27 by DPA, the German press agency. According to the released information, about 25 pages of documents carrying the official stamp of the intelligence service department of the Palestinian National authority were published by a number of websites. The disclosure of these documents has caused controversy among Palestinian officials and human rights activists because of its contents, which state that the Palestinian intelligence service is involved in an intelligence project aimed at the local and international human rights organizations in Western and Arab countries and around the world.

The allegations about the documents prompted the Palestinian presidency to distance themselves from the spying project and claim that they are “investigating the validity of the documents”. The Palestinian intelligence services are led by Maj. Gen. Majed Faraj.

During the last 48 hours, local news sites have discussed a document which carries the titleThe Raised Palestinian Arm”. The News sites revealed that the document is an intelligence, financial and political study that aims to establish an entity controlled by the Palestinian intelligence to penetrate and coopt the work of human rights organizations operating in Western countries in favour of the intelligence service of the Palestinian Authority. This means, the targeted human rights organizations are to be used as bases for the spying activity of the PA in the interest of its paymasters and to cover up the crimes of the PA.

The document states that the project will be implemented through “dozens of offices” supposed to be opened all over the world. The offices will be funded by the PA intelligence national and foreign services of the Palestinian Authority. The document mentions the Global Network for Rights and Development as a front for the project.
According to the published document as DPA wrote, the Palestinian intelligence service supervised the preparation of the document through a number of leaders of the intelligence department and in collaboration with the President of the “Global Network for Rights and Development in Geneva“, The document states that the PNA intelligence services will provide the necessary funding for the start of the Foundation during the first years of its work and activity. Clik on the picture to make it bigger.

The document proposes the establishment of an entity “competitor to the international institutions of human rights such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and others”. It states that Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are internationally respected while they are “tools” in the hands of American, British and European political and security authorities. This last part is true, as HRW is generally known to be a CIA front while AI is a zionist institution with a long standing tradition of never criticizing crimes where this is against zionist interests.

The document emphasizes the importance of establishing an entity controlled by the PA according to the example of other international human rights organizations controlled by western spying services. The PNA intelligence service wishes that the work of the entity will start on Swiss territory in order to “gain respected status” and be very close to “respectable centres of human rights organizations”, although the entity should actually “work from under the table” under the direct control and supervision of the Director of the Palestinian intelligence service, Major General Majed Faraj.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Palestinian Presidency Tayeb Abed El-Rahim said in a statement published in Al Quds newspaper that “Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas decided to form a high commission of inquiry into the documents” after receiving dozens of requests and correspondence by the international human rights organizations and independent national figures asking for that. This is nothing but the usual high-intensity lying of these crooks to try to contain the fallout of the exposure of this indecent activity of theirs.

Abed El-Rahim published a statement at the official Palestinian news agency WAFA actually saying that “His Excellency the President Mahmoud Abbas has nothing to do with such individual decisions taken by the leaders of the security services. Never was he among the people who work to discredit the human rights institutions. He always stood as a honest supporter and a defender to the Palestinian people rights.”

The statement of Mr. Abed El-Rahim was later deleted from the website of WAFA but it had already been taken and published by different newspapers as part of DPA statement. WAFA claimed that “somebody hacked their website and posted the news on behalf of Mr. Abed El-Rahim”. It was clear that nothing was hacked, but rather that they deleted it when it became apparent to the PA how disgraceful they already look.

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