Egyptian Islamic Candidate Wins The Elections In Austria

أبو الفتوح الأوفر حظا في الأنتخابات الفرعية في النمسا

هل أحبط موظف السفارة المصرية فرحتي في الإنتخابات الرئاسية؟؟؟

The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Austria announced after midnight of yesterday, May 16 2012, the results for the Egyptian presidential elections held for the resident Egyptian community. Thirteen (13) candidates ran for the position of the President of Egypt. A number of Arab media representatives attended the process of opening the voting boxes at the Embassy of Egypt in Vienna and witnessed the counting of the votes until the announcement of the results.

Candidate Abed El Moneim Aboul El-Fotouh Abed El-Hadi Abu Saad, former member of Muslim Brotherhood and moderate Muslim, won the most votes in Austria, receiving 223 out of 761 votes. Mr. Amr Mahmoud Abu Zeid Musa, former Egyptian foreign minister and Arab League chief came in second place after Aboul El-Fotouh. Mr. Musa received 171 votes. The third place went to Mr. Hamdeen Abed El-Ati Abed El-Maksoud, who received 129 votes.

The complete and final result of the elections held among the Egyptian community resident in Austria, as read by H.E. Khaled Abed El-Rahman Abed El-Latif Shamaa, is the following:

Abed El Moneim Aboul El-Fotouh Abed El-Hadi Abu Saad: 223 votes
Amr Mahmoud Musa Abu Zeid: 171 votes
Hamdeen Abed El-Ati Abed El-Maksoud Sabahi: 129 votes
Mohammed Morsi Issa Al-Ayyat: 111 votes
Ahmed Mohammad Shafiq Zaki: 109 votes
Khaled Ali Omar Ali Al-Mahllawi:  12 votes
Mohammad Salim Al-Awa: 6 votes
Abu El- Ezz Hassan Ali Al-Hariri: No votes
Mohammad Abed El-Fattah Mohammed Fawzi Ali Issa: No votes
Hamid Ahmed Hossam Kamal Khair Allah: No votes
Hesham Mohamed Osman Bastawisi: No votes
Mahmoud Hossam Al-Din Mahmoud Jalal: No votes
Abdullah Hassan Ali Al-Ashaal: No votes


The final results of presidential elections in Austria was read in the presence of journalists by the Ambassador of Egypt to Austria H.E. Mr. Khalid Shamaa, who declared the final results of the election in the presence of the embassy staff, the sub-committee of elections in Vienna, first secretary Mohammed Helmy, first secretary Ahmed Fadel, attaché Ms. Alia El-Deeb, the Plenipotentiary Minister of the Embassy, H.E. Mr. Omar Serri, and the financial and administrative attaché, Mrs. Suhair Al-Saeed Jode.

The Egyptian community in Austria counts more than 30 thousands persons. Of these, 1510 persons registered for the presidential elections with their Embassy. A number of people from the Egyptian community in Austria will travel to Egypt and vote there, while a number of Egyptians with double nationality decided to not participate in the elections. The Austrian law does not allow people to have double nationality, and these persons would have risked losing their Austrian nationality if they participated in the presidential elections at the Egyptian Embassy. The elections will be held on May 23 and 24 May 2012 in Egypt. The final list of candidates allowed to present themselves as candidates for the position of the Egyptian President includes only 13 people, after 10 other persons were disqualified on various grounds.

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  • Bonjour Madame Salam,

    Let us hope and pray that the Egyptian people have a real say in the policies of the Egyptian nation and the whole region.

    Adieu mon amie,


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