Zions Two Minutes of Hatred in Vienna

Today 8 May is the day on which Nazi Germany capitulated to the allied forces in 1945, what put an end to the second world war which cost the lives of 60-70 million Europeans, uncounted casualties and destroyed infrastructure throughout the continent. The memories of that war are still alive among many Europeans, as probably most people here know of members of their family 2-3 generations ago who died, were wounded, interned, expelled or victims of assorted other atrocities.

One small group of such people, about 300 members of conservative student unions („Burschenschaften“) gather every year in Vienna to commemorate and mourn the fallen. They do this in the Heldenplatz (Heroes Place) in the inner city, and this year was no exception. This simple act has attracted them the unrelenting hatred of the representatives of zion and their fellow travelers. These students are labelled nazis, neonazis, holocaust deniers and whatnot for having the temerity to commemorate the fallen of a long since passed war.

This year appears to be special. While in the past these commemorations elicited protests from the usual suspects, it appears that the students had to been dealt a lesson for thinking different from the rulers. The loyalist media started with their vituperations against those horrible deviants some days ago, the government declared these activities to be undesirable, and the great parts of the city were closed off and drowned with nervous riot police apparently scared from the somber-looking „peaceful“ protesters, far-away loudspeakers screeched hysteric harangues against those anti-socials and their commemoration and thoughts which the system deems undesirable. Just as in the book „1984“, the system and its minions allowed themselves their two (long) minutes of pure and unadulterated hatred against people who think different from them.


I had been invited but I did not register for event, so I witnessed what was happening on the „outside“. I was treated to a rabble brimming with hatred flying american, british, communist and israeli flags, shouting slogans and ostentatiously displaying their moral superiority. One of the press photographers who is always present at government press conferences, who I know is a jew and who knows that I am a Palestinian, appeared next to me, spat on the floor before me and then disappeared in the crowd. This was the usual, disgusting display of racism, hatred and petty vindictiveness for no discernible offense which I know from the extremist squatters of the West Bank, those ugly americans and Europeans who use their religion to justify all kind of disgusting and criminal behavior for, after all, they are the „choosen ones“.

As a Palestinian I am automatically labelled a terrorist, a subhuman and other far less polite words. Palestinians who defend their family, possessions, livelihood and homeland are murdered, abducted, tortured, their houses bulldozed or burnt by the zionists and their minions. So, if we are being treated in this way by the zionists for doing what is natural and claiming nothing more than our inalienable rights, then it is very possible, I thought, that those students whom I don’t know and whose politics I don’t know, must also be doing something that is natural to humans, namely honoring their dead and keeping to their traditions. Why does the rabble have the right to fly the israeli flag which symbolizes a 70-year long rampage of genocidal criminality against us Palestinians but these Austrian students are denied the right to keep to their traditions and respect their country in a way of their choosing?

When that „colleague“ came by to insult me by spitting on the floor, things somehow started to make sense,  in the same way how George Orwell imbued the activities of the psychopaths in power in his famous novel with sense: people who defend and stand up for their values, their traditions, their families, their country, such people are deemed enemies of the system, heaped with scorn, labeled with the worst possible epithets and slated for destruction. On the contrary, people who tolerate abuse against themselves, their friends, family and country, people who betray their own and their values, people who engage in antisocial, immoral and criminal activity, people who vicariously show themselves as ignorant and hate-filled dolts, such people are praised and elevated to examples to be emulated.

4 comments to Zions Two Minutes of Hatred in Vienna

  • Hallo Frau Salam, du bist der mutig elegantesten und wahrhaftig Sprecherin für Palästina. Gott segnet Sie.

    Auf Wiedersehen Dame Salam,


  • Germania Jim

    I agree of course, It is shameful indeed that one cannot keep a tradition alive because of some desert perverts who claim lies as truth and truth as lies. I am pretty sure Jesus Christ had something to say on that subject along the lines of ‘woe unto those who call good evil and evil good. Of course HE was talking about the unchosen ones, or the sons of satan. For these evil beings to say they are above other races is a load of hogwash. Political correctness was engineered by these loathsome creatures but this is all going to change very soon and I think they smell their doom as it awaits them.

  • Chuck

    Sad to see these young dupes in from wealthy Austrian families commit hate crime against Palestinian. They have no idea that themselves will will next as soon as they refuse to finance through their taxes the zionists Agenda.

  • Al

    It’s quite astounding the lengths the jews will go in undermining others culture and cultural rights. they celebrate all sorts of atrocities committed by the zionist jews through 1000’s of years of infiltration and subversion of countries unfortunate enough to have these diabolic and hateful creatures inflict themselves on. Ppl must stand up for their own countries/culture as these zionist jews want nothing but the destruction of all ppl’s

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