Israeli Police Dog Eats A Palestinian

An Israeli army dog attacks a Palestinian protester of Kafr Qaddum, near Nablus, on March 16, 2012. AFP Photo: Jaafar Ashtiyeh

In the village of Kufr Qaddoum in the northern West Bank, were more than 4000 Palestinian live, the Palestinian residents organized a weekly demo demanding that the Israeli occupation open the main village street, which has been closed since 9 years, forcing pregnant women, patients, students, ambulances and all the residents of the village to walk very long distances using winding and claying roads to reach the center of nearest city, Nablus, and to return home. The time which the residents need for this distance is seven times more than the time needed by using the street which is closed by the zionist occupation,

The zionist israeli occupation with its apartheid colonial regime against Palestinians, sees that the closure of Palestinian cities, towns and village entrances is not enough, so they decided to punish the residents of these cities who open their mouth and protest peacefully against the apartheid regime of Israel. The ministry of war in Israel, the so-called civil administration sent to the Palestinians in Kufr Qaddoum village in the occupied West Bank, wild Police dogs and IDF soldiers to silence the residents. On Friday 16 2012, the criminal israeli soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the protesters and after some of them were injuring, they let trained dogs attack and maul them. This criminal attack and brutal scenario was approved at the high levels at the IDF headquarters.

The video below shows how the occupation soldiers ordering the police dogs to attack the peaceful demonstrators and to eat their bodies. Ahmad Shtewi, age 24, is the person who seen in the video while the dog eats him. His leg was broken. The video also shows an Israeli soldier attacking Murad Shteiwi, he and then he sprays Shteiwi with some sort of sleeping gas. After the brutal attack, they israelis arrested the victims. Both were taken to the detention of Hawara near Nablus and seriously beaten.

The police dogs eating the body of Mr. Ahmad Shtewi indicate the extent of the injustice against the Palestinian people for decades, not only by the zionist israeli occupation, but also by all Western countries and the international organizations, which supports Israel and its unending crimes by looking away and in every other possible way.

Israel has used police dogs to humiliate Palestinians since decades. I still remember an Israeli police officer who threatened to kill me after I shot some pictures of him while he practiced his sadistic hobby of humiliation on a group of Palestinian workers on their way to Jerusalem. The picture of that police officer and his dog is below.

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  • claudius Stahlkopf

    By the silence we can mesure the size of the oppresors .
    Every humans with a noble hearth will be revolted by the monstruous crimes commited by the Israely against the Palestinians people ,and the occupations of their territory .
    The same people who where so willing to report the crime of WWII , false or true are to day silent ??
    Why ?? perhaps if you do not belong to the choisen club by God , you are not humans !! The prostitute media seems to be own by the same people who own the Banks !! ,and perhaps ours destiny , also . Considering those same people are the prouds owner of 400 nuclear bombs in Dimona let us to thinks , If they play the same way with nuclear wheapons , they have play with the international bankrupt finance , witch is nothing short of gambling and swindeling with Fiat monney , we have a good reason to worried about who is in charge in this world . The Fiat monney bankrupt US , has been their accomplices for only one logical reason GREED, the common Anglo Saxon decease , contagious only for the people without soul and culture .Those people will learn Hatred against tyrany , is like a stomach , the more you feed it, the more excrements will came out , at the end of this biologic tunnel ? i hope sincerely to see the face of the Zionist war criminals get their just rewards .

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