The Child Who Was Murdered Before Arriving At School

Ayyoubs mother shows his school bag. Pic. Credit: Palestinian Newspaper

With deep pain and bitterness she asked, while her tears were falling on her cheeks like rain. She was carrying the remains of a school bag and some books in her hands. She asked: “Will the israeli killers of my little child, a piece from my heart and my liver find their way to justice, or they will survive their crime unpunished, as usual? I hope that they will be tried, or does the justice, which the international community is talking about so effusively, ONLY apply in Libya and Sudan but when the Israeli occupation murders, it is outside of the reach of their justice?

Collecting the body pieces of the murdered child. Pic. Credit Maan News

These are the very simple and clear words of the mother of Ayyoub Useila, 12, who was murdered in Gaza by an Israeli-American missile on last Sunday 11 March 2012. His body was torn to small pieces that were difficult to collect because the explosion caused the pieces of his body to fly even over the trees. His cousin (another child) was injured seriously in the same criminal israeli attack.

The bloodthirsty Israeli criminals were not able to differentiate between a “resistance member carrying a rocket” and a little boy carrying a school bag on his way to school. Simply said, Israel is pursuing a policy of premeditated murder and assassination against Palestinians. All the Palestinians children, women, elderly, and also the resistance, are targets of Israel.

During the past years the mother of little Ayyoub had already lost two of her children during different criminal israeli air-strikes. Each year she lost a child.

This is a disaster, a catastrophe, why they are targeting me? What I did to them? said Ayyoub’s the mother. “That morning, as usual, Ayyoub packed his bag and went to school carrying a piece of bread filled with potato in his hand. A few minutes after he went. I heard the “Zannaneh”, an Israeli Apache, firing a missile on the road which the students use when going to school. I ran to the street in search of my little son who just went out. He had been killed; he was the target of the Israeli missile. His bag flew dozens of meters and small pieces of his body were spread all around the place. The rests of his body were stuck in small pieces on the branches of trees and a piece of bread and the potato were scattered on the ground. He was murdered before he could eat his breakfast”.

Ayyoub and his mother

Ayyoub and his mother with the bike he received some days before being murdered. Pic. Credit: Palestinian Newspaper

The story of the mother of little Ayyoub in the Gaza Strip is the story of all mothers in Gaza, of all mothers whose children go to school in the morning but who have no guarantee that their children will return home in safety, walking on their own legs and in one piece. Some children in Gaza get murdered by missiles and others are injured with shrapnel and return to hospitals instead of home or going to school. Many others suffer pain, trauma and fears which last a life.

The mother of little Ayyoub received the body of her child in small pieces which were collected in a plastic bag. This was the third time that Ayyoub’s mother received the bodies of her children in pieces. During the funeral of her child, she insisted in putting to rest with him the piece of bread with potato and his books.

While israel continues its criminal career unhindered, many other mothers must fear that their children will not return home safe. And israel’s criminal career will continue until that time when it is given a sobering beat-down when it picks the wrong fight. That is the global experience with bullies, from schoolyards to neighborhoods to the middle east with israel: appeasement only encourages bullies, who are seldom smart enough to understand when they are spoken to in polite words. They only stop their antisocial and criminal behavior when they are given a memorable smack-down.

15 comments to The Child Who Was Murdered Before Arriving At School

  • Tony O'Neill

    Thank you, Miss Salam, for this report. Yet another one of many of the butchery and bloodlust exhibited by the parasites who have occupied Palestine for decades now. It seems the jews need innocent blood to flow otherwise they loose their “raison d’etre”. May God bless and keep little Ayyoub and all of the innocent children, women and men that the jews have either butchered directly or have been responsible for the deaths of by their promotion of genocidal wars down through the centuries.

  • Steve

    zionist are rabid animals whose comeuppance will be hideous when it arrives.

  • Mr. B.M. Phillips

    Read “Beyond Chutzpah” by Dr. Norman Finkelstein. This, has been going on for a very long time. Zionism is a political ideology. Judaism is about love and service.

  • Alex

    This is what our Pathetic Canadian Government supports, a bunch of violent gangsters called Isreal: “Peace” is a dirty word to these criminals.

    • john

      and yet we have a zionist prime minister and his zionist parties, we should fix the sitution here in canada first to get rid of zionists here in canada once and for all

  • terry

    I am a large and self confident man not normally accustomed to showing emotions but when I read the article I started crying. I think it is the pain of the mother who has lost her beloved child that got to me.

    This zionist brutality is too much. Have our elected officials got no souls to ally themselves with the monstrous zionist killers? How is alienating 500 million Arabs for the sake of a treacherous zionist colony going to benefit us?

  • Mike Boileau

    Is not a life, “Any Life”, still a life? When did the World decide that the life of a Palestinian is of lesser value then, say, a Libyan, a Syrian, a Jew? For the life of me I cannot understand the “Lack of Concern” that Canada has for the innocent Women and Children of Palestine. If Canada believes a peace settlement would be based on the 1967 boundaries then Canada should support the Palestinian bid for Statehood at the UN. Before Canada, or any nation on Earth, decides to start wars with regimes like Assad’s, or Ghadaffi’s in the name of “Humanitarian Aid” I would suggest Israel be dissarmed, entirely. Then, and only then will Israel begin to behave themselves and start to get along with it’s neighbours. All of the turmoil of war(s) lead back to Israel.

  • P Thibodeau

    It appears that the UN/World Authorities seem to think its ok to declare war on countries like Afghanistan, Libya & Iraq for their human rights violations yet also appear to think its ok to turn a blind eye to the atrocities that “allies” commit. (i would use this term very loosely IE USS Liberty incident). Total hypocrits. I guess it comes down to the predominant color of your skin and which god you believe in.

  • john

    remember people the zionists owned half the world now, question is how to get rid of zionists in the west, i have my feelings on it, do you

  • David Palmer

    This is truly heart breaking. I, one of the strongest supporters of Israel, refuse to support this country. Please Zionists, come to your senses and stop murdering innocent children. Shame on you!

  • Bonsoir Madame Salam,

    Mother Teresa said: “if they will murder children, they will do anything.” Her meaning (she was speaking about abortion) was that when the life of a child is not preserved and protected, then the culprits are capable of any atrocity without the least conscience.

    Falsely called “Israel” has shown itself willing to commit any atrocity time and again.

    Racist Talmudic Antichrist Ad-Dajjal Zionists are without repentance for they serve only Satan (Iblis) and will finally be struck down by the Divine Warrior Jesus Christ Himself when He returns (His Sayyidah and the judgement, Qiyamah).

    In the mean time we would do well to endeavor to help the innocents and protect them any way we can.

    ‘Isa al-Maseeh said:”…whatever you did to the least of these my brethren, you did to me”

    Adieu, que Dieu bénisse les enfants et tous les fidèles à Dieu,


  • escapefromobamastan

    Yep. They’re big, brave boys aren’t they?

  • Hink

    Dear Kawther,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, When a family goes through divorce or separation, children often pay the biggest price. In nearly all cases they will continue to live with one parent or the other, but their sense of family and continuity disappears. School-aged children can have their routines disrupted even further if the eventual custody agreement mandates that the child live with a parent who is in a different school district, even a different state. It’s important for both parents to focus primarily on the welfare of their child, causing the least disruption and ensuring the greatest stability and continuity.
    Great Job!

  • Ante Medić

    This was not on no news in croatia and it soud been on all of them..Palestinian people Croatian people is with you besides those stupid politicians who are zionist servants..

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