Yet Another Israeli Assassination Campaign

dead body of a child found in the rubble of a house belonging to the Al Dayah family, that collapsed following Israeli forces' operations in Gaza City, Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2009.

In the latest campaign of incitement of the state of terrorism, “israel”, against the besieged Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp and the Hamas movement, the israeli war criminals are using the media paid and owned by the zionist lobby in western countries to promote their blood propaganda before they started a series of assassinations against a number of Palestinians from the West bank who where expelled to the Gaza Strip during the recent exchange of Palestinian prisoners against the French zionist soldier Gilad Shalit, who was captured by the Palestinian resistance while shooting at Gaza civilians some years ago.

During the primary campaign of bloodshed against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza, Israel accused Hamas of “planning to launch hostile campaigns which threaten the Israeli security”, whatever that is supposed to mean. The Israeli intelligence instructed its underground elements in Gaza to launch a couple of rockets towards some so-called “Israeli villages” on stolen (since 1948) Palestinians land in order to justify their pre-planned aggression against blockaded Gaza.

In terrorist Israel, the wrong beliefs and trumped-up suspicions which flower in the mind of its bloodthirsty generals, heirs of the the terrorist organizations Haganah and Palmach and their “defense” minister in the “state of israel”, become facts, become charges and accusations, and ultimately become grounds and justification for waging a fierce war on the neighboring countries in general and on the Palestinian people in Gaza and the occupied territories in special, fully in the light of the knowledge of the community of nations, and under the thunderous silence and shameless complicity of a world governed by zionist politicians, in the “western” countries and elsewhere.

Among the delusions promoted by the Israeli army through the zionist media in the Western countries is the claim that Hamas continues to strengthen its “military capabilities” with supplies of “advanced weapons”. The propaganda also accuses Hamas of having “seven times more” weapons than what they had during the years before 2010, that the number of missiles they own in blockaded Gaza “has increased over forty percent” and that “the number of artillery shells has increased twenty-five percent over past periods”never mind that it is not known that Hamas even has artillery with which to fire such shells.

The Israeli military propaganda spread from their ministry of war, appropriately headed by war criminal Ehud Barak, seriously claims that Hamas trains its army “under the ground” and that it has a “system of war and military” including “dozens of fighting tunnels” associated with the houses within Gaza Strip, and that those tunnels are being “prepared for kidnapping more Israeli soldiers” and smuggling weapons into Gaza. Barak and his crazies forgot in my opinion to mention the underground sky used for training the secret Palestinian Air Force.

house of Nabhan family in eastern Jabalya refugee camp March 14, 2009. REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Before this background of raucous propaganda, the Israeli military recently carried out brutal attacks against Palestinians. 37 israeli air-strikes were recorded in the Gaza Strip during the last several days, in which Palestinian civilians were targeted, where 26 Palestinians were murdered. many dozens more were wounded, and some buildings were destroyed. Among the assassinated Palestinians were four people from the legitimate resistance. The rest were innocent bystanders and elderly.

The International community, which claims its support for human rights and cries day and night “in defence of the Arab peoples” and calls for financing and arming Arab “revolutionaries” against their own governments and people, supports the so-called “Arab Spring” and encourages simple people to rebel and even funds them when they do so, this same international community was quick to adopt the brutal Israeli strike against Gaza civilians and defended it by repeating the silly and believed by nobody line of “the motive of the israeli strike on Gaza was self-defence”.

The question is, what self-defence is the zionist state of Israel invoking against the Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza concentration camp and in the occupied West Bank?

Why are the Western countries funding the Arab “revolts” and supporting and financing armed revolutions in many Arab countries while it strongly rejects any support for the Palestinian Intifada, instead implementing fraudulent UN resolutions?

Why does the UN Security Council not invoke the many international treaties which protect the Palestinians and to end the Israeli zionist occupation???

The attitude of the Western powers and their partners in crime within the Arab world expose the “Arab Spring” as a bloody fraud perpetrated against the Arab peoples in the supposed interest of Israel.

A more prosaic background for the recent attacks on Gaza is that Bibi Netanyahu recently went to the USA to get President Obamas consent for an attack against Iran. He failed to get this consent and returned to israel with empty hands. In a display of the bankruptcy of the israeli “politics”, Gaza was attacked in order to distract from Bibi’s lack of success: accustomed to bullying the Palestinians, that is what these criminal idiots did this time again: they punished the Palestinians for their own lack of success in their criminal designs both out of spite and to distract the israeli public from thinking about what abject losers they have for “leaders”.

Due to his support for Israel and the useless and criminal wars in which the USA has embarked in for the interest of israel, President Obama is reportedly almost as unpopular as a castration. Still, President Barak Obama could win the coming elections in his country by a wide margin if he only captured Bibi, Barak or any one of the other deranged criminals at the helms of Israel and paraded them around Washington mounted backwards on a sow, screaming inanities from the israeli propaganda repertoire.

3 comments to Yet Another Israeli Assassination Campaign

  • terry

    I was appalled when the Serbs constantly referred 500 years back to the abuse they claimed to have suffered under the Turks as they butchered the people of Bosnia as if that was reason enough for the barbarity. Then I learned about such a thing as racial memories which could actually be myth or very real.

    The butchery the Zionists commit against the Palestinians is very real, gratuitous and vindictive beyond any kinds of justification. I pray that every Palestinian remembers what the Zionists do so one day accounts will be settled with these interlopers, slanderers and killers in clear conscience.

  • Bonsoir!

    Ms. Salam and all of good will,

    The so called “Israelis” are implacable enemies of God first of all and then seek to dominate all other enemies of God as the kings over Satan’s brief attempt at empire upon earth. Therefore the so called “Israelis” will never admit to or be willfully subject to any moral law, since all moral law comes from God. That being true, they will never treat others justly. Trying to reason with them is a complete waste of time.

    We must help God’s innocent without expecting any help from the ZioNazi occupiers of Palestine. Let that not stop us ever from helping those in need in every way we can.

    Palestine Cry: The Catholic Creed: The Mark, the Name, the Number of the beast and the Tower of Babel = Ecumenism



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