Is This How Haredi Jews Celebrate New Year 2012?

From Left: Brigadier General Motti Almoz and Top haradi terrorists Yehuda Gerlitz

The criminal, ultra-extremist Haredi jews squatting at the colony of “Betar Illit” (בֵּיתָר עִלִּית), established on the hilltops of the lands of the Palestinian villages of Husan, Nahalin and Wadi Fukin near Bethlehem and west of the colony of (גוש עציון) “Gush Etzion”, 10 kilometres south of occupied Jerusalem, cut the ears of a Palestinian worker, Khaled Hussein Hamamrah, and smashed his head with a sharp object as a celebration of the end of 2011. The assault took place at noon on Friday Dec. 30 2011 as revenge against the Hamamrah family, which owns the agricultural land close to the colony and refuses to sell it to the criminal squatters.

The Hamamreh family has already lost over two thousand dunums (1 dunum = 2500 square meters or 0,62 acres) to theft of the israeli military and the unjust and invalid laws of the zionist occupation, for the benefit of the colony “Betar Illit”. They refuse, obviously, to sell the rest of their land to the thieving ultra-extremist Haredi jews.

According to my sources, the ultra-extremist Haredi jews decided to celebrate the end of the year 2011 and the start of 2012 by taking revenge against the poor Palestinian worker Mr. Hamamrah and his family according to the traditions of their own religion. Hamamreh who received a work permit issued by the so-called “civil administration, a military branch of the IDF military colony in “Beit El”, district of Ramallah to work at the jewish squatter colony of “Betar Illit”. The colonists were provided by Beit El officers with name of the worker before he started his work as building constructor.
The director of the Palestinian ambulance and emergency charity, the Red Crescent in Bethlehem, Abdel-Halim Jaafreh, said that they received a call from the Israeli “civil administration” office DCL, stating that a Palestinian worker was injured in the settlement of “Betar Illit” and he was not in critical condition but “in the middle”. They informed them that the patient was the worker Khaled Hussein Hamamrah, age of 40.

Mr. Jaafreh said: “after we collected Mr. Hamamreh and we diagnosed his condition, we provided him with the first medical aid. Mr. Hamareh stated that he had been subjected to assault with a sharp object by a colonist who attacked him while working. His left ear was cut during the assault, he received another deep wound under his right eye, and his head was smashed. The victim was transferred to the hospital of Beit Jala in order to make pictures for his head (brain CT scan) for fear of a case of internal bleeding.

The Hamamreh family correctly suspects the involvement of the “civil administration” officers in the cowardly attack on their son. They suspect collusion of the officers who granted Hamamreh an entry permit for working at the settlement. The family suspects that the officers (most of them are themselves colonists and ultra-extremist Haredi jews) issued the permit in coordination with the criminals terrorist haredi jews in order to intimidate the Hamamreh family to leave their land in the interest of the “Betar Illit” expansion.

According to a member of the Hamamrah family who lives in Husan, the Palestinian farmers of Husan owned 9,000 dunums of agriculture land, 2,000 of which remains to the village, the rest of which has mostly been illicitly appropriated and is under the control and the influence of “Betar Illit” colony terrorists.

The jewish terrorists of “Betar Illit” receive the full support from the “civil administration”, the colonial branch of the IDF. Gen. Motti Almoz, (תא”ל מוטי אלמוז) current head of the “civil administration”, Lt. Col. Eyad Sirhan, (איאד סרחאן) commander of the coordination and at the “Civil Administration”, Lt. Col. Tzvika Cohen, (צביקה כהן) former extremist officer from the Givati unit of the IDF who previously worked at the “civil administration” in Hebron and is now the head of “infrastructure” (theft of Palestinian lands for the colony of “Beit Ell”) and other senior officers appeared several times at the colony of “Betar Illit” together with the top criminals, thieves and terrorists Rabbi Yehuda Gerlitz, Shimon Einstein, Avishai Miron, Raanan Imran and other criminals who administrate the colony and benefits of the theft of the Palestinian lands, the natural resources and springs of the area. (Click on the images to enlarge them).

Gen. Almoz himself and all other officers working around him at the “civil administration” are perpetrators ethnic cleansing, accessories to genocide and crimes against humanity in the occupied West Bank, against the Palestinian people. War criminal Almoz planted some trees at the colony of “Betar Illit” in the West Bank after he received his position to lead these crimes against the Palestinian people at the head of the “civil administration” on 4 November 2010.

According to statements from the ultra-extremist Haredi jews in their Hebrew media after the first visit of Gen. Almoz and his criminal staff to the colony of “Betar Illit”, Almoz discussed the plans for ethnic cleansing and pillage of the area which the “civil administration” is supposed to implement against Palestinians living in Bethlehem and the surrounding area near the colony in the next four years.

Among the subjects which he had discussed with the thieving Haredi were the completion of “treatment application of jurisdiction” on the “blue line”, completion of the procedure for land survey, combination of the commercial space JURISDICTION of the city, the promotion, planning and permissions to expand the colony and infrastructure for “residential purposes” at the colony as well as delivering of industrial, transport, sewage and waste flows into the Palestinian agricultural land, regulation of the perimeter fence. The “security” focus is complete, save the land, increased enforcement against land invasions, throwing debris, and more issues.

The jewish colonists and the radical ultra-extremist Haredi are the real government of Israel and all Israeli authorities are employees de-facto work under the power of the extreme radical squatters in the West Bank. The so called “civil administration” was established in the occupied territories by the israeli military occupation in 1967 with the express purpose of changing the geography and the demography of Palestine, that is, to perpetrete ethnic cleansing and pillage.

In the legal field, this colonial office, the “civil administration”, would operate by imposing on the Arab population, among others, the obsolete and dictatorial laws of the Ottoman Empire and their military occupation, the dictatorial Jordanian laws, the British colonial laws, and by interpreting israeli laws in unfavorable ways whenever Palestinians were concerned. “Legality” and “law” concerns the “civil administration” only if and insofar as it is useful to further their purpose of existence, namely the wholesale plunder of all the Palestinian natural resources such as water, minerals, natural resources etc, and implementing wholesale ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians.

Short Portrait of the Criminal Ethnic Cleanser Motti Almoz

Gen. Motti Almoz was born in 1967. He has five children and lives in “Kfar Tavor”, a village in the Lower Galilee region in the north of “Israel”. In 1985 Almoz joined the IDF. From 1985-2000 performed various criminal activities in the position of a commander. In 2002, he was appointed “Commander of the Command” in South of Lebanon. In 2004 was appointed Commander of the so-called “Jordan Valley Brigade”. He is involved directly and as a commanding officer in perpetrating war crimes in the south of Lebanon as well as ethnic cleansing, genocide and pillaging in Jericho and surroundings.

In 2006-2007 Almoz served as Central Command Chief of Staff, what means that as a commanding officer he was in charge of the IDF perpetrating wholesale horrors, assassinations, closures, pillage and looting, ethnic cleansing, genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in the occupied West Bank cities? Almoz holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Masters in Military Studies from the same University. Gen. Almoz replaced the war criminal Gen. Yoav “Polly” Mordechai, who served four years as a head of the criminal “civil administration” in Beit El.

8 comments to Is This How Haredi Jews Celebrate New Year 2012?

  • mothman777

    These people are like babies who never grow up emotionally; they have never had to. Not only do they lack the intelligence to develop themselves by spontaneously learning to live peacefully in the greater community of other peoples, they have never ever been criticised by anyone in their insular communities, never had a slap on the back of the hand for wrong-doing, because no one has ever told them that anything they have done is wrong. They see something, they want it, and they take it, not even considering any gentile person even a human being; they take something just as you or I would take a piece of fruit from a wild tree, but they take anything and everything from gentiles, even their lives, without any permission or negotiation or real justification. When it comes to gentile people, they do just the first thing that comes into their head, and in this case it was a very bad thing. See my revised essay ‘Metanoia’ at ‘Mothman777’s Blog’

  • John Blank

    An economic boycott is the only solution to the squatter problem. When the world refuses to accept illegal occupation of Palestinian land a solution will be found. It is the same situation that existed in South Africa, and like Apartheid in South Africa, a peaceful solution will be found when the civilised nations of the world act together and cease to condone the ongoing crimes in Palestine. Boycott is the answer.

  • jim

    i blame the palastinian people for this,

    they are just too nice – too forgiving.
    i mean, show me one other group anywhere on earth that would tolerate this crap for the last 60+ years without taking it to them in one all-out revenge attack!

    if they did that to somebody i personally knew,
    i would repay them a thousand times over – like for like.
    it would be a sea of blood – a second “dead-sea” and they would be so terrified that they wouldnt just leave – they would travel half way around the world!!!

    somebody once said – “it’s better to give, than to receive”.

  • jim

    one other thing,
    as a european, we dont want these lunatics back.

    they left europe/north-america and went to palastine – fine.
    but they can go to a third place afterwards!!!
    (maybe guantanamo or diago-garcia?)

  • Chris Smith

    There is only one response to this action but we are not allowed to say it, but everybody knows what it is, so it does not need saying.

  • on 9 11 2001 when israhell was celebrating one of 4 new years in their callander its strange that dancing jews / ashkenazis were interupted by the law in america .ask people what TIME they heard about 9/11 in uk . WATCH WELLAWARE1 .ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS

  • Good Evening to you and Happy New Year!!

    Just to let you know this is the second time that I have written you and have not received a response to any of my questions. Please answer why is this? THis is not hate mail I am just a honest truth seeker. I understand the suffering of your people and I have feelings and my heart is with them. Please did you offer consider the suffering of the “daily” suffering of the Afro-Arabs that your people refer the as the “Abid” The whole slaughter of Afro-Libyan towns the lynching and wrapping of black women who are Muslim. HARAM!!! on this. Here is some video’s for you to review. Please listen to the DOUBLE suffering of the Afro- Black Palestinians who suffer double on the occupation and double under the Palestinian population. Tell me what are you going to write on their behalf. Listen to their voices and listen to the little children cry. THis is in every major city which I have visited. Where is the outcry? People respect your voice why are you not answering? What right do you have to call another human being ALLAH (SWT) creation “yah Abid” what shame??

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