Cowardly Soldier Chosen By God Bullies Widow Women

Scattered belongings after Ethnic cleansing operation in Yatta. Pic. Credit: CPT/ Hebron

On November 24, at 9 am, the criminal soldiers from the Israeli army, with five military jeeps and two bulldozers, drove into the small village of Um Fagarah in the village of At-Tuwani, southeast of Hebron in the southern district of Hebron and demolished two houses and the village mosque. During the demolition, one woman of age 21 and one girl of age 17 were severely beaten and injured. The Israeli criminals left about one hour later.

The demolition order was issued by the psychopath war criminal Brigadier General Motti Almoz (or Elmoz) (תא”ל מוטי אלמוז), the so-called “head of the Civil Administration”, who replaced war criminal and spy Brigadier General Yoav (Poli) Mordechai, (אלוף יואב (פולי) מרדכי) on Thursday November 4, 2010 in a nomination approved by the war criminals Major General Eitan Dangot (כללי דנגוט איתן), the so-called “coordinator of government activities in the territories (COGAT)”, Lt. Col. Guy Hazut, (סא”ל גיא חזות), commander of the so-called Hebron military brigade, Brig. Gen. Nitzan Alon, (תא”ל. תא”ל אלון ניצן), and Major General Avi Mizrahi (אלוף אבי מזרחי), the so-called “commander of the central command”. Mordechai is now the spokesperson of the criminal Israeli army.

Elmoz, Dangot, Mizrahi and Mordachai, are perpetrators ethnic cleansing, war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, looting of Palestinian property in the occupied territories. They ordered the demolition of thousands of houses, they ordered the murder, torture and jailing of thousands of Palestinians. Elmoz was accused of racism and discrimination against Palestinians.

One home in Um Fagarah belonged to a widow and her family; the other housed a family of 20, between the parents, children, and grandchildren. The soldiers did not have demolition orders or give any explanation, instead calling the village women ‘whores’ and entering at a time of day when most of the men were away at work.

The second family’s 21-year-old daughter confronted the Israeli soldiers when they marched into their home and began throwing the bedding outside. When she asked what they were doing, one soldier said, “Get out of my sight.” The daughter refused; in response, the soldier threatened, “If you don’t move, we will do even more,” and sprayed her in the face with tear gas. The other solders began kicking her as she fell to the ground. Her mother and her neighbors then tried to pull her out of the way, but another soldier pushed the girl’s mother away and she fell, breaking her leg.

From left: Lt. Col. Guy Hazut, Major General Avi Mizrahi, Brig. Gen. Nitzan Alon, Brig. Gen. Yoav “Polly” Mordechai, and Brigadier General Motti Almoz

The 21-year-old’s cousin, who is 17, tried to bring her water to soothe her eyes. The soldiers arrested them both, and as of November 26th, they are still in prison.

While the families are afraid for the safety of their daughters, the village has already organized a direct action to begin rebuilding the mosque this Saturday, the first day of the Islamic New Year. This is despite the fact that Israeli soldiers can return at any point to bulldoze it again. People from many surrounding villages came to support this action, including two people from the International Solidarity Movement and members of CPT.

Home demolitions and discriminatory laws continue to threaten Palestinian families and their right to the land. According to the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Israel has already demolished over 170 homes in 2011, displacing roughly 880 people.

The villages of Umm Fagarah and Susiya belong to Area C, under the military occupation and administrative control. Within this area every construction must be approved by Israeli administration. The occupation administration in Beit Ell refuses to grant the Palestinians building permits for new housing in their homeland. According to a UN report, building is prohibited on 70% of the West Bank, while within the remaining 30% a series of restrictions are applied which eliminate the possibility to obtain a permit.

The Palestinians in the village Um Fagarah are under military law with limited right. On 22nd November a boy from Umm Fagarah, brother of one of the young women arrested, was taken from his home and temporarily detained for the whole day, without any charges.

11 comments to Cowardly Soldier Chosen By God Bullies Widow Women

  • This truly shows them for what they are. Keep getting the word out Ms. Salam, we are with you – and God will see that the Palestinian cause prevails.

    Free Palestine!

  • Tabatha

    Salaam Aleikum Kawther Salam,

    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your articles and respect your work and opinions. However their is a cancer in Palestine that you and now one is addressing. The plight of the Black Palestinians you know the one’s that you refer to as “Abid” The ones that your people harass day and day out. You cannot deny this matter. The children are crying their hearts are bleeding yet you abuse them so. I lived in Cairo and say the same thing. How can the world sympathize with you when you turn around and do the same thing. If you don’t beleive research yourself. Listen to their plight on the youtube video’s. Please listen to their voices. Please address the issue.
    Best Reagrds,

  • John Blank

    If only the UN would take action against these squatters and the armed thugs that dispossess the Palestinians of their homes. It is a crime against all decency. What is wrong with these people, have they no hearts. Their mothers must be so proud of their sons, beating women and destroying their homes. Has history taught them nothing? Shame on you, Shame.

  • rotorman


    The bigger problem the “black Palestinians” you thuggishly put is that they are doubly discriminated against by the Israeli occupation forces and horrendous settlers.

    The cancer the Palestinians suffer are the slanderous and libellous insults of insinuating zionists like you Tabatha. It is zionist creatures like you who abuse all black people as sons of Ham, as Schwarze and worse. Your zionist hatred of Palestinians and Muslims is only second to what you think of black people whom you Askanazi racial supremacists don’t even consider human.

  • Barry

    Well said Rotorman.

  • J Z

    So 5000 Year, matriarchal inbred Chosen Race has done more things that define horror, war crime, crime against the greater whole of humanity, and so on. SO what ELSE is new for that gutter race, its not so secret of Nuclear Terrorism? also a non sequiter here, but I FINALLY realized what the hatred of pigs within the group conscious of the INbred Chosen RACE OF GOD. Simply put, the swine are at a higher plane of evolution that the aforementioned inbred things.

  • John

    In the recent riots in England people from all walks of life and from all religious, ethnic and political backgrounds condemend the rioters as ‘hooligans’ and ‘thugs.’ We all agreed they were lacking any morals. In which way are the Israeli soldiers’ actions different from the rioters in Tottenham? Deliberately wrecking children’s homes and scattering their toys? Very brave – what big tough men!! Why isn’t my government showing some guts and santioning Israel for this?

    • Terry

      John, it is not fair to compare disenfranchised youth in the UK who largely set up on property with the barberism of the zionist soldier who targets the person.

      When you consider the zionist soldier, you confront an entity devoid of common human decency. Some will vaguely ape the charateristics of being human but it is really the apathy produced by boredom.

      The zionist soldier is really the anti-warrior, an unprincipled thug with little or no moral capacity. They are cowards, vicious, vindictive and stupid.

      Without American weapons, the zionist soldiers is just a moral slob of little value. With American weapons, they are only good for killing unarmed civilians.

  • recently i had reason to show kawthers work to education classes near where i live, i asked one of the devils disciples a rabbi to attend and answer the questions we would like to pose to him and his compatriots—— he refused. just to let those zionist jews know that the world is changing, and we are educating those against you who you made ignorant through the ages and who will turn against you in time… enjoy your time while you can to do evil which must be answered one day as you well know!
    god addressed your problem twice before in history and he will do so again, a promise in the koran and your holy book, where will you run to in the time of redress?

    every crime you committ and have committed against humanity will be paid back to you , inshallah! with interest a thousand fold.

    all those jews, christians,sikhs and hindus who stand by us muslims for justice and peace, i applaud and respect you, we are one in humanity against the zionist jew cockroaches who hate the light of truth when it is on them showing the evil they do and then cry as victims of the innocent palestinians who deserve freedom and justice from these vile abomination in mankind infecting the holy land!

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Pigs is pigs.

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