Israel Insults Egypt After The Release of Shalit

Israeli Channels 2 and 10, TV channels known as extreme right wing and close to the military, managed by former IDF officers and war criminals, thanked the Egyptian authorities for their role in helping to release Israeli soldier Shalit in the usual way, which shows the real face and the true character and moral of the jewish “state” Israel.

These official TV stations launched a brutal attack on Egyptians and the Egyptian television broadcast after interviewer Shahira Amin from the Egyptian TV aired an interview with Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit where she asked him among other things: “There are more than 5.000 Palestinians in Israeli jails. Will you help to start a campaign for their release?” Shalit spoke about the good treatment he received from his captors, elements of the Islamic Resistance Hamas Movement, saying also that he hoped that all Palestinian prisoners will be released and able to return to their families.

Yaakov Ayalon (יעקב אילון) from Channel Ten and his correspondent described the interview as a “very bizarre” and “barbaric” one. Israeli Channel Two said that the interview was “not comfortable” or civilized. The Israeli TV stations asked Israelis to comment on the release of Shalit, they broadcast how individuals wished death to the Egyptian interviewer Amin. Another one of them said “I wish that I could spit her on face”. Yet others cursed her with obscene and immoral insults describing her as “more than brazen” and characterizing her with words which can not be repeated. Newspapers and people commenting on their online releases also allowed themselves to go far beyond what can be described as polite.

See the Egyptian television interview with the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit

Ynetnews wrote: “Amin’s crude interview with Shalit Tuesday morning featured heavy pro-Egyptian and pro-Palestinian propaganda”. “It appeared that Amin was virtually abusing Shalit, moments after he was brought to Egypt from Gaza.

In another report Ynet wrote: The Egyptian anchorwoman, Shaira Amin, later took pride in her great “scoop” in an interview with Israeli TV, highlighting how clueless she is in respect to enlightened journalistic standards. With her shameful performance she joined a long list of fellow Arabs who had proved time and again in the past that speaking fluent English and wearing modern clothes does not make one intelligent, civilized or humane.

Notably, while all this was going on, Israel went about its side of the deal with the customary dignity, avoiding any disparagement of the freed Palestinian prisoners.

The above statements should be qualified with two notes: Firstly, not all Arabs are like this. It is not the Arab “race” that is flawed, but rather, Arab culture and society which are mired in a cesspool of primitivism and barbarity. One can only pity the honorable, intelligent citizens of these societies for being surrounded by such spectacular mediocrity.

Secondly, despite our neighbors’ unsavory character, these are our “partners for coexistence” in our home region, the Middle East. As such, we must do everything in our power to maintain our peace treaty with Egypt, a priceless asset for Israel, and attempt to secure some kind of understandings (rather than “peace”) with our Palestinian foes.

As a Palestinian I can only thank the Egyptian authorities for their good offices in this issue and the good will of the Egyptian people towards Palestinians.

11 comments to Israel Insults Egypt After The Release of Shalit

  • chuck wilson

    Having lived in Egypt and visited neighboring countries in my 6 month visit, I can only say………….
    God’s chosen people? No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mystic

    I have to laugh at the hypocrisy of the piracy apartheid state of Israel: It has always boasted it would never negotiate with terrorists, let alone with its sworn enemy Hamas which comes out of this deal more civilised than Shalit’s captors. Israel is desperate and knows that Palestine has a strong chance of winning its application for statehood at the UN, and should not be fooled into thinking for one nanosecond that Israel has suddenly become civilised and will “negotiate” “peace” instead. Palestine should proceed just like Israel did with its tractor heading towards Rachel Corrie: “Full steam ahead”. I was born and raised a Jew but support Palestine over the barbarian savages every step of the way. And millions all over the world do the same. Go Palestine!!

  • rotorman

    What more proof does anyone need; the zionist enclave is out to get all Arabs and not doubt by extension all Muslims.

    These Khazars have embarked on a blood feud with the peoples of the Middle East and they have murderous intent in their hearts.

  • Cold Wind

    Israel is a broken country,remorseless, malefic in its intent toward other nations and peoples and now viewed as a major instigator in the Globalist’s drive for a new World War. While it is good to see Gilad Shalit returned to his family and the Palestinians returned likewise (though not all were returned), do no expect Israel to be grateful for this positive outcome. Even now, one can bet, Israel is plotting more crimes against all who oppose their hegemony.

  • hp

    Israel has and never had any friends.

    Israel has the usurped, the blackmailed, the extorted, the framed, the threatened and their partners in crime.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve left out another ten or so ungodly qualities and actions extant within and without this crime syndicate posing as a nation.

  • Tony Rigatoni

    Yo- Tony here. I watched the Republican debates last night here in the good ‘ol USA. A question came up about foreign aid yo! Only this cool cat, Ron Paul, said he would stop all foreign aid to everyone. All the other candidates were very careful not to upset their foreign masters.

    If Isreal is denied foreign aid, that means they will have to bulldoze houses, bomb Iran, and buy off our Congress with their own $3Billion instead of America’s middle class $3Billion. Maybe that will help these Neten-yahoo’s over there think more about diplomacy and less about expansion.

  • Steve

    Well as usual Israelis just proving that no matter what your language, dress or looks, if you’re a Zionist you remain a nasty little [redacted] and nothing more.

  • Ms. Salam,

    Colonel Gaddafi is dead, we are told. Murdered by his own people. Mossad did Lockerbie and many other false flags. Oded Yinon’s plan is coming to pass. I will tell you what another phase of this will be in the future. It is this: when the Arab people are conditioned by their own “leaders” into being quislings and traitors to their own, to where they are primed into relying on the Amero-Euro banking interests and accept Western Militarist presence as inevitable, then will a peace plan brokered through the Vatican be presented, simultaneously in the Amero-Euro halls of Government and the United Nations both. It will claim that Jewish identity (under whatever guise they call it) is the key to “peace in the Middle East.” It will be instead the initiation of Noachide One World Government based simultaneously in Jerusalem and Rome, with the Vatican acting as false ‘prophet’ for the actors behind the scenes. At the appropriate time they will bring forth their candidate for supreme ruler dictator of all mankind. This individual will contain all the evil of Hertzl, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Bush I, II and III (Prescott, George and George).

  • CogitoMan

    The words of truth spoken by an outsider…..

    I am utterly disguised with Arabs. I have lost all and any respect that I did have for them . All it took it was their asinine war on one of their own leader who gave them civil rights, independence, peace and enormous prosperity for 40+ years. Yes, the one who lead them out of abject poverty lorded by oppressive “king” to the state with direct democracy and the best living standards in whole Africa. The unspeakably moronic Arab tribal idiots waged a war on him with the help of their own worst enemies to destroy the best they have ever achieved. They fought to became slaves of the US/Israel/Europe, to be robbed of their wealth and to slid down into servile colony of uneducated peasants controlled by white masters together with imams issuing religious edicts turning them centuries back in development. You Arabs DESERVE to be slaves because you are so dumb it is unspeakable. I don’t care about your fate anymore, you got what you deserve. Even on this supposedly enlightened site I did not see a peep of a protest against this criminal, horrific war waged on one of their own. Shame on you all!

    Madam Kawther, if you have any ounce of decency you leave this post on your site even if it might offend you.

  • CogitoMan

    Just to make my point absolutely clear… this is what Arab traitors destroyed by their own hands!

    Life in Libya with Leader Gaddafi

    1. Electricity for household use is free,

    2. interest-free loans
    3. during the study, government give to every student 2 300 dolars/month

    4. receives the average salary for this profession if you do not find a job after graduation,

    5. the state has paid for to work in the profession,

    6. every unemployed person receives social assistance 15,000 $/year,

    7. for marriage state pays first apartment or house (150m2)(almost 2000 sq feet),

    8. buying cars at factory prices,

    9. LIBYA not owe anyone a cent,

    10. free higher education abroad,

    11. 25% of highly educated,

    12. 40 loaves of bread costs $ 0.15,

    13. water in the middle of the desert, drinking water,

    14. 8 dinars per liter of oil (0.08 EUR)(about 40 cents per gallon),

    15. 6% poor people,

    16. for each infant, the couple received $ 5,000 for their needs.

  • Ms. Salam,

    Libya was just castrated and made into a carcass for World Zionism and the New World Order.

    Next is the Western Sahara and the Sahel. That is: Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Western Sahara. Below (south of) those are the buffer states (Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Eritrea) between traditional long time Arab cultured, Islamic civilization and traditional Bantu speaker culture African nations. These buffer nations will be targeted along with the rest of Africa and the NWO plan is to sweep all of Africa and its people into complete slavery. Especially watch the southern Sahel. The Pan-African movement had always looked to Gaddafi as a potential leader of all of Africa, in the role of spokesman. That of course has been destroyed. Gaddafi’s mistakes included trusting the word of Washington and trusting Rome, Italy.

    The Bavarian Guelph (and their central banks) have totally taken over the Vatican. They are core to the New World Order – the NWO is the Nazis and the Zionists and their puppet masters the Bavarian Guelph Illuminati. They hate all of Arab culture and Islam as standing in their way of the NWO ruling the world.

    Take care always good lady, it is about to get much worse for people everywhere.

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