PA And Israel: Lies and Treason Without End

في رسالة موجهة إلى الرئيس عباس: السلطة الفلسطينية مطالبة بوقف اعتقال السجناء المفرج عنهم من سجون الإحتلال

After 13 days of hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israeli zionist jails, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), the so-called Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and the Minister of Prisoner Affairs continue lying to the local Palestinian and the International public opinion, falsifying the facts and the exploiting the issues of prisoners in order to achieve monetary and political gains for some elements of the “Palestinian National Authority”, individuals without decency or humanity who use the starving of thousands of Palestinians in Israeli jails whose hunger strike has now entered its second week.

Among the false claims which the so-called powers in the PNA and PLO continue promoting is that they want “the transfer the issue of prisoners and their hunger strike to the Security Council at the UN”. At the same time, the PNA continued arresting Palestinian prisoners whom the zionist jailers had released after ending their “sentences” in their prisons.

According a PCHR Human Rights Center press release of today Monday, October 10 2011, the PNA arrested Abdul Raziq Sa’id Khassib, 32 years old, from the Aaroura village north of Ramallah, three days after his release from an Israeli prison where he had spent 16 months under interrogation and harsh conditions in “administrative detention” (arbitrary jailing).

WE demand that the international institutions intervene for the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli jails and also from the Palestinian prisons.

WE call on the Palestinian Authority to halt the arrest of the ex-detainees and we assert  that the detention of freed Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli zionists prisons only to jail them again at its own prisons is a stain of shame on the its (PNA) forehead, on the forehead of the so-called Minister of Prisoners and on all those who claim their commitment to the liberation of prisoners from the prisons of Israeli zionism in order to achieve political gains for the benefit of some people at the PNA.

The Palestinian prisoners are the RED line which has been crossed by both of Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Zionist occupation. Both zionists and the PA violated the international laws and norms by keeping politicians behind bars at a time when the Palestinian cities and towns are increasingly under the control of the Israeli occupation, including the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority.

The conduct of the PLO and the PA is so disgraceful that it should not remain without consequences. It is long past time that any and all representative power is taken away from these traitorous as criminal groups. In this vein, it would be more than desirable that Palestinians everywhere capable of doing so, people who are not associated with either the PA, the PLO or the zionist occupation, come together to form a national council able and willing to take charge of the interests of the Palestinian people in a way which best represents what we want, and without constantly selling out. It is long past time that the traitors get lost.

The text below is the statement of human rights institution PCHR which shows the Palestinian Authority arrest of the prisoners freed from zionist jails and contradicts its demands for the release of prisoners from the Israeli jails.

PSS in Ramallah Arrests Palestinian Released 3 Days After His Release from Israeli Prison

Monday, 10 October 2011 12:00 / Ref: 101/2011

The Palestinian Preventive Security Service (PSS) in Ramallah arrested ‘Abdul Raziq Sa’id Khassib, 32 years old, from ‘Aaroura village north of Ramallah, three day after his release from an Israeli prison where he spent 16 months under interrogation in administrative detention. Based on the testimony of Khassib’s brother, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) expresses concerns that Khassib may be subjected to torture, and calls for his immediate release.

In his testimony Khassib’s brother, ‘Abdul Rahman Sa’id Khassib, 28, from Bitounia town, describes how at approximately 18:00 on Saturday 08 October 2011, he received a phone call from a person who introduced himself as Hikmat, chief of PSS in the Ramallah office, and asked him to bring in his brother, ‘Abdul Raziq, for a ten minute questioning. At approximately 08:00 on Sunday 09 October 2011 the two brothers, their sister, and ‘Abdul Raziq’s wife went to the PSS premises in al-Bireh.

PSS officers took ‘Abdul Raziq into the premises and left the other three persons outside in the sun until 15:00. An officer from the PSS interrogation department, who claimed he is a colonel, then came outside informed them that ‘Abdul Raziq had been transferred to the interrogation department in the PSS headquarters. At approximately 20:00 on the same day ‘Abdul Rahman received a phone call from a person who introduced himself as Abu ‘Odai and claimed he is the chief of the PSS interrogation department.

He told ‘Abdul Rahman that his brother was in a shabeh (Regular shabeh entails shackling the detainee’s hands and legs to a small chair, angled to slant forward so that the detainee cannot sit in a stable position.) position and requested him to come to the PSS headquarters in Bitounia town. When ‘Abdul Rahman arrived at the PSS headquarters the officer was waiting for him. The officer took him into the building and requested him to convince his brother to confess to the charge against him. He did not clarify what this charge entailed. The officer took ‘Abdul Rahman to his detained brother. When the latter refused to confess, the officer said to ‘Abdul Rahman: “Next time, I will invite you to receive his corpse.”

‘Abdul Rahman Khassib stated to a PCHR field worker that after he had contacted a number of members of the Palestinian Legislative Council informing them of his brother’s detention, he received three phone calls threatening him of detention if he maintained such contracts.

PCHR is concerned over continued detention and torture of Khassib, and:

  • Calls upon the government in Ramallah to put an end to summons and arrests based on political grounds, and reminds of the verdict of the Palestinian High Court of Justice on 20 February 1999 considering political arrests illegal;
  • Calls for immediately end to the practice of torture in prisons and detention centers of the Palestinian Authority, stressing that torture is a punishable crime for which the perpetrators are accountable; and
  • Calls upon the Palestinian Security Services to respect international human rights standards, the Palestinian Basic Law and other relevant laws.

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