Syrian Foreign Minister Forced to Flee Hotel in Vienna, Video

Read in Arabic / وزير الخارجية السوري يهرب من فينا خوفا من الأعتقال

Yesterday Thursday Sep. 23 2011, Syrian Protesters forced Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Muallem to flee from the Hotel Intercontinental in Vienna hour after his arrival late night to the Austrian capital.

Dozens of demonstrators called the Austrian intelligence and police demanding the arrest of minister Al-Muallem, who is one among 30 Syrian officials who are forbidden to enter the EU by a European Union resolution. The Syrian protesters gathered in- and outside of the hotel before the arrival of the police. They worked hard to make him flee his hotel like a thief, under hurtful insults and chants.

The protesters called the minister “Hitler”, “war criminal”, “murderer” and “serial killer” while an extensive deployment of Austrian police, Special Forces and intelligence cordoned off the entrance to the hotel and secured the minister. Syrian ambassador to Austria Bassam Sabbagh was seen accompanying the minister as he emerged from the rear door of hotel Intercontinental. Both the Minister and the Ambassador had to hear the insults directed at them by their compatriots with their own ears.

Mr. Barakat Howeish from the Syrian community in Vienna called shortly before midnight to invite me to go to the Hotel and film the demonstration and the exit of the minister and the delegation which accompanied him. Lack of time prevented me from joining the late night event.  For their part, Mr. Barakat Howeish and Jamal Morad, their sons and other Syrian activists filed criminal complaints against the Minister and demanded his direct arrest.

Mag. Jamal Morad stated that Minister Muallem fled the Inter Continental hotel at 1:30 in the morning amid verbal curses, insults and chants from the demonstrators, and was forced to spend the night at the residency of the Syrian ambassador. Morad said that the minister had reserved the hotel room not as a minister but in private capacity, and  that his visit was unofficial and without the knowledge of the Austrian Foreign Ministry. He arrived last night, and departed this morning, in a private airplane.

He said that the demonstrators called the Austrian intelligence and police to throw the minister out. The Austrian intelligence went to the room of the minister to confirm his identity. Morad added that the police refused to arrest the minister and that they had no information about a pending arrest order against him.

Mag. Morad added that he and others had filed complaints with the police against the minister demanding the arrest. The police promised to study the complaints, but the minister fled Vienna on the morning of Friday September 23 2011 and continued to New York.

According to my sources, Minister Muallem told Ayman Morad that he was “filming him in order to sell the films to Al-Jazeera” when he fled the hotel.

1 comment to Syrian Foreign Minister Forced to Flee Hotel in Vienna, Video

  • Ali Deeb Abbas

    Europe has double standards, it is a scandal to its credibility, how can a criminal celebrity such as Muallem, enters a European country coming from Syria without the knowledge of authorities??????!!!!!!
    I can deduce that they are accomplices in the crimes committed by the Syrian non-legitimate regime
    the earth is run by a bunch of a criminal.

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