Palestinian State Declared at UN One Day Before Abbas

I have followed the activity of the “Palestinian Authority” for several years with great and increasing doubts. Their record and the scant information which gets out of the West Bank sadly confirms the worst suspicions about them. In very short words, the PA does not in my opinion  represent the Palestinian people or Palestinian interests, to the contrary, under various pretext they are “negotiating” on our inalienable rights which are not negotiable. The lack of information about the activities of the PA, the gap between them and the Palestinian people and the mistrust engendered by their activities increases daily.

The only thing that is known about the activities of the PA is that they are wholly financed and supplied with weapons by the Zionist friends USA and EU in order to suppress Palestinians fighting for our rights, and that every step they do is with the approval of the occupation.

Since 23 years, the PA, first under Arafat and now under Abbas, has been “negotiating” away every part of the inalienable patrimony of all Palestinians, and the lot of all Palestinians becomes worse by the day while many PA members become rich beyond imagination, send their children to the expensive schools abroad which are unimaginably expensive to the average Palestinian, most of them carry foreign or even Israeli passports and live a lavish life flying first class around the world selling out what is not theirs to sell.

Due to the sad and worsening news from Palestine I have decided to declare a State in Palestine which corresponds to the popular wishes of all Palestinians as I know them. I have sent the declaration by fax to the UN General assembly in New York in an attempt to prevent the complete sell-out of the Palestinian rights by the quislings around Mahmoud Abbas.

The text of my declaration is here in PDF format.

4 comments to Palestinian State Declared at UN One Day Before Abbas

  • Donna

    I second the motion. We want a free and Independent State for Palestine, not a mockery.

    In Solidarity-Donna

  • Dear Kawther,

    I stumbled over your site and have enjoyed (if that is the right word) your posts.

    I like your proclamation of Palestine. Even as we write the powers that be in multiple locations are conspiring to unravel Abbas’s statehood plan, and any and all plans that might give any rights to Palestinians.

    Reading over your points, I paused at the one about the discussions of 1989-1993. Olso became the catch all description for that period of negotation I believe. I remember that there were Palestinians on the ground, of whom were included those involved in the First Intifada. And there were the exiles, the PLO guys, who were in Tunesia primarily, I think. I have thought it strange — in hindsight — that so many who were in Palestine argued so passionately for the PLO to be the sole spokesmen for the Palestinians. I wondered if the Israeli scammed the Palestinians, making a show of rejecting the PLO all the while knowing that since 1982 at least that the PLO had been de-fanged, growing old in coffee shops. If the Israelis knew that the PLO ‘didn’t have it’ anymore, subsequent events proved this conclusively.

    I read Hanan Ashrawi’s book, and I remember her on TV, back when the Americans cared what she said, and if I could speak with her now, I would want to know why she was so determined that the fate of the Palestinians be put so squarely into the hands of the PLO inner circle, Arafat in particular. I did not begrudge the PLO being involved. But I believe that the Palestinians should have been more attentive to a representative body in meetings with the Israelis.

    I don’t know which group or which politicians or movement you identify with. Clearly you don’t trust the PA. In 2006 I thought that Hamas earned the chance to see what it could do. The voters thought so. They couldn’t do any worse than the PLO. But Hamas never got the chance. It seems that since 2009 the US has held up a new election, presumably, until it can be more sure of who will win. But shame on the Palestinians for allowing this.

    I think that some kind of statehood vote should have happened years ago. And I think that elections should follow a schedule that Palestinians determine and carry out. But I also think that when Hamas won its partial victory in 2006, Fatah was obligated to refuse to deal with the west or with anyone except as slightly less than half of the government. In other words, force the west to accept that Hamas won. Instead, Fatah wanted to stay, and the US wanted it, so Fatah accepted the subjugation of half of the Palestinian people. That is a terrible thing to do. You can’t liberate a people that way.

    Anyway, Kawther, I will continue to follow your posts.

    Dr. Michael Shepard

  • Kathy Fox

    I just listened to Abbas’ speech at the U.N. and you and your writings came to mind.

    The speech made me cry and pray.

    May this be the beginning of the end of the policies and actions of those who claim manifest destiny against the natives of Palestine. 63 years is a long time to wait for justice and it should not be delayed another day.

  • thanks for your ongoing work…… a bit of clarity on ‘who’s who’in the murky world of Palestinian politics is welcome.
    What IS clear is the ongoing ‘he speak with forked tongue’ verbal gymnastics of Israel and the U.S.A.

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