Parliamentarian Opinion About Palestinian Statehood

The following statement about Palestine initiative was submitted in German Language by MEP Dr. Hannes Swoboda and distributed by Dipl. Ing. Omar Al-Rawi.

On 20 September 2011 President Abbas will apply to the United Nations in New York for the recognition of the State of Palestine. On many occasions, Europe has made it clear that it is fully committed to a two-state solution with the joint capital “Jerusalem” based on the borders of the year 1967. Meanwhile, there are many voices in Europe that support this initiative wholeheartedly. This week I have an appropriate appeal of the “Former European Leaders Group” – signed by a group of former European presidents, prime ministers and ministers, which has played a very important role in the development and process of the Middle East in recent decades.

Homepage of the Initiative

European Former Leaders Group published the following list of all the members of the European Parliament who have so far signed the European Former Leaders’ Call for Palestinian Statehood. The call and its signatures will be made public shortly before the September 20th UN vote.

If you, as a Member of the European Parliament, would also like to join the European Former Leaders Group by adding your signature, please send us your signature by e-mail, either by using the button provided on the e-mail call, or by directly writing to us by clicking here.

2 comments to Parliamentarian Opinion About Palestinian Statehood

  • Jim von Beker

    I dont see Norway on the lists. Whats going on with them?

    • rotorman

      @Jim von Beker

      I think the pro-zionist mass murderer Anders Breivik to care of that loose end to the eternal schadenfreude of zionists like Pam Geller and other blood thirsty zio-thugs.

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