Vienna – A Paradise for Muslims and Islam?

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The Mayor of Vienna, Dr. Michael Häupl, said during a dinner on occasion of the traditional Muslim fast-breaking “Iftar” held yearly during Ramadan at the Municipality of Vienna, that with Muslims in Vienna there has been “very good cooperation with many factual results regarding the improvement of our coexistence”. According to the Mayor, “worldwide there is no city which where the big religious communities cooperate so closely, and for this we are admired”.

He continued “Of course there are occasional conflicts, but compared to other big cities of the world there is an excellent climate of coexistence here, which can also be regarded as a sign of the good coexistence between the various ethnic groups in Vienna, what is a great success”.

Dr. Häupl asked: “What more do people of pure heart wish for than peace?” He answered: “to this end, what is important is a peaceful living together, to approach each other with confidence, to live together and not to fight with each other. I wish that we can continue our good cooperation”. (Click once on the picture to make it bigger).

Dr. Häupl thanked the guests for coming. He said: “thank you for attending in such big numbers, I know that there are other invitations like this one, but I am not jealous of this and I think that it is a very positive thing that people follow the tradition of Iftar, because when the people come together and speak, eat and drink together, then they live in peace with each other”.

See a short video excerpt from the speech of Dr. Michael Häupl below.


Rathaus Wien Iftar 2011 – Rede Bürgermeister Häupl Ausschnitte from Kawther Salam on Vimeo.



The Iftar ceremony at the Municipality of Vienna took place under the auspices of Mayor Dr. Michael Häupl and was attended by several hundred representatives of the Muslim communities in Vienna, among them the current and the former presidents of the Islamic Religious Community in Austria (IGGiÖ), Dr. Fuat Sanac and Dr. Anas Al-Shakfeh.

Before the Iftar ceremony started, guests broke their fast in the traditional way by drinking water and eating fresh dates, and then praying – in Islam it is desirable that Muslims pray on time and without delay. After prayers, guests moved to the restaurant to have their Iftar meal. Dipl. Ing. Omar Al-Rawi, a city parliament member and Mrs. Sandra Frauenberger, the City Councillor for Integration, Women’s Issues, Consumer Protection and Personnel affairs, stood at the entrance of the restaurant to welcome the guests and to shake hands with them.

Mrs. Frauenberger and Dipl. Ing. Omar Al-Rawi welcomed everybody warmly and with a friendly smile. Dipl. Ing. Al-Rawi, who is also charged with Integration agendas for the SPÖ,  chaired the ceremonies of the Iftar. He welcomed the guests and said in his speech that Dr. Murad Wilfried Hofmann, a prominent German diplomat and author of several books on Islam had said to the Mayor Dr. Häupl during a visit to Vienna: “when the German Muslims visit Vienna, they feel that they are entering a Paradise”. Mr. Al-Rawi cited this comment to emphasize on the religious and the civil rights which Muslims enjoy in Austria.

Dr. Fuat Sanac, the new president of the Islamic Religious Community in Austria (IGGiÖ) thanked Dr. Häupl saying: “It is not the first time that you invite us. Muslim communities have always enjoyed your hospitality. Especially regarding the Iftar meal. These “meals” have a long tradition. We are grateful to you, dear Mr. Mayor, because Vienna, the city of culture, is one of the safest, cleanest and most beautiful cities in the world“.

In Austria, Muslims are the second- largest religious minority. They enjoy full religious and civil rights. In 1878 Austria granted Muslims the status of a recognized religious community. In 1912, Austria has regulated the religious freedoms of the Muslim community with the law of recognition (“Anerkennungsgesetz”), what means: “Act of Recognition”. This recognition is the implementation of public religious freedoms in Austria.

Dr. Häupl also received a symbolic presents during the Iftar, a T-shirt from the “Austria” football team, and another present from a nice lady. The Mayor sat at the same table next to Mrs. Sandra Frauenberger and face to face with the president of IGGiÖ Dr. Sanac and other notables from the Islamic religious community, among them the former IGGiÖ president Dr. Al-Shakfeh, Carla Amina Baghajati and two representatives of the Shia Muslim community.

The guests had a pleasant Iftar meal and discussions. After the meal, Dr. Häupl shaked hands with other guests. He was very friendly and obviously at pleasure with his guests. Everybody was rushing to have pictures taken of them together with the Councillor Mrs. Frauenberger and Dipl. Ing. Al-Rawi.

15 comments to Vienna – A Paradise for Muslims and Islam?

  • Ross

    Yes – Austria – a paradise for muslims. in fact ant western coubtry where there is a non-muslim majority is and always will be a paradise for muslims.

  • mr ross , it never ceases to amaze me yout hatred of muslims whenever i read of your posts. have muslims done something untoward to you or your mother or sister in anyway?
    in the last 200 years more then 150 million muslims have been murdered by the western world if not more!
    this earth is gods and not any one peoples or nations, every man or woman tries to better themselves economically, except the western man with his master the zionist jew , they wish to rob and pillage countrys for they natural resources and promote evil everwhere while harping on about the brotherhood of man.
    when it comes to muslims, all laws of physics, natural justice and human rights do not apply. the palestinians are currently enjoying the paradise of the zionist jews and the justice of the western world plain for the world to see.
    before you reply to me with some vomit, i would like to accept your proposal to kick out all non muslims from muslim lands to your paradise and bring all the muslims back to our lands— you can keep your paradise and we will keep ours in everyway!

    • rotorman


      With regards to your response to Ross; I assume that Ross is an American and I base this point on the syntax of his comment. He says “non-Muslim majority” and it is really an American expression with limited use in other English speaking countries.

      Rather than embark on a complex explanation of why some Americans have an almost pathological hatred of Islam and more particularly Muslims, I will simply point out three contributing factors to this mentality. The US is a society built upon four hundred years of the most brutal slavery practised anywhere in the world or history save for the ancient periods. I read somewhere that bones of slaves where dug up a few years ago in Washington DC and New York. They were bones of young men and women which had joints that had been ground to the bone, substantial curvatures of the back and lower limbs bowed and thicken by a decade or more of micro-factures. These mass graves contained the bodies of Africans who had been worked to death.

      Secondly, the US currently has forms of Christianity enraged by the decadence, violence and moral bankruptcy found in society. These reactionary forms of Christianity finds their routes in the evangelical movement of the past in a time when people came to the US from all parts of the world and conformity was being imposed. America had an early intolerance of other religions and customs that streamed in parallel with the racism coming from hundreds of years of slavery.

      Finally, hostility to anything Islamic irrespective of what part of the world it is derived from permeates America because of propaganda and disinformation by vested interests that includes the American arms industry, Zionists, mercenary and self-serving politicians, criminal corporations like Halliburton and the Carlisle Group and of course agents of foreign interests like dual American/Israeli passport holding sayanim.

      America has arrived at a point where the most decent thing that nation has produced, the written constitution, has been crippled by vested interests who have exploited the dark side of America and unleashed its dogs. Ross, if he is not a Zionist, is one of these dogs whose heritage is derived from the culture of slavery, religious bigotry and a sincerely held sense of alienation even from other Americans. Ross’s hatred of lslam and Muslims is really gluttony; he is really being a consumer and is imbibing from the well-spring of ugly Americanism. Most religious bigots have problems with people they live next to. Ross has gone global and searches for more to hate.

      Who let the dogs out?

  • thank you rotorman, i have lived over 40 years in the west and experienced the paradise the zionist jew shill mr ross from the anti islam freedomthought site comes from!
    there is not one day i can remember in all the time i have been in the west when i have not experienced racism!

    what mr haupl is doing is good and i respect that, to understand how these people have hidden issues against foreigners and especially muslims is to think back to any time in your past or present when a european has invited you to they house for a meal and as a family!

    in all my time here, its not been even once!!!!

    even greek christians have remarked the lack of civilization among the western europeans in this matter!


    the aborigines,chinese,vietnamese,indians of south america, the africans, pacific islanders,the muslims of india and the world have all experienced the paradise of the western european and his master the zionist jew!

    today these freaks run around as the greatest threat to world peace and inhumanity to man, and then they have the gall to accuse muslims of terrorism and barbarity!

    its our own fault for not adhering to the commands of Allah and his messenger pbuh, it would be wise to come back to that for guidance and practice for ours and the worlds benefit!

  • Claudius Stahlkopf

    Personaly i do not see the moslem community as a treat to our’s civilisation, we must remenber is the moslem who give us the keys of the modern sciences and knowledge in many field .
    To my opinion Islam is a clean religion where the balance of nature is respected , also the values of humanity are more logic . The coming of moslems will create a beneficial firewall against the despicable manoeuvers of the Jews to enslave us economicaly , usury is not tolerated by Islam .
    The occidental religion hulas have been lead by corrupts and perverts leaders , the people need guidance , and when that guidance is immoral the result lead to what we have to day , weak peoples lost without moral compas victimise by the predators of humanity
    Claudius Stahlkopf

  • CogitoMan

    Hmmm, I am kind of wondering why growing number of Austrians do not share your enthusiasm Mrs Kawther. There are many Austrian politicians who do not attempt to buy your votes as exemplified by mysteriously deceased Jorgen Haider and his followers. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with LIMITED immigration but as my recent visit to Vienna has shown, there are waaaay to many Muslims, especially Turks living there. Madam Kawther,it is historically proven that unregulated immigration leads to tensions and destruction of any country as an example of riots in London or south of France proves. Remember that jerk in Norway? He did not like immigrants either and it is just matter of time when locals will rebel.Especially, when immigrants do not want to melt in and follow their ways of living from countries they come from. Wasn’t it Merkel from Germany who has said that multiculturalism does not work? Why do you think she said so?
    What would you think if white Europeans have discovered some “paradise” in Arab countries and decided to mass immigrate there? Don’t you think that mass immigration of Jews to Palestine represents such classic example? Why do you think Muslims will be behaving differently given a chance like Jews did? What do you think of attempts to impose sharia law in England? Why should any white European concede to the demands of FOREIGNERS in their OWN country?
    I have simple answer to your quest for paradise…. create your own with your own hands in your own country! In the end it is simple…Palestine for Palestinians, Austria for Austrians.

  • Claudius Stahlkopf

    Cogito man —Your right and wrong to my opinion
    When the level of immigration become a problem in any country in the world ,then is time to closed the door before serious problems occurs . One of the reasons why is a distance between moslems and Europeans is : The occidental country’s has been corrupted by USURY , PORNOGRAFY ,Emasculinisation of the youngs , HOMOSEXUALITY , PEDOPHILY ; DECADENT MODE AND BEHAVIOR ; AND MERCANTILISME TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE . that sir is the state of affair , in the occidental country’s to day .
    As a man i am shame of my people , and my country .That’s why the Moslem hold their tradition , we scare them by our’s decadence .
    My best friend hulas dead to day , was a moslem ,the better friend i ever had , my family door was allway oppen for him , he was my war comrad i missed him .
    Claudius Stahlkopf ex Foreign Legion soldier
    I have live long years in the states , is the most moraly depraved country on Earth, the people have been brainwash for so long , then they have made two level of society , THE CROOKS AND THE MORRONS .

  • mr cogito man,the riots in london started by the police killing an unarmed man in custody and the severe beating of a 16 year old black girl by 7 policeman for no reason in the street. personally i beleive it was done to provoke a reaction due to the police numbers being cut by 10,000, all politics and not immigration.
    the norwegian killer breveik was a zionist jew admirer and has been coached by your masters in tel aviv, you have to remember zionist judaism came before Hitler! whatever Hitler did was only learnt from the british,french, belgiums and other europeans from what they practiced in the world on the other races. concentration camps were in libya,africa and america plus australia long before hitler came to power.
    european people moan about sharia in europe and its dangers , you should be aware that sharia has been in force in europe for 200 years in france , belgium, luxembourg and is known as CODE NAPOLEON(imam malik translation). this was implemented by napoleon after his conversion to islam in 1798 which he advertised in the LE MONITEUR magazine as a 2 page advert as to why he accepted islam and banned usury wherever he ruled, it was the money lending jews who lost they power and hence they funding of raising armys against him.

    we wish to create our own paradise as you claim and did so when spain,portugal was a mulsim country for 800 years, we then saw what you europeans did under the inquistion to all who were not devilish like you!

    read any history of the europeans and they masters the zionist jews anywhere in the world and tell us here if we need to look for the proverbial human satan any further then them??

    verily the koran states the truth when Allah says”AMONG THEM ARE SOME PEOPLE OF FAITH,BUT THE MAJORITY OF THEM ARE PERVERTED TRANSGRESSORS” please convince us mr cogitoman that this is not true!

  • Bonnie


    In Spanish, we have a saying “Te conozco mosco, y aunque de rojo te vistais, a mi no me enganais!” – Engl. : “I know you, pest, and although, you seem charming, you cannot fool me.”

    Try as you might to cover the truth of islam, and fool, the unwary, claiming that islam is full of beauty, I’ve done extensive research and study of this religion, and will ALWAYS expose it, as the worst, horror in this Planet!

  • Bonnie

    In fact, Madam, it’s NOTHING personal, I am against ALL religions.

    Wild Amazon Gnostic Goddess/Nature Worshipper

  • germaniajim

    this is not a good thing, as muslims always try to dominate or eliminate the Christians they are surrounded with . How can a Catholic oriented nation begin to accomadate the aggressive nature of these peoples. Consider the plight of priests in Turkey. Are they not murdered, dismembered, heads put on spits, all the while screaming allah akbar? and who welcomes these peoples here? Jewsish zionists, thats who,

  • Choosing to ignore the bigoted fools ….

    This looks like a lovely exchange of cultures. It is excellent to spread the word with visuals of positive sharing of traditions. Just as these Muslims are sharing their meal with these Europeans, I am sure they will equally enjoy the season of Christ with them as well.

    So it was before Zionism, the memories must be kept alive that sharing and learning is the ideal. For thousands of years, the three main religions dwelt in primarily peaceful conditions… we must remember that.

  • su

    If Vienna is a paradise for Muslims and Islams then it must surely rank as a city separate and far superior to so many other cities.
    I would love to travel there if this is the case.
    A few years ago I flew to the states from South Africa.
    At every airport they separated the Muslims from other passengers and made this whole paranoid show.
    Even then of course we knew that 9/11 was not a Muslim thing.
    But still the show went on.

    Anyway what I wanted to ask is in the first photograph who is the man in black on the right hand side? He has ownership of the wisest eyes imaginable.

  • su

    My apologies,
    The photograph I am referring to is in the newer post – Ramadam fast breaking post.

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